Park Lane & Mayfair

If you’re after an escort in Chelsea of intellectual inclinations – there’s the Chelsea Physic Garden on Chelsea Embankment, founded over three centuries ago to explore the medicinal properties of plant life. The Physic Garden is open twice a week in the summer, and throughout the whole week of the Chelsea Flower Show, which is held in May. The Chelsea Flower Show is probably the most famous festival of its kind in the world, and is visited every year by around 150,000 people. Its horticulture is answer to catwalk fashion shows, and some of the blooms exhibited will, like London escorts, be breathtakingly beautiful even to non-enthusiasts

The London borough of Chelsea had a reputation as the artistic and bohemian centre of London. Nowadays, it mostly to do with its most upmarket properties, including many of its gorgeous townhouses, that have been colonized by pop singers, investment bankers, movie stars and our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies.

A little of Chelsea’s bohemian ambience still seems to have survived in Cheyne Walk and Cheyne Row, streets which were once home to creative geniuses like Whistler, Turner, Sargent and Rossetti. The artistic treasures of 19th century Chelsea was briefly revived by the ‘swinging 60’s’ movements of the 1960s, and King’s Road has at one time or another been home to Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, the Beatles and Elvis Costello, as well as any number of stunningly good looking high end escorts.

These days, the King’s Road area, especially Ellis Street and Sloane– is the site of some of the UK’s best high-fashion designer clothing and footwear shops, and the perfect spot to stop for brunch in Chelsea is the Bluebird Cafe, which forms part of a large complex of sumptuous food shops, restaurants and fine eateries.

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