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Here at Park Lane and Mayfair we welcome our clients to leave escort reviews for our girls. Escort agency reviews help our clients to gain a better understanding of our girls and enable them to select the perfect companion for their requirements.

Well where do I start... Dolly is an angel to behold, a flawless and cute complexion, her petite figure, those perfectly formed breasts set off on her tiny waist, that peachy butt... somehow the photographs do not capture any of this, its bewildering... normally used to the opposite where the photos are glamorous beyond belief and the girl fails to match the photoshopped extravagance... She provided the most tender GF* ever, she left a lasting impression on my first visit a couple days prior so I went back again. She is a rare find indeed and I will be going back
Simply beautiful, nice body as shown in the pictures. Quick witted and eager to please.
Sweet girl young amaizinggg body:) thanks
Greeted with a smile and a friendly welcoming. She managed to make me feel like we'd known each other for a long time. A real sweetheart, sexy and passionate too and with great skills, Wow! Thank You for a lovely time.
Superb, and if you like slim girls her body is spot on. Tiny waist, wonderful breasts, much prettier than pictures. Does a wonderful massage, then it got even better! Great house close to tube and discreet.
Extremely good looking lady and very nice escort. Thanks for suggested this lady Claire, your help was appreciated. Great service all round.
I went to see Nicole, a genuine and elegant lady who was very nice and friendly. She didn't rush me and made me feel very welcome. She's lovely looking, her hair is beautiful and she has a body that's out of this world. If I had a lady like this at home I'd never leave the house. She was 10 out of 10
Sisi was fantastic! Photos are correct. She never looked at her phone and gave me total 100% attention, all the time. She has a very cheerful and bubbly personality and would always be the centre of any party, holding everyone’s attention, this one has beauty as well as brains. I will not say everything that happened but my advice is treat her with respect because she is a real nice human being and willing to please when treated well. And I think if you expect her to look great & sexy for you, then you should do the same. Go smart. Sisi will make you laugh, take you to heaven and you will want to cry when it's time to leave. Yes - as you can tell, I am bowled over!
She does everything to perfection. Highly recommended!!
Fantastic company from start to finish and super good looking girl. Had a great time with her.
Fantastic, intelligent and sweet person full of personality. Had a wonderful time with her. Skye really hope your dreams and wishes come true. Can't wait to see you again. Thank you
Fantastic lady! Felt very relaxed,and had a wonderful time with this gorgeous woman. One of the best escorts at Park lane and Mayfair right now. RECOMENDED!!
Well I loved her and found her to be a true professional, top quality service and great girl. She was happy to accommodate my request of asking to pause to deal with a business call and she gave me extra time at the end to make up for what we lost. I will absolutely be seeing her again.
Wow! You just can't get better than that. She really blew me away. She is so sweet, so beautiful, such an innocent and fresh face. Absolutely stunning!
What an astute mind she has, a wiseness that is beyond her age and her cuteness is magical. Her personality was very attractive to me and I think a even bigger turn on than her super body. Thank you Jennifer for a lovely afternoon.
This is the only review I've ever written, since it's so seldom in life one encounters such a lovely person. Also, the idea of writing one is rather uncomfortable, recommending someone you're very keen on you'd rather keep to yourself. Well, she is more gorgeous and striking than in her pics, and she's impossibly sweet, funny, quirky, upbeat, and so patient, polite and dutiful as to leave you feeling guilty for getting so much of her attention. Would dearly like to know her better, but I must go back home. I just had to give thanks for bringing a hopeless tongue-tied first timer some hope about the possibility of finding happiness. Bless you.
Damnit. Solid gold, exquisite performance. I don't know what else to say, Still recovering. Top girl (but not Turkish)
As requested, in a gown with nothing else when I arrived. We started with what can only be described as the massage of all massages and the gown was lifted up for me to see. This girl can take you to heaven and then keep you there with her teasing, I let go and enjoyed every moment. IT'S REALLY GOOD! Finished with an extremely slow non-rushed full service. I left feeling so relaxed afterwards that I still can't think straight. I have never had such an enjoyable time with an escort, I will definitely be back
Seeing is believing. You only life once right? Gorgeous lady who will be etched in my mind for along time to come. Thank you.
Suzie has a smoking hot body. Her ass is firm and soft and the sight of her bending over can put all kinds of filthy thoughts in a man's mind. She has the softest lips and knows how to use them too! Great O service! She knows how to please right up until the very end and as we went over my time she is certainly not a clock watcher. I had a great time. Treat this lady with care and respect.
Taylor told me she wants to be one of the best, and she's not far off for a newbie. Amazing experience from start to finish with very a sexy and friendly girl. Great O and she's not a clock watcher. I would highly recommend seeing her. Taylor, thanks again for a great time.
