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Once upon a time, finding petite escorts in London was very easy. Every staff in London has a trim figure to boast back in the day, but these days, it isn’t easy to find slim escorts in London. Partly due to the rise in obesity nationwide and partly because many independent escorts don’t see the need to keep themselves in tip-top shape, finding escorts in London with a couple of extra pounds has never been easier.

The only problem is that the demand for petite escorts in London has never been higher and that many agencies often alter the photographs of their girls to reflect the need for slim London escorts. If you have ever been one of the unlucky gents who found out that the petite London escorts an agency was promoting weren’t as little as one would have hoped, you already know how an entire night can end up derailed. At Park Lane and Mayfair Escorts, you don’t have to worry about low-class or false advertising. We understand that it is a waste of everyone’s time and money to advertise women who aren’t petite as petite London escorts – even if the demand is high.

Rarer still is finding slim and petite escorts in London with all the other beautiful characteristics that make men fantasise every day. You want to find petite London escorts with long, soft, beautiful hair, sparkling eyes, perfect skin, and the sensual, caring demeanour that makes a woman feminine. Nothing is better than spending time with an elegant, sexy, and fun woman who has a sparkling personality and is open-minded enough to accommodate your tastes. Luckily for our clients, that’s precisely the kind of beautiful, petite London escorts our agency offers.

A truly wonderful experience – one that is filled with fun, adventure, and sensuality – is one that you will not find in many other areas. It’s an experience that requires you to invest a substantial amount of money to have an acceptable level of safety and quality. Please don’t waste your money on petite London escorts who don’t know how to treat their clients or risk going to an agency with a bad reputation. Call us for your fun time today!

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