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Who doesn’t like chocolate?! It’s that time of year when our shops are filled with chocolate, so we thought we’d tell you why chocolate is the sexiest food.

Chocolate has always been a traditional gift that men give women. We all remember the Milk Tray ad – and some clients like to re-enact those scenes occasionally. Of course, these days, our ladies are something of chocolate connoisseurs, so Milk Tray doesn’t quite cut it with them as they prefer chocolate much darker, much more robust and much less sweet, so our clients know to pick up top-end chocolate made from cocoa beans grown on single estates.

The other classic advertising pairings of chocolate with sensuality were the Flake ads (you remember the one in the overflowing bath where the model made such good use of her mouth to suck on that flake?) and Cadbury’s caramel bunny rabbit, whose voice was enough to reduce grown men to gibbering wrecks.

High-class escorts know that Chocolate is sensual because it melts at around the same temperature as our bodies (37 degrees C), so that is why it is supposedly an aphrodisiac. Good quality dark chocolate is also a powerful source of antioxidants; it contains many minerals (iron, magnesium and copper, for instance), and it may improve blood function.

So there we have it: regular consumption of chocolate improves blood flow to – well, all the right places, of course, gives you plenty of energy and makes you glow with health—all good things for ensuring a lively libido.

We have some fetish escorts who know a trick or two with chocolate. They can paint it on a body and lick it off (and vice versa). It does get quite messy, but they are game if you are!

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