Sensational, compassionate, captivating, stunning, mind blowing are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about my time spent with Norah. I have never met anyone as beautiful and as special as her and I wasn't expecting to meet someone quite so wonderful. Her intellectual and classy personality will win you over in seconds. Her English needs a little improvement but it's getting there. Aside from the fact that she has the most mesmerizing and astonishing good looks and body, she is intelligent and very caring and deserves to be treated with absolute respect and love.
Met with the lovely young Faith today for the first time. She is charming, passionate and super-friendly. A real treat. I will most definitely request an extended lunchtime liaison next time - a lovely restaurant and some private time to get to know her better.
Bruna turned out to be an absolutely great escort to spend some time with. Looks - She is super attractive, very slim, lovely long legs, beautiful pert breasts, and deep expressive eyes. Her pictures are accurate. She wore a lovely off shoulder short black dress and high heels - which made her look elegant and like she had made an effort. Experience - Bruna is not a clock watcher at all!! She made me feel like an old friend and knows how to arouse and seduce. Good effort with communication and service and she likes to receive also, owo needs a little more time but overall she's a safe bet if you want good looks and good service.
I have recently been to see Coco and she was so good she's worth a review. Firstly, I wish the agency would use more natural photographs of her because she's far prettier when you see her. She's extremely sexy and has a great way about her that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. After about 15 minutes I felt like I had known Coco for ages, she's smart and well travelled and it was actually very nice to get to know her a little bit. After our little chant and drink we got a bit more cosy and she soon showed me how exceptionally talented she is. Skills that only a few would master and totally in control and professional. I won't go into detail, you'll have to see her to find out but absolutely no complaints from me.
I have seen Lacey a number of times last time she was in London. She's back again and she just gets better and better. She's very sexy, very pretty, her owo skills are excellent and the main event is always a real delight. Her English is good and she always has a beautiful smile. I'll be seeing her again soon. Only negative is her photos aren't so accurate but she's not a disappointment when you meet her, I blame too much photoshopping that isn't needed. Natural photos would be much better IMO.
I had a brilliant time. Lots of cuddles and gentle kissing and her focus was ensuring that I enjoyed the visit 100% of the time. A totally refreshing and wonderful experience and Bree is a real sweetheart. Very willing, happy to follow instructions and always trying to please you. Definitely worth spending an hour or two with...
Thank you Keegan for my amazing 2 hours with you. Beautiful girl and has a smile which just lights up her face. Her attitude was perfect and made me feel very special. Very energetic ;) and I worn out by the end of our time together - one of the best punts I've had in a long time.
There is Effie and all the others.....which won't really matter anymore if u meet her. I absolutelly love this girl, so friendly and well educated, can't find the right words to describe this beauty but she's gorgeous and will leave you more than happy. If I could afford it I would visit every day.
The best decision. A very polite escort and she took her time with me. The perfect girl all round and I will be coming back. Thank you.
I met Beth earlier this month and have been keen to see her again ever since. She's was just as amazing as I remembered and if I could afford it I would spend hours and hours with her. She's a real treat, and a great way to start the year off Thank you for a lovely evening once again.
Great girl! Heaven sent this one to make all my dreams come true. Reece made me feel special and I could not believe that a girl so sweet looking could be so naughty and so much fun in the bedroom. A variety of services on offer that will honestly leave you walking in the clouds. She's an honest girl too with a good attitude. Having tried many new girls from the agency this is one of my fave so far. Thank you Reece! I'm still on cloud 9 :)
I think this one is the best looking escort I've seen to date. She is perfect in every way, conversation flows, etiquetlying mannered and looks fantastic. She is not full of herself and wants to be the best she can and I appreciate that wholly. Thank you and good luck for the future
I have just had the pleasure of meeting Liz at her apartment and I'm pleased to say she turned out to be a very friendly lady who aimed for me to be the centre of attention at all times. I would love to see her again on more of a one to one date and really get to know her. Maybe next time... xx
What can I say about Federica - very attractive young woman, also pleasant, accommodating and well mannered, which makes a nice change from some I've seen before. I've had some great experiences with some very lovely ladies on this site (and some not so great) but this one has raised the bar for me. Flawless body, angelic face but most of a a genuine and nice girl. Lovely to meet you and I will see you again soon.
So many great reviews, confirming an amazing time to be had with Catherine. When the door opened I was greeted with a sexy smile and a warm hug from a very beautiful lady. Friendly conversion leading to a relaxed and incredible time together. She did everything I asked without hesitation and ensured that I was completely satisfied. She is one of the nicest girl I have ever met, never felt rushed and definitely recommended. Absolutely the best money I ever spent.
Intimate and passionate. What I loved was she was wearing an elegant black dress, had her hair and nails done and you could tell she'd made an effort and takes care of how she looks. Classy and super sexy. Unforgettable time.
First time I met this girl and definitely won't be my last. Highly smart, attractive and all round a good experience.
Lovely and slim, she looks the same in her pictures and wasn't too expensive to get her to come to me. I did have to pay and extra 20 towards her taxi but this wasn't a problem. It's worth checking beforehand so you know if there are any extras. She was great company for the couple of hours she was here and keen to satisfy me a few times although twice was as much as I could manage! She let me treat her also, which was lovely. Overall it was a good experience and for the money and I'd say she's worth it and her service was up there with the better ones. I give her an honest score.
