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Here at Park Lane and Mayfair, we have a classification for busty ladies and photos of the escorts who meet that criteria. There are certainly plenty of girls here that do if that is what tickles your fancy. There is Carina, for example, one of our Paddington escorts who is in significant demand, thanks to her lovely assets, or if blonde is also a desire of yours, the blonde bombshell Chantelle loves to enhance her help with a plunge balcony bra and we think you will agree that they are highlighted to their best effect in this way…

Then there is the delightful Saskia, whose round baby face provides that perfect combination of sweet baby face and very adult body, or there is also the delicious Kamila, who favours the cheeky lingerie option of lacy bodies which don’t quite contain the goods within. It’s a cheeky little wardrobe malfunction we think you will agree works much better in this way.

For some men, women with flatter chests have a more elegant and classy look, and of course,e clothes can hang beautifully on women with smaller busts.

A designer evening dress, for example, can look exquisite in a slimmer form – highlighting thin, toned arms or sexy shoulders. And a dress that plunges at the back instead of the front can look fabulous on a woman with a small bust. The pleasures of the flesh vary from person to person, and some people look for less meat rather than more!

Our smaller-busted beauties include the perfectly petite Lydia, who is curvy thanks to a beautifully toned posterior. Or there is Adele, whose model looks have earned her plenty of admirers, and finally, don’t forget Zoe, one of our Chelsea escorts. Zoe isn’t flat-chested, but her hand-span waist is quite incredible, and we think you’ll agree that she is definite proof that you don’t need big boobs at all to be sexy!

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