Park Lane & Mayfair

As sexy as a good power suit and stiletto combo is, they love the freedom and creativity of being a Park Lane and Mayfair escort in London. Primarily the first person they have to think about pleasing for a job is for themselves. If a client is asking for something out of the question (very rare, but does happen), then they will refuse a date. If they have a gut feeling that they will feel unsafe with a client, they will cancel. But, the intimacy of having a one-to-one or two-to-one “appointment” with their customers does come with complete job satisfaction at the end of it all. That’s because they can guarantee that this elite escort will never let them down.

Our ladies love being self-employed. Regardless of what their job entails, they flat refuse to be a loyal employee for a thankless company. They don’t understand the sickness policy or SSP requirements, the disciplinary process or the lunch-break restrictions. They want to be able to have lunch when they want and for however long they like, thank you.

We don’t think it makes much difference how long they have been doing the job or how much experience they should have; being confident and knowing their own body and what will arouse their client is key for gaining regular clientele.

They have many sections to the walk in wardrobe. Our girls have genres if you like. Sexy, dirty, feminine, classy, trashy, futuristic to name a few. They have racks of underwear, shelves of toys and enough lotions and potions to start their own shop. They love the colours, the fabrics, the way everything sparkles and glistens and every single item they have bought works a treat; which is a good job too considering the amount of money they have spent!

Our girls love playing dress up when visiting a very classy London Casino on, or sexy stranger in an exclusive bar. This week one of our ladies had some dates which involve these scenarios so had to spend a morning shopping. Our ladies never leave a client unhappy and pride themselves on a job well done. They have jewels, bags, clothes, shoes and beauty products purchased as a thank you and as an extra for being so generous with her service.

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