Great location for me to visit her. She was warm, lovely girl, perfectly proportioned and let me explore her all over. Service... Outstanding service provided. She really seemed to enjoy her job and this is why I would highly recommend her. Her Attitude was great and refreshing.
I booked on a whim and boy did I get lucky with this one... Great kisser, great little tits, great ass and sucks like a dream. She was intuitive to my needs. Vanda, you rocked my world! (even if just for an hour) Thanks a million, J x
A truly lovely and very beautiful escort, with a good attitude and great service. I will definitely ask for her again. Quite cheap for what you get and she really looked after me.
Thanks Rachel for being so welcoming, friendly, accommodating and a pleasurable experience to have met you. It wont be my last visit this year unless you go off to Romania again!
I've just had a visit from Salma to my hotel room and I'm extremely pleased with how it went. We had a fantastic couple of hours and I enjoyed myself fully. I hope she did also, she was quite special. I tasted every inch of her and now I can't stop thinking about her...
Such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Really good listener as well. This was my second time with Lulu and I will be returning again for sure. Sweet, sexy and just what I needed. Thanks again x
Well that was an experience!! This girl was unbelievable. The service was incredible, from GFE to PSE. Top escort and gives 100%. Thank you so much and take care. Treat her well gents.
Amazing young lady. really 10+ on service. She didn't hold back and enjoyed it just as much as I did. Highly recomend her company. Fun loving, sweet and sexy. Thank you!!
Very warm and welcoming person who instantly made me feel at ease. I had only one incall experience before this which did not go well. She made up for it and was beautiful and even though it was our first meeting I was very relaxed. Finley was a great hostess even as I left. I love massages and she was the best for sensual and teasing. It was excellent. I will be back..
I'm new to this hobby but Anushka showed me for the first time what a profesional she is. What impressed me most was her attitude and friendliness. If you want a good and profesional services i would recommend her 100%
Very nice girl. She made me happy just as I needed and I felt great with her. Nice personality and someone who deserves to be treated well and in a nice manner. I wish you only the best and I hope your wishes come true. Thanks, Scott ;)
Very genuine, warm and super sexy with the biggest heart. Lovely body, lovey company and worth booking for at least a couple of hours to really enjoy her.
I must have tried 20 girls by now and I rarely write reviews. But this one more than deserves it I always try to book the "hit girls" with lots of great reviews and, frankly, I have always been disappointed as I never got such fabulous experiences like those described by those reviewers....but with Leonie it was the opposite: This time I went with a new girl and she was really the best I ever had. Perfect face, hot body, cute mannerism, relaxed and talkative, no tabus or "no fly zones", everything i wanted. I am far from being a romantic but I did feel it was like being with a real girlfriend. are the best. Next time I'll go for the ones with less experience, they seem much more genuine.
Nice girl. Good location for me to visit and she has a lovely flat. I like kissing and everything else was very good too, she was very polite and she didn't rush me.
A lovely young lady and great attitude. She took very good care of me.
Firstly thanks to Kourtney and the agency for accommodating. I had a nightmare getting there coz severe delay on Central Line and got stuck underground with no way of contacting them. Thankfully they allowed me to keep the appointment even though I was very late arriving. Kourtney is beautiful. The photos really don't do her justice I feel - she is much better looking in real life, and the perfect shape for me. Great attitude too. Right from the 1st minute she goes all out with no reservation, makes 100% efforts to ensure you have a good time, and doesn't stop until you are satisfied. I would strongly recommend her - you are in for an unforgettable treat if you are to spend time with her!!
Penelope is hard to pin down and now I know why!! Make sure you book her well in advance. My friend recommended her to me and he was spot on. Great figure, great attitude, everything on offer and beautiful. This escort is class and the performance was 10/10.
It was nice to see the same girl in the profile turn up. I haven't used this Agency before and was very pleased with the whole service. Great receptionist, thank you Karren, and great escort. She was so pretty, sexy and seems to enjoy her work. Excellent service with a smile and one to see again. Well done xx
Well, I love slim size 8 girls and Tatiana was drop dead gorgeous and just stunning to look at too. No photoshop needed for sure! She speaks perfect English, is amusing, playful ,and intelligent too! And yes, she does have the perfect body! She seemed to enjoy her time too, always keeping eye contact and making sure pleasure is your reward ! She loves receiving and sight of her on top will remain with me for a long time. just adorable and I will be back for sure. thank you a million times for your kindness xx
She is stunning. Thanks to the Agency for arranging all finer details and to Davina for making it so memorable
A nice girl, highly recommended.
Top marks for Primrose. She's a genuinely nice and friendly person, affectionate, intelligent, engaging, and sexy as hell, much more so than some of the younger girls. Her performance is intimate and second to none. Absolutely fabulous!
