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We thought it would be interesting to get you thinking about how you perceive our more mature ladies. You see, it’s come to our attention that some guys consider “mature” to mean quite literally “old.” Old is just a state of mind in many respects. For example, even if you’re in your twenties, you could well already have a child, and that child will perceive you as being “old”. So you see, it’s entirely subjective in our personal opinion. Mature is certainly a better term to use, especially when referring to our ladies. We are primarily talking about experience above all else you see, not just age!

Does experience really outweigh everything else?

If you want a girl that simply looks stunning and you’re not too concerned about anything else, then pick any escort you like. If experience is more important to you then we would suggest that you book a more mature escort. This way you’re getting a woman who has literally had more experience with men, and one who is more likely to know the type of things that a man desires.

It’s important to understand here that we are not by any means stating that younger ladies don’t know what you like, or are incapable of delivering a good service. This would be wrong. We are well aware that they offer a wonderful service, it’s just different with a more mature companion, you get the best of both worlds with them. Those youthful looks that you find so charming on the younger women in their 20’s, you can actually get from our beautiful older ladies.

At Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency we have a great number of escorts of all ages. These women come from all walks of life, but they share the same passion for escorting as each other.

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