Park Lane & Mayfair

It’s not unusual for an escort client to bring along a bunch of flowers to an in-call appointment, or perhaps have a very special bottle of champagne on ice in his or her hotel room in anticipation of the escort’s arrival.  Chocolates, perfume, lingerie, and all the other things you might associate with gifts for women are always welcomed by the majority of our Park Lane and Mayfair girls; provided they’re expensive and tasteful of course.  You don’t turn up to an in-call appointment with a giant teddy bear for example!  That’s just common sense.

Its common thought that a Park Lane and Mayfair escort don’t require anything more than paying for their time, but this is totally wrong.  A London escort requires attention, affection, and the occasional treat or surprise (nice ones that is!)

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money however, as long as you have enough for your booking we’re sure that the majority of Park Lane and Mayfair London escorts won’t have a problem with not getting a gift.  However, you should still make a fuss of them and treat them well.  After all, you’re on a date, and you would be mistaken for thinking that you don’t need to make an impression – you certainly do!

Just remember that our ladies like nice guys.  It’s not all about expensive champagne and chocolates.  They are always welcome and certainly help, but they’re not everything.

So if you’ve got the money to spread around, be generous and buy a few gifts here and there; it can’t hurt and it only serves to make you look good.  If you don’t then don’t worry about it; simple.  All you need to remember is to treat your lady with the respect that she deserves.

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