Everything we did was great, she kisses and the service was very passionate and she didn't hold back. I definitely recommend and will certainly be back if I get the chance :))))
Ivanna was fantastic! She is beautiful, very polite and accommodating and she gives an excellent service. Her English needs improvement but that is my only fault with this experience. Her apartment was easy to find, very clean and nicely kept and she was ready and waiting for me in some rather spectacular lingerie! She took good care of me from the moment I stepped in the door. I would recommend her highly and I will definitely try to see her again. Very happy client :)
A very pleasant and very loving escort. She looks just like her photos too. Beautiful body and face and service was above average. I had the sexiest lunch hour. Thank you !
She is definitely a hit. Good conversationalist, I imagine she can adapt to every situation and she is very smart. She gave me exactly what I needed and it's been a long time since I've been with such a beautiful lady. I felt like I'd won the lottery. When the time came to kick back she let her hair down too. Perfect date and top marks from me.
It's been two hours since I left from her apartment and I am still smiling... Amazing! She awoke all instincts in me: I wanted an escort to be tender, wild, naughty, soft. And she was all that!
A very good looking escort and not as restricted on services as other ladies I've seen before. She knows how to please and did exactly what I liked. Bronwyn clearly looks after herself and is fresh and well presented and the flat had facilities for showering etc...
I writing this review in the hope that Georgina reads it. I met her a long time ago under a different name at a different agency, but didn't recognise her because she looks so different now. But she still remembered me! Georgina, I loved every second with you. 1 hour felt like only 5 minutes. Too quick! You made my day perfect and I hope you enjoyed my massages and kisses as much as I enjoyed being with you.
Totally gorgeous, Sara is a very professional and easy-going girl. I regret going when I was tired and stressed - will definitely re-book for a day when I will be in a better frame of mind to make the most of her company.
Very friendly and fit but it's a shame she seems so tired, open the door to greet me with very little make up and a dressing gown, not much of a smile. Even my gift failed to lift her mood. No kissing, don't like her nipples being touch because they are sensitive, fairly good in bed, but unfortunately, not very engaging, so fairly boring.
It was my first time and initially i was quite skeptical. June had many reviews and all of them were positive. I could not believe she was THAT good. Well, SHE IS. First of all, she is 200 times prettier than the pictures!! They are quite accurate but she is a bit thinner now and her body is spot on. Her face is unbelievable, her eyes captivating, her breasts heavenly shaped and her legs are so long and awesome. The best bit about her is her lovely personality and willingness to please me. So yes, her appearance along with the nice girl she has deserves 10 out of 10. A great first experience. It couldn't have been better. Thank you a million times!
Stunning looks, perfect body and fantastic at making you feel special. Extremely sexy as well. Will definitely return if I get a chance
I absolutely loved the way she dressed; very sexy, my type exactly, naughty enough to get my blood pumping and still looked like a lady. She has gorgeous hair which goes all the way down her back and when she has nothing on it's a beautiful sight. I will be seeing her again, she was an absolute fox in the bedroom. It was sweaty, it was sweet and it was sexy, that's all I'll say...
One of the greatest experiences I had with an agency. Dayana is intersting to talk to, very natural, sincere and charming. In terms of looks, she is absolutely gorgeous, with a body to die for. It was probably evident I was a bit nervous, so she did everything to make me feel comfortable and completely relaxed. After that at certain poits things got fast-paced, hot and sweaty. But lets you have the control. She makes every effort to please. If I can, I will see this gem again.
I popped in to see Orla on my way home just now. She has a nice flat, secure and it's easy to find, clean and cosy. She was ready and looking sexy in her lingerie when she opened the door and after we sorted the payment she wasted no time and she whisked me over to the bedroom. She was really really good - dirty with a sensual side and had lots of energy left for a second round. She was the perfect end to a long day and I would recommend her highly. She likes to please and be pleased is actually a very pretty girl and genuine girl. I gave her a good tip and I will see her again at some point. Thanks to the agency, you haven't failed me yet...
Unbelievable. She provides full service with all the trimmings. Pays incredible attention to detail. She is even more stunning in real life and I love getting to know her. I can't get enough - this has been my third visit and it just keeps getting better and better.
Great girl and extremely beautiful. Fun and entertaining with a good sense of humour and a fantastic ass. I will definitely go back.
This young English lady was magic. Her personality was great, her body an absolute gift and for me she was the epitome of perfection. I don't write reviews for anything but an exception had to be made for an exceptional experience and very special lady. Thank you!
Patricia looks very much like her pictures. Slim, firm body, olive complexion and she clearly enjoys and is talented at her job. She's stunning with an amazing figure but she tops it off with a great smile. Patricia went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and happy the whole time I was there and I'm now keen to see her again. The apartment was very clean and tidy, room comfortable and a reasonable bed. Only negative was that the room got a bit hot, which was probably because of us ;-) Looking forward to seeing you again and thanks again.
