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Whilst many of you may have your own connotations attached to the word ‘escort’, very rarely do people understand the true nature of the business. Escort industry knowledge is key and more and more people are staring to get clued up. Nowadays tv series and books explore the idea of sexuality far more openly. Those desires we all have but don’t like to talk about are becoming more open. In other words, we are certainly more accepting of issues that may have once been taboo. However, even though this is the case, there is still this misunderstanding of what escorts actually do and the type of people they are.

Some people see the escort industry as exploiting the girls that work in it. That escort agencies just use their employees, with their call-girls being miserable and living in fear of their life. This simply isn’t true, especially with any well established agency in London.


Escort knowledge is essential for some clients


Escorts in London who choose to go into this line of work pick the agencies they want to work for. They have complete control over when and where they work and who they will or won’t see. These girls also enjoy themselves and being able to satisfy somebody else’s fantasy. And believe it or not but escorts in London don’t get badly treated by their clients. Having a little escort industry knowledge gives a better understanding of what females choose escorting. These girls have fun too when spending time with the gentlemen that choose to be with them. It’s pretty much like a friendship with benefits situation for some. For our GFE London escorts it can be more like a relationship as they go to nice bars and restaurants to get to know each other.

Our high end ladies are confident women who are comfortable with the choices they are making. Recognising that many men enjoy the idea and thrill of hiring a lady, they seek to satisfy such wants and needs. Professional escorts working for a well established agency are not taken advantage of, nor do they take advantage of clients. Yes, sometimes customers can be a little tricky. However, this sort of thing is never a problem for a high end call-girl. Furthermore, difficult clients don’t get past the checks as good agencies like ours here at Park Lane and Mayfair are employing new strategies. We take safeguarding to keep our girls safe very seriously. This includes checks before, during and after the meeting, with all our ladies and never giving out any personal details. Having good escort industry knowledge is just as important for agencies too.


Discover the industry for yourself


A date with one of our elite escort is the perfect solution for any busy professional. For example, if you happen to be looking to spend some time with a beautiful young lady without the emotional ties this is the place for you. All of our escorts are extremely discrete and friendly with stunning looks and fantastic personalities. In addition to this, we work hard to make our escort agency one of the best London has to offer. We are very selective when it comes to choosing who works with us and we always aim to deliver a premier service that’s second to none.

Whilst we have only covered some of the misconceptions people hold of escort girls here, the rest can been left to your imagination. Should you be curious to test out your own preconceived idea of how it feels to be involved with such a thriving industry, why not give it a try. Give Park Lane and Mayfair a call and discover one of the best London escort services around…



escort industry knowledge here at Park Lane & Mayfair

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