Park Lane & Mayfair

You may want to visit one of our young ladies in her apartment in the early hours and this is very simple to arrange. All you need to do is call and we are able to find some fine ladies that work very early dawn. Please be aware that you will not get the whole range of ladies that you see on our gallery at this time – but will be guaranteed the same calibre of elite escorts as if you were to see them at 8pm. We think you will agree with us that we want all our ladies to be fresh and rejuvenated before they see any of our gentlemen clients.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you require one of our delightful girls. We are confident that there will always be a perfect time for you. Most of the bars and clubs are open till early. You will always find something to do at whatever time you wanted, providing you with the best entertainment there is, whether you’d like something to eat or indeed if you’d like some company. So if you finish from a night club around 5am you can be guaranteed that you will find a lady available just for you.

The same applies to if you would like a lady in the wee hours visiting you. We have selection of high class escorts that will visit you in your luxury hotel at dawn. So you see we do really have it all, the right time, and the perfect girls. All you have to do is have a quick look through our gallery just to tempt you into trying one or two of our striking ladies. You can if you so wish book in advance if you have set your heart on a certain lovely, just give us a call and our friendly receptionist will only be too happy to help. So go on treat yourself…

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