Amazing hour spent with Dorothy. Incredible body with great ass. Beautiful and sweet girl - treated me very well and we had a fantastic time together. She was very fun and full of energy and has a great personality. I'm already looking forward to a second date.
Desiree made me rise to the ocassion several times, lovely lady and good natured. She is very pretty and welcoming and looks fantastic in lingerie. I have nothing negative to say about this one, she was great on every level.
I have just been to see the exceptional Teresa. She was great fun to be with and full of life. I loved her naughty side and she was enough to make my bad day so much better after just a couple of hours in her company. She was perfect all over, body, face, breasts and a big heart too. I was very happy to have seen her and she is an escort whom I'd liked very much to see again.
Camilla opened the door looking much better in reality, nice surprise. It's always a bit hit and miss with escorts and their photographs these days but she is the real deal. I can't describe how amazing she is in every way. Simply too cute, gorgeous and sexy. All her reviews don't do her justice! I'm walking on a cloud. An amazing kisser, fantastic OWO, a delicious body and all with a very friendly and relaxing nature. Simply the best experience ever. I can't wait to return.
We spent a fantastic hour with Tabitha. She had a lovely personality and her friendly manner put us both at ease immediately. Her photos do not do her justice, she is a beautiful (and energetic) woman, and our only regret is that we did not book more time with her.
OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!! Beautiful and perfect service. This is the second time to visit her and I will go there again...
Looks: Out of this world Body: Amazing Personality: Lovely This lady has it all... Best I've seen so far.
Totally agree with previous reviewer. Absolutely fabulous girl. She know how to please a man and will do almost anything to please one. She is in control which helps, no need to ask her do something. A massage after the act is also great. No wasting of time. Best experience ever.
Jada is the most beautiful escort I have seen to date. She is, believe it or not, actually prettier than her photographs. She's quite petite with great breasts - a perfect figure. She is extremely beautiful naturally and also a very nice young lady who speaks perfect English. She's one to take out on a date if you want to impress but also a real touch in the bedroom department too. I was extremely happy with her all round and I would book her again in an instance.
I had a few requests before I visited her. I pre booked well in advance. I arrived on time and was greeted by her big smile and some seriously sexy lingerie. She looked fantastic and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. I paid and we got to business. She was better than I expected but does have a few restrictions. Most of my requests were met and overall I had a totally refreshing and wonderful experience. Rosalie is a beautiful lady and gave me a very nice experience. It would help if services were available on the website please? Thanks xx
I have to agree with all the positive reviews that precede this one. Sophia is beyond gorgeous, and not only physically. She's a genuinely nice and friendly person, affectionate, intelligent, engaging, and sexy as hell. Her performance is intimate and second to none. Her breasts are fantastic to play with. I've been seeing escorts for the last 5 years in London, and I have seen over 60 in that period, but Sophia is without a doubt the best experience I've had so far. Thank you, Sophia, for an amazing time. I shall see you again.
The perfect start to the day!
For a long time i have tried to book Roxy but she has been busy or away and so finally i got to see her today. I had an amaizing time and she started my day wonderfully. Such a kind girl and a much nicer personality than I had imagined. Very sweet and also very very sexy. Her body in the lingerie she had on was all I needed to get me immediately in the mood. For sure i will visit her again... That bum will stay in my mind until I get to hold it and take her from behind again. Great service with a very beautiful lady. No wonder she's so hard to get hold of.
I have seen Betty a few times. She is one of the most charming and warm girls I have met as escorts go. She has always been very open minded, a lovely kisser and made sure I enjoyed my time. I have never felt rushed and she has always arrived looking beautiful and on time. I prefer her to come to me now. Her flat isn't the best place if you want complete privacy. She lives with another girl and I prefer it to be just me and her without someone else in the flat. It does cost more to have her come to me but for me it's worth it. Betty always pleases me and I will continue to use this agency for it's excellent service.
Emily was gorgeous, sexy young girl, great company, good English, her place was very nice. Service was amazing. X
There are a lot of pretty girls out there, but Harmony is almost hypnotically beautiful and natural. Add to that a lively sense of humour combined with a fascinatingly complex personality and you begin to understand why I ended up smitten. Foolish of me, I suppose.
This wonderful girl simply gives you the whole lot. Massage was sensational. Sensual tease, deep kissing and an awesome service with some serious all over body oiling. Not many girls cam compare with this beauty in terms of services and looks. Not surprised she's so popular. Smokingly hot too. Perfect
Apart from her beauty she was warm, kind and really wanted to please me. The best incall I've encountered for quite a while.
Chelsea came to see me at my hotel. As soon as she arrived I felt completely comfortable with her. She's very friendly, jaw-droppingly beautiful and very very very sexy! Her service was second to non, no rushing and happy to be pleasured in return. Her body is delicious and I would recommend her highly. Kind regards, Jimmy Xx
I recommend with great confidence a wonderful girl and very naturally friendly and easy going escort.
