Park Lane & Mayfair

Is anyone familiar with Chelsea Cloisters on Sloane Avenue? Well, it’s a lovely apartment building in the heart of South Kensington that happens to be home to several talented ladies.

The building is easy to find; you can look on Google Maps. There’s some good car parking there, around the back (if you can find a space) or at the car park just down the road. It’s well maintained, and the reception staff are friendly and helpful. Not that you have to deal with them at all if you’re going to an incall booking. They leave you to it. You walk across to the elevators and go up to the apartment.

There’s more to this place than just some apartments. It’s worth noting here that the flats are generally all very nice, too, by the way, so you can expect to find your chosen girl in a comfortable, discreet place. On top of the apartments, they also have a groovy bar called Bart’s. It’s actually in an apartment of sorts, and it has a speakeasy theme going on. It’s the perfect place to have a couple of cocktails if you’re early for an initial booking!

Right next door, and beneath the building, you can find a Gaucho Argentinian restaurant. These guys cook arguably the best steaks in London! If you want to impress one of our Chelsea girls, why not take her to dinner here? She’ll be even happier because she won’t have to go far! And then you can go back to her apartment, too, so it’s a win-win situation for you!

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