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Being in the company of others makes us feel special, as if life has a real purpose in life. Its gives us a sense of security and belonging, a warmth and a reminder of what it is to be loved. Life in general has many twists and turns occasionally we are faced with the prospect that we may be alone for a little while until life picks up again and we can meet that ‘special’ somebody. In the meantime human closeness may be a bit difficult to find, but here at Park Lane and Mayfair we have the perfect companion that’s just right for the time being. We have many ladies who are sure to appeal to you, and you will probably find our gorgeous elite escort companions are just what you need. All of our ladies are caring, kind and of a generous nature, to satisfy and fulfil that ‘something’ that may have been missing from your life.

You may miss dining with female company as male friends may not appreciate that you need that feminine touch sometimes and the warmth and beauty that the company of a beautiful young lady can bring. The charm of a lady is second to none and you will be very impressed with how our lovely ladies conduct themselves whilst in public, they are always dressed appropriately for the occasion and have great personalities. You will be able to talk for hours, with perhaps a little flirtatious fun too. All of our high class companion speak perfect English and most of them speak more than one language fluently, so if you’re after a stunning Spanish escort, a beautiful portuguese speaking Brazilian escort or a sophisticated Italian companion then we have a fantastic selection of the finest girls available.

We have many ladies that will be able to offer that sensitive service for your specific needs helping you get your confidence back on track and helping you feel ‘human’ again. Our team of receptionists will be on hand to help with any questions you may have about Park Lane and Mayfair’s service to help you choose the right companion exclusively for your requirements. We are available for you 24hrs, so whatever time of the day you need us, you will always find a time that will be suitable for you. Have a browse at our beautiful ladies in the gallery. We are a friendly agency and we believe you will find the whole experience a pleasurable and comfortable one from beginning to end.

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