Emerald was wonderful!!! She had class and finesse and was a lot better looking in real life than on the website and I found her to be more friendly than other girls I've seen to date. I'm not a young man but she pulled out all the stops and made my hour in her company magical. Thank you darling!
Crystal, as her name suggests, is a girl who is both beautiful and rare. It's not often you meet a girl who genuinely is interested in not only getting to know you, but making you feel like a king for an hour. Crystal has a sparkling personality, no pun intended, and was warm and funny from the start. Also a wonderful kisser. Overall an amazing experience with a friendly and beautiful girl. The type of girl you'd wish to meet in real life.
WOW She was amazin ill def be back
Tina has such a cute face and a super sexy body. Her smile was a turn on in itself. Looking even better than the pics made for a very enjoyable session. Thank you for your time and company you are perfect for me!
I booked Vanessa for 2 hrs as recommended by the receptionist for what I wanted. Easy to find and decent flat. Vanessa with not too much make-up is pretty, which is what I like. She's also not in a rush and made sure that the time spent with me was focused on what I wanted. She was very sweet when getting to know her and should be treated with respect, she's friendly and a lovely person to chat to. The perfect end to a busy day and she gave me a good massage with all the added extras. I won't go into details as I wouldn't want to embarrass her but she certainly put a smile on my face.
Shakira never fails to please. Great GFE and very responsive; she is fun too, highly recommended.
She's even better looking than the pictures and her performance is out of this world. She's extremely sweet, easy to talk to and always has a beautiful smile on her face. Her body is mind blowingly amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and she never disappoints. Will definitely be back to see her again. You won't regret meeting this amazing woman.
Saskia is a beautiful girl with generous breasts (enhanced) and a curvy body which together makes for a very sexy and attractive lady. she is tall and sexy, good conversation and hot services, she took good care of me and my ALL desires! OK-ish apartment but great girl. 1hr passes very well. Thank you Giselle
I have seen Donna a number of times and she just gets better and better. She's very sweet, very pretty, her o...skills are excellent and the main event is always a real delight. Great boobs, her English is good and she always has a beautiful smile. I'll be seeing her again soon.
Nice girl next door, except most girls next door dont answer your knock wearing what Katie was. My first thought was zipadeedoodah, glad I didnt just book for an hour! Although hypnotic to look at she looks older than her pictures by a few years. Katie's, no1 attribute is her personality, she is so friendly and fun to be with. When she decides to be naughty she is very naughty. Till next time I surface in London...
Elegant and charming. Paris is the perfect girl next door type, very pretty and much better than her photos. We had a magical time together.
To be honest, I didn't pick her for her personality but am so glad I did go for her because she is a proper laugh, sweet, down to earth girl with her head screwed on. The action was brilliant. She is uninhibited, energetic and responsive. And that ass!!!!
Stunning body and nice smile , lovely girl !! Soft skin and gorgeous boobs . I wish I could take her home. She was perfect . thank you for your time x
The second time seeing Daphne. She is the perfect companion an absolute charm and as classy as they come, a beautiful personality and a body to die for. KUDOS.Daphne is good at what she's does !! She pampered me to my hearts content
I've said it before Candy is just everything you could possibly want wrapped up in an absolutely stunning sexy body. The whole hour were just perfect, I could just chat to her the whole time but she's too good not to taste. Candy babe I'm sure we can carry on our conversation very soon... :) Highly recommend
I had a short 1 hour booking with Leah and she was a new girl for me I was not disappointed. She was sweet and affectionate, but cheeky and adventurous too I will certainly be booking her again
She was fun and chatty and just so infectious - time just flew by. She has an aura about her that just gives off positive energy and makes you totally relaxed and welcome. OMG, curves to die for, she is a big girl, just how I like them. If she was an apple then she would be called Delicious - yummy. Time spent with Helen was pure bliss, crazy and energetic.
Poppy was super sexy and has lovely green eyes that do not really appear in the pictures, quite striking. I definitely recommend spending time with her. She's slim with a natural look about her and not too much make-up. The service was superb, a great girl in the bedroom. Top marks for performance!
Nice looking girl, but poor effort and performance. Too many rules, difficult and fun! Dont bother!
Very nice, very intimate and dosen't stick to too many 'rules' when it comes to the escorting world. She gives good Girlfriend Experience and I would love to see her again.
Yes, she was hot with a open mind and lots of toys too. Great stuff! She gave it her all 100%.
Pics are accurate and those breasts are something else!!! Most services available and she's not shy in providing them. Average looking but friendly.
She was very good keeping me happy. Apart from romantic talk, we indulged in kissing and cuddling. It was splendid experience with Bianca.
Had the best time ever. She was sexy and made me feel so comfortable! Felt like i knew her for ages. A true GFE I will be going to meet her again next week for sure! Recommended!
