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Opening yourself up to cheaper agencies, and so often reasonable people, is opening yourself up to those who may want to take advantage of you. You don’t live your life looking out for scams; you deal straight with people and expect the people you are giving your money to do the same. That expectation of honesty and upright business practice from cheap escort agencies can and often leads to a rip-offsome kind.  You aren’t looking, and you wouldn’t know what to look for anyway.  These are not the times when you want information like your credit card number, the kind of information that some of us give out online every day to get into the wrong hands, especially not by those deceitful enough to set up intricate scams. 

Safety is always essential. Although our models are not paid to initiate sexual activity ever, they are sent out in social situations where two consenting adults are free to make their own decisions, and we know up front that at least one of the adults is attracted to the other in some way.  If it turns out to be sexual attraction and it happens to be returned, that is the business of the two adults. Still, we believe that it is our business that our model escorts maintain a healthy lifestyle in every conceivable way.

Booking as a so-called model escort through a cheap escort agency can make you acquainted with some shay, underworld characters.  Things like this about the escorting industry aren’t always exaggerations from conservative and prudish minds.  You don’t want to cross paths with someone who thinks you’re a sucker, just waiting to take the bait.  So don’t let yourself be suckered in; don’t take the bait.

Naturally, you will, by necessity, become something familiar with you spend time with.  It only takes one absent-minded comment to reveal more than you intended, and having some random escort from a cheap London agency, or for that matter, telling all of your private concerns, is not what you want. Discretion is significant to us at Park Lane and Mayfair. Regarding what you say and do behind closed doors and even your identity, your secrets are always safe with us.

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