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You may be a lady wanting some company. Why have all the men got to have all the fun?? Park Lane & Mayfair have a few guys on our books who will undoubtedly please you ladies. We try to cater for all tastes, and if you fancy one of our guys for the evening, then why not? Roman is a popular top-rated in London who knows how to wine and dine a fine lady like yourself; .he very gentlemanly with a body to die for. He is well-educated, can hold a conversation that guarantees to keep you engaged and knows all the right things to say and do. Many satisfied ladies have given us feedback and have been left extremely happy but speechless!!

Roman likes to visit ladies in the comfort of the hotel that they have booked for the evening and also loves to be taken out to get a bite to eat before indulging in something a bit naughtier. We guarantee, ladies, that he will hit spots you never thought you had! Worth every penny we, say we! So why not look at his profile and see what you’ve been missing? Regarding male escorts for women, they don’t get much better than Romans.

You may want to spice things up a little with your partner and invite Roman along to help you. You should know the do’s and don’t before you begin making all parties involved feel secure in knowing there will be no insecurities or jealousy when Roman comes along. Your partner may enjoy the pleasure Roman gives you and may be pretty happy, but whatever your preference, Roman will always fulfil. How about Roman bringing along another lady for you to enjoy?Thenn he may get involved, too. The possibilities are endless. It is uncomplicated fun, which is slightly risqué, but nobody would ever know…

Ladies are becoming equal to men, so why shouldn’t we ladies enjoy what our men have been enjoying for centuries? If you want to know more about our male escort companions, call our team of friendly lady receptionists, who can guide you as to which guy would be suitable for you. We can offer honest and reliable advice and a bit of feminine banter to help you with your choice. So don’t be afraid, a Male companion could be just what the doctor ordered!!

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