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To cater to clients’ requirements, we have various escorts in all shapes and sizes. Regarding the figure of the escorts, some clients like their escort to be skinny, some like curvy women, etc. The four primary shapes of women are athletic, apple, pear-shaped or hourglass. Clients choose escorts based on the type of body shape they wish their partner to be. As we know, every person has their taste and choice of selection.

Another primary client requirement is the bust size and shape. The bust shapes are archetype, uneven, conical, thin, omega and reduced projection shapes. When it comes to breasts, it has been observed that clients are more concerned about the size than the shape, but still, some clients have specific bust shape requirements, too. The bust size generally starts from 30 to 40, with varying cup sizes from smallest to largest.

These clients place their exact requirements to us, and we reply to the client with escorts who match their needs. We know all of our escorts well, so if you have a preference, you can tell us specifically, and we can get a perfect match as to what is required.

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