Park Lane & Mayfair

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought – yes today is a good day, I look OK?

Of course you have! Unless you have a very severe case of BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) it is a rarity that we consider ourselves to be so ugly that we can’t bear to look at ourselves, let alone let anyone else look at us!

The point I am trying to make is that we all have little imperfections that make us unique but as long as we are OK with it, so should everyone else.

Take me for example – I am five foot eight and brunette. I work for the elite Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency by trade but I know that I can’t just roll out of bed, adopt the au naturel look for the day and hope I get away with it. Actually, show me someone who can – elite model or no elite model. The streets of London would have a shock if I unleashed myself on the world and thought “sod it.” No, I like to be slightly tanned, well turned out and smelling exquisite. From my arm I have to dangle one of my many designer handbags and I am always shod in something too expensive for my budget. In short, I like to be pretty.

Obviously I would also like to be walking the streets of Mayfair, Fulham and Kensington with the most desirable accessory of all – no darlings, not a Cartier watch or a Gucci bracelet – an equally well turned-out man. Whether my client is a twenty-something entrepreneur, a thirty-something City slicker or a forty-something bachelor, I am not particularly fussy. This top London escort knows how to match her men to her outfits! 😉

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