Park Lane & Mayfair

Our escorts have always had a passion for meeting people many have studied at top Universities. Most of our ladies are fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian and some speak a little Japanese. They love travelling and always enjoy other people’s cultures and way of life. Our ladies mostly come from affluent family backgrounds, but our ladies didn’t want to conform to the way they were meant. – They wanted a bit of adventure, bit of risk taking, to have something to tell their grandchildren (that is when they do eventually settle down) – that’s indeed if they would conform to that?

So how did it all start for our ladies? Well, it could be one of 3 things, they either find a reputable agency online and give them a call, get recommended by other fellow elite escorts, or see an advert in an exclusive magazine like ‘Vogue’ for example which reads ‘elite escorts wanted’.

Our ladies all have their own stories of how they came to be a high end escort and where it all started. Some have told us that they excitedly read and read an advert over and over again, but wondered if they had the nerve to call up? They all kind of knew what ‘escorts’ did but having read about the ‘seedy’ side thought it may not be what they were after, so they took the plunge and made that call. Most of our ladies tell us that they were pleasantly surprised as the receptionists were really friendly and suggested that they met to discuss further.

A lot of our ladies had meetings in 5* Hotels like The Landmark Hotel, or the 4 Seasons on Park Lane and although all the meetings were a little different most were spoilt with a coffee and a bite to eat (if they so wished) They all commented how the hotel they were interviewed at was so wonderfully glamorous and the interviewer was very relaxed and very normal.

So now our ladies are signed up, all that needs to happen is their ‘first job’ – most of the ladies were excited but nervous wondering what sort of gentleman they would get? When they did get a call they made sure they answered promptly and were dressed to the nines. One of our ladies told us that she had to go to the Dorchester Hotel. When she arrived there answered a young Italian man with a big smile on his face. ‘Come in, come in’ he said, ‘would you like a drink?’ The new fledgling escort felt extremely relaxed and instantly liked this stranger. He wanted to take her to dinner.

The whole evening was a pleasant one, the new escort actually liked the man she was dining with and felt comfortable – not cheap. This was when the new escort thought this was something she could do on a regular basis and it was something she enjoyed. Our ladies have met lots of different gentleman over their time with Park Lane and Mayfair; they have been a travel companion, a companion to a wedding and have sampled nearly all of London’s finest restaurants. They now have Job satisfaction where they get to meet new and interesting people, enjoying the luxuries which only our gentlemen can offer and of course it pays well too. They have never encountered a problem as all of our regular clients are very courteous and respectful and our girls keeps them very well entertained indeed.

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