Monique deserves the 10/10's she gets. She is stunning with beautiful skin and eyes. She made me feel relaxed with her gentle humour and personality. She was so passionate with everything else, eager to please and she did everything I wanted her to. The 2 hours just flew by. I wish I lived closer to London because I would see her again in an instant. I'd say she's in her mid 20's and not really Italian but not an issue and she was delightful. Thanks beautiful X
I wasn't disappointed, she was very warm and looked amazing.
A brilliant surprise, I asked for someone nice and booked blind. She was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the time of day and very accommodating and polite. Thanks so much Park Lane and Mayfair you made my morning!!!
Sultry and sexy and wore me out!! (not that I'm complaining) I will be back for more soon and she is insatiable!!
She wasn't anywhere near how she appears on the website, I didn't think it was the same girl when I arrived. Very disappointed and the agency has misrepresented her although she did well to make sure I was satisfied with her performance. I will think twice before booking again.
I have seen Gemma several times; just cannot get enough. Frankly, she is perfect. Fun and friendly; and hot and sexy. Enjoys giving and receiving.... The more you give the better it gets. G. XX
Absolutely superb, amazing girl and amazing service, genuinely feel privileged to have spent time with Gaby. Great oral and full service as well.
Her skills are great she takes her time to get to know what you like. A nice touch was the body to body massage to start with. Sexiest massage I've had to date. I had a great evening with you and wanted to say thank you x
I didn't want any plastic and this lady was natural through and through. I thank the Agency for their honesty in finding a natural woman for me because I seem to keep wandering into silicone valley. Are there really that few natural girls around these days? Anyway, this was was just as nature intended and she's also beautiful and friendly. Recommended very highly from me if you like natural beauty and a service with a smile.
Nice new escort on the books - I looked at her profile first and though she would be too good to be true but she was perfect when I got there. she was dressed in the tightest of mini skirts which accentuated her bum - I loved her, would visit again when i'm in London again
For a boob man then this lady is sure to please and for me she was spot on. She pleased me no end and even did a little strip tease for me tailored to my requests. I could've spent hours with this busty babe. I'm still smiling now :-)
2 hrs with Silvia. Wonderful girl. As sexy & beautiful as her pics. Nice modern and safe apartment. Good Shower n hygiene routine. Naughty and she quickly got me turned on with her chats, kisses & strokes. I couldn't get enough with this amazing girl. Will see her soon. H.
Tremendous girl to be with great fun with little restrictions. Would love to see again.
She arrived dead on time dressed in a sexy but stylish black dress. She was the most pretty escort and open minded with a good personality and sexy. Thank you Angel and see you soon
Sultry and sexy... A real woman, who is actually rather nice to talk to. I stayed for longer than expected and had a super sexy time. Till the next time. J x
i can not wait to see her again. Highly recommended
Who'd have thought I could see a lady right next to my work place, lol. Extremely convenient location and all confirmed and booked with the least hassle. Great girl, great service A****
This girl is even better in the flesh and she wore the same sexy outfit she has on in her profile pictures. She is even more stunning in real life! I cannot believe she is only £150 - well within my price range. This may become quite a habit.
I just saw Christina in her apartment. Really easy for me to get to from Warren street stn and perfect for a quick 1hr visit. Her body was hot, her lingerie was out of this world and she has great boobs and a fit body. This girl has some serious stamina!!! A 1 hour booking was plenty of time and she is well worth every penny. Thanks babe P x
She has a super hot curvy body. I had a fantastic time with her, a non clock watcher and very eager to please and was up for anything. Next time i'm in london i'll book her again
From start to finish this lady was fantastic, she had a wonderful apartment she made me feel very welcome from the first moment I arrived. I was a little late getting there, but nonetheless I felt unhurried and welcome. She was dressed to perfection and smelt divine. I felt that she enjoyed what she was doing and it was a truly unforgettable experience.
Samantha was a lovely. Gorgeous, fun, relaxed, elegant, a classy and sexy lady. She has a zest for life and a positive attitude. I felt wonderful in her company. She put a smile on my face and I'm still smiling now just thinking about it. Thanks for an amazing time and look forward to seeing you soon.
Very nice guy, good looking, easy on the eye and very sexy in the bedroom. I enjoyed my time immensely and will visit him again when I'm next in London. Many thanks x
Had a wonderful time with Mags (not her real name of course), fantastic, charismatic and energetic lady. Really knows how to please and absolutely amazing attitude.
This girl was great. Thanks Claire for arranging it. Looks better than her pictures, very cute, funny and just simply lovely. I will definitely be visiting again.
I have met Delia a few times over the last year, and she seems to be getting hotter and better as time goes by. Had another great meet tonight - simply incredible. She is naughty and doesn't hold back and also a lot of fun to spend time with. Overall a tremendous escort and highly recommended
Firstly, I have to say she looks pretty much like her pictures so there was not much disappointment there. Fryda's body is flawless and well looked after, toned in the right places but not too skinny. She's all about pleasing and likes to know she's doing a good job so you know early on that you will have a good time! She's sensual, funny and a genuinely nice girl who plays it safe and doesn't offer too many extras but puts in a lot of effort. She was well presented with hair and nails done nicely and some seriously saucy lingerie to finish off the look. I will defiantly be coming back for more.
