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Whilst many of our clients are regulars, we also attract many new clients, not just to our company but to the escorting industry in general. As such, it can be pretty daunting when it comes to booking; however, it really shouldn’t. The process is rapid, and thanks to our incredible team, it will be effortless for you as we provide efficient customer service tailored to personal needs. Still not convinced? I am going to take you through the booking process and show you just how straightforward it is.

Firstly, it is always best to be familiar with the site; the main focus when booking is the gallery page where all our escorts’ profiles can be found. Click on the Galleries link on the homepage and browse through the gallery to find a girl that takes your fancy. You can always narrow the search using our handy drop-down menus, which refine the gallery based on categories such as hair colour, price range, location and specialisms. Once you have a girl or a selection of girls chosen, you can call us on 07811 160 160 to speak to one of our team; they will be able to answer any remaining questions you have whilst also providing you with any further information they have on the girl. Once a decision has been made on a girl, a time, and finally, whether the booking is in-call or out-call, then my colleague will book you in and send you a confirmation message which summarises all of the details of the booking.

There are two other methods in which an escort booking can be made; the first involves you phoning once again, but this time before you access the gallery page. Once you speak to one of our team and give them your personal preferences, they can quickly establish a selection of choices that fulfil your criteria. From there, they will inform you of the options, at which point you can type the names on our Quick Search function on the homepage to access their profiles. Once you have decided between the girls, my colleague can book it for you and send you a confirmation message.

The final method involves booking online; once you are on the girl’s profile, there will be a Click Here To Book Securely Online button; once you click on that, it will take you to a booking page where you can fill out all the required details for the booking on the form which once complete is sent to our bookings team. Once received, they will get everything in place before contacting you to confirm the booking, where they will give you any more information you need, such as the in-call address. If you prefer not to fill out the booking form and would rather speak to somebody, call. We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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