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If you are looking to book an escort to travel from London to your destination, you will want to ensure that you make the right decision before asking the staff to travel all that way. You could be somewhere in Europe or Sipore; either way, you want to not only be pleased with your decision but to be overwhelmed when the escort walks through the door.

We will discuss how you can make sure that the girl you choose is the right one and that she is a pleasure to be with so that your abroad experience is a memorable one. Please remember that if this is