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An escort is also supposed to look the part. She is expected to wear good quality clothing and incredibly fashionable underwear. Her appearance has to be absolutely perfect, with not a strand of hair or an eyelash out of place.

The word “escort” actually describes someone who accompanies someone else to different functions. London escorts find that they often have to come to business dinners with their clients, or to visits to the opera and other high end functions. This means that they have to be well versed on current affairs and the arts. This takes a lot of time and training, and that is an expensive affair.

An escort is expected to have at least one formal and one casual outfit. The formal outfit, such as dresses for balls and galas, can cost several hundreds if not thousands of pounds and her casual outfit should be £500 as well. In terms of her underwear, she is likely to shop at places like Agent Provocateur, where matching lingerie will cost at least £150. Of course, she will also have to purchase designer shoes, which can range from £150 to £500 and stockings or tights, which can be around £15 a pair for good quality ones. She is also likely to want a nice bag to match her outfit, which can easily cost up to £1000.

Then, she has to look after herself. A high class escort, even if she is not working, will need hydrating day and night cream, good quality shampoos and conditioners and body butters. This will all add up to at least £80 per month.

In terms of her appearance on a date with a client, she will need such things as mascara, eyelash extensions, eye shadow, eye liner, foundation, powder, highlighter, bronzer, blusher, lipstick and lip liner. Additionally, she will need an expensive type of nail varnish. Again, this will come to at least £50, although it is likely to last her slightly longer than a month, depending on how busy she is.

Most escorts will also have acrylic nails at around £50 every three weeks, as well as a spray tan, at around £35 per two weeks. Then, she is likely to have a gym membership at around £50 per month to keep her body in shape.

Finally, a Park Lane and Mayfair is committed to her education, as this allows her to have relevant conversations with her high-end clients. It is normal for a single course in any type of current affair or the arts to cost around £160 for six weeks.

Clearly, being an elite escort is quite an expensive business. Considering this, and the fact that escorts deliver an amazing service, it is no surprise that they charge a lot of money as well. Whether or not you believe it to be worth it is a personal choice.

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