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Are you a football fan? Love the feeling of a woman’s feet? Do you love to be trampled on, have them stand on your body? Worship them like goddesses? If you have a thing for feet, then it’s worth knowing that our escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair have a whole host of hot women for your kinky fetish.

Some of our sexy ladies like the incredibly naughty love to play out the fantasies of their clients. They delight in knowing that they can make your wildest dreams come true. It doesn’t all have to be awkward to get what you want. For some, nothing is more sensual than a woman’s gorgeous feet. And there’s no better way to worship the beauty of a sexy London date than by getting down on your hands and knees and honouring her from top to toe.

Whether you want to give them a full massage or worship them, you can book a foot fetish escort for an hour or whatever you fancy. Make her feel like a goddess and stimulate her mind and body and feet – they are, after all, the key to her whole sensual system.

Why Are Feet So Sensual?

It’s simple. All of the nerves in your body stem from your feet. They are your root, and if appropriately stimulated, Ted can bring a woman to orgasm. Taking a sensual approach, with enough practice, you can make her forget about everything else and get lost in the orgasmic feeling of having their feet massaged. So be a good boy and make sure that you can give her the extra care and attention that she deserves!

Booking a date with a lady in London is simple and can be done much like booking any of our other girls. If, however, you have specific requests, you need to make sure you are precise when booking so that our ladies can accommodate everything you desire.

Our escorts are delighted to do whatever it takes to realise your dreams. If there are specific kinks you want to explore, just let us know! The following are things that most of our girls are more than happy to do for you.
If there are more things that you are interested in exploring, then please let us know, and we will see how we can accommodate you.

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