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I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan which really got me wondering: what is the big fascination with boobs? For as long as we can remember there has been an underlying attraction to busty girls, they are in such high demand in current society. Many people are under the impression that bigger is always better but as some of our less busty girls show; this is not always the case. It is certainly possible to have an equally magnificent pair of petite and pert breasts as it is to have a big and bouncy pair. However due to the nature of the article I was reading, I am going to discuss the latter and in particular, I want to draw your attention to two of our girls which really do have breath taking breasts

As I was reading I was faced with a few facts that I want to share with you; just random snippets of information that you can fire at somebody next time you are in a heated discussion over breasts. So here they are:

The biggest bra available on British high streets is KK – 20 inch cup size

The most popular bra size in Britain is 36D up from 34B ten years ago

Worldwide, B is the most common cup size

Now I think it is time to showcase two of our most exceptional talents who each possess two of their own. Firstly we have the gorgeous Carina, one of our Paddington escorts. This wild girl loves to party and she is guaranteed to show you a good time. Naturally very beautiful, she has an amazing pair of E cup breasts, way more than a handful; you won’t be able to contain your excitement when you get to see them in person. Not only this but her body is very well shaped, she is curvy in all the right places.

If this stunner isn’t for you, don’t worry, we have another busty escort near Paddington station that is certain to take your fancy. Helen is Spanish 5’7” and has a mind blowing 36EE bust; this girl has the most amazing pair, she’s pretty and naughty and has a fantastic friendly nature to match. As well as all this she has a curvaceous body, gorgeous face and a bubbly personality. So if you want to get your fix of boob heaven then either visit Carina or Helen’s profile page and make a booking today.

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