Park Lane & Mayfair

Our ladies love spending time with the male of our species and we love that men often refer to our ladies as “beautiful” and “stunning.” They will swoon with pleasure at the sight of our lady’s jewel-dripped cleavage. Then there’s the look of adoration they have on their faces whenever they get a whiff of our lady’s perfume. It’s because are Park Lane and Mayfair women are so different that makes our male customers fall so easily under their spell. They just love all that feminine stuff they’re not technically supposed to indulge in. And, of course, they can’t get enough of the sexy alluring siren our females can all become when the occasion demands.

But nice as that all fawning is, sometimes our high class escorts just need to spend time with their lady friends. And that doesn’t mean lady clients (for they do provide escorts for females as well through Park Lane and Mayfair escorts.) No, I’m talking about getting together with some of their escort chums and just hanging out.

When our ladies do manage to get together once in a blue moon, their number one destination every time is to their favourite spa in Kensington. There they do the most amazing hot stone massage where you are left floating off into some haven in your imagination for up to an hour and half before a masseuse reminds you it’s the next person’s turn and you should really be “going for a dip in the cold pool.” Incidentally, the girls never dare go for a dip in a freezing cold pool after getting their lovely massages. They are so relaxed they don’t see the point in waking themselves up in such an abrupt fashion.

After their spa session they then go for lunch in Selfridges then head on down to the make-up counter where they have the most glorious time testing out samples of all the new stuff that’s just come in (fortunately most of the make-up girls behind the Selfridge’s counters know them by now and they actually save packets and bottles of liquids and creams specially for them to come in and try).

After that it’s usually time for a glass of bubbly or two in All Bar One before we all go off on our merry way, then back to some home feeling relaxed ready to be in tip top condition again just for you guys…

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