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Most men seem to have a particular body shape in mind when they’re choosing their high class London escort companion. Maybe they prefer tall escorts because they’re very tall themselves, or maybe they love the thought of a very slim escort or an extremely curvy escort. However, in our experience, some of most popular escorts are the petite and the busty. Perhaps it’s because more petite escorts make men feel more masculine and that busty escorts appear more feminine

Escorts come in many shapes and sizes, but you can be sure that whether they’re tall, slim, curvaceous, petite or busty, our escort girls here at Park Lane and Mayfair always pay great attention to keeping their bodies looking as perfect as possible and are always immaculately groomed.

Certainly some of our more well-endowed escorts are always in demand from those men who just can’t get enough of big breasts. Of course there are many theories why men love big breasts, ranging from their earliest experience of suckling at the breast to the suggestion that men’s brains are organised in a certain way that makes them attracted to breasts in a sexual context, as this behaviour activates the ‘female bonding circuit’ making women more likely to get intimate. Whatever the explanation; many clients of escort agencies in London show a preference for escorts with large breasts, with this being their number one criteria followed by whether she is a blonde or brunette escort.

On the other hand, more petite escorts are often chosen because they are seen as more vulnerable or more submissive and this make the client feel more masculine or dominant. Of course, perhaps some men prefer to choose an escort who is shorter than they are if they feel intimated by being seen with a woman who is taller. In addition, some very tall men love to meet with petite escorts as it enhances their feeling of superiority or masculinity.

Whether you prefer a Busty escorts or a petite escort it is very much down to your personal preferences. One is not necessarily better than the other. Each and every escort presented in our escort gallery have their own strengths and their own special style of escort services. But you can be sure that when you are looking for escorts in London, whether you prefer short or busty, tall or slim, our agency has some of the best escorts around.

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