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London is steeped in history, and our escort agency, Park Lane and Mayfair would like to give an insight into why London is so popular with tourists, how intriguing our stand is and how it all began:

We all probably have heard of London Bridge, driven or walked over it – this beautiful bridge has so much history, some of it gruesome.  Right next door to the Bridge is the Tower of London, one of the capital’s most iconic buildings, attracting more than two million visitors annually. Its role as an attraction dates only from the Victorian era; before that, it served as a fortress, a royal residence, a home for the Royal Mint and Crown Jewels, a storehouse for military paraphernalia weapons and, of course, a notorious prison. The Tower was designed to invoke fear. Over 27m tall and built in Luminous Caen stone, this building must have looked alien. Henry III and his son Edward I extended and strengthened the fortress throughout the medieval period. The Tower has now taken on the impressive form we know today, complete with daunting defences, royal accommodation, a significant branch of the Royal Mint and even an exotic menagerie with lions.

Beheadings, murders, and traitors’ heads are put at stake in full view to warn of any other persons wanting to do the same. There is so much more to learn about the Tower of London and Bridge, so when you visit London, it is undoubtedly an area that can’t be missed. You won’t miss the Beefeaters and the famous Ravens, which legend says if they were to fly away, then the Tower would fall. Where you look in London is full of history, most of it gory but fascinating, making you want to read more on the subject.

We like to give a bit of history now and then to our potential visitors to London City, and we hope, seeing as you are reading this, you will book one of our lovely City escorts for you to visit during your sightseeing expedition or after. You will be able to meet one of our companions in the luxury of her apartment, or you will ask her to come to our hotel. You will probably be buzzing with all day’s excitement and then want to wind down with a gorgeous lady, relax and be pampered. London is full of possibilities, and you’ll enjoy your stay here in London, jam-packed with fun and excitement with experiences you may have never tried before; make sure Park Lane and Mayfair are on your itinerary.

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