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There was a story in the news recently that many women have bank accounts they keep secret from their husbands or spouses…

Women think of this money as their safety net or to be used for their opening.

We are not surprised, although we did wonder if any of our clients have duplicate bank accounts they use on our escorts?!

We decided to test our theories by asking for some irregular cleanouts of them. Our first question was – how do you pay for our ladies? Do you keep a secret bank account your partner doesn’t know about? And do you think your partner has private?

Some, but not all of our regular clients are married men, and they all avoided answering the question of what to do when it came to paying; one said he did indeed have a secret bank account, his ‘escorts account’ as he called it.

Another said he always paid cash upfront and claimed it was his day-to-day living expenses working in London.

Yet another, one of our regular clients said his wife did not question any of his spending habits as she left all of their finances to him to sort out, and as long as there was plenty of money for her, she wasn’t bothered.

The fourth guy said something, saying that he was excited me out of a bank account that his wife didn’t know about (this account also financed an expensive golf club membership). Since he knew his wife had a secret account and questioned her about what was in it…

He then started speculating with us about what she might be spending her money on… She liked art, he said, so maybe she was spending vast sums of money buying up young artists’ work in the hope that it would eventually become an investment. Or she also had a weakness for gourmet food, so perhaps the account financed her and her girlfriends’ trips to Michelin-starred restaurants in London where wine costs £200 and more for a bottle. Or maybe – maybe it was for something else…

You see, here at Park Lane and Mayfair,, we also cater for the females with our gorgeous young male escorts.

Discretion, as you know, is our watchword. The lady’s secret is safe with us.

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