Great experience and beautiful young escort. Recommend highly!
Last night i met Ines which was really nice, she has a great body, speaks great english and i really enjoyed her service !! I was impressed thanks a lot !!
Wren is always very beautifully presented, natural look, not much makeup on, a body you'll dream of touching again, once you've seen it and a lovely smile. It is always a great experience and she's wonderful company. This was my 2nd visit and I'll return again soon. She is as lovely as in her pictures, smiles throughout and doesn't disappoint with any service. A beautiful kind girl, I only wish I could take her home. Highly recommend!!!
Petel is simply beautiful. Young fresh face and an amazing body. I recommend her highly after my 2hr appointment with her. Nothing was too much trouble for her and service came with a nice big smile.
My best 1 hour so far this year. Priti is extremely attractive with firm body and curves in the right places. She is very aware of how to please and performs her skills extremely well. If I had more time I would have booked a longer session with her and made sure I enjoyed her fully. Top chick and great energy.
I travel the world in my business, and this will be the FIRST time I ever return to the same escort within the same visit. Extremely friendly escort and the best company I've had in a long time, really - great laugh and a great time!
Wow.... what a totally lovely girl. I am happy to say it was a genuine, really passionate, friendly and fun experience - just awesome. I had an amazing time and Lucia hope you did too.
Nice girl, very sexy and pretty, Comfortable and clean flat. Good companion. I will return. Atif
Ivy was wonderful and such a friendly escort to visit today. Surprisingly better than the pictures but it was her company that makes her so special. She made me feel very relaxed and very much at home. She has a good sense of humour, which helped to break the ice and to top it off she's a true beauty, perfect body and great breast. She has gorgeous curves! I found her to be very caring and a very affectionate young lady and very naughty too. A very warm and sensual experience. and much better than I was expecting. Would definitely revisit.
My second visit to see Enya, and I wasn't disappointed. This time she greeted me wearing a super sexy fishnet type dress at the door. Damn she is sexy! Her photos are totally genuine. She's gorgeous with a super body and really pretty face. She really knows how to use her body to make you feel great and likes to play around with you to get things started. Her best feature is her really warm personality and the way she makes you feel at ease and shows you a really great time throughout the whole experience. I'll definitely be back again...
Pleasant experience but pricy. Without taking anything away from Bonnie, I have paid less for better. She's very attractive and professional but lacked a bit of fun.
She is very beautiful, friendly, nice manner, outstanding figure, very clean and good at her job. Can't wait to see her again, loved every moment xxxx
Zelda was everything I wanted and more. When I arrived at her flat she was wearing a smile, that was all she had on!!! Good start! She's was quite sensual with a beautiful body (great natural breasts) and although I was only there for an hour we had what can only be described as an earth moving experience. She's fab! Hope the bed recovered!
Stopped off to see this one on my way home this evening. Nice but not as confident as some of the girls I've seen before. Saying that, she's very friendly and fun to be around and this one actually looks better than her photos. Overall good service but not too adventurous.
Stopped off to see this one on my way home this evening. Very nice! Friendly and fun to be around too. Looks better on photos but not a bad escort by any means. Overall good service and satisfied client.
Most importantly she was a nice girl and catered to my needs wonderfully. Thank you!
I have just had the pleasure of meeting Agneta. She looked absolutely stunning when she opened the door... Hair and makeup done nicely, she smelt wonderful and was dressed in a see-through dress that instantly got me horny. Both of us were feeling very naughty and the session itself was amazing from the moment we started. She clearly takes pride in her appearance and you will be grateful of that once the clothes come off too. She's groomed to perfection in every way possible ;) Great escort and will book again.
I had a very naughty time with this lady. She loves her job and I felt that I knew her even though we had just met. Extremely welcoming and offered me a drink and a shower on arrival. I suggested she joined me and she was more than happy to do so. Once we go to the bedroom I let her take control and enjoyed the ride. She knows exactly what she's doing and I was so satisfied I stayed for an extra hour. Top escort and worth a visit. It took me less than 5 minutes to walk to her flat from the station.
Perfect escort. She opened the door wearing nothing more than a smile on her face. She spent the full hour enjoying it as much as I did and she was really fun company too. Cheers for an awesome hour!!
This girl is the bomb! Fit as f€%k - sorry to be so crude but I loved it. 10/10 for looks, performance, attitude... I can't fault her.
Wow, that was one naughty lady! I needed something a bit different and didn't want to be too limited with the services either and she was recommended to me by the lady on the phone. I got what I asked for and more. Good looking, polite, fun and she was up for pretty much anything. I will be seeing her again and possibly with her friend next time. She offers lots of services and also duos with her flatmate but there are extra charges for some things. Her photos are edited but don't make her appear too different to how she is and I can't knock her for her service. Great girl!
Warm and friendly and absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Many thanks for arranging her. She was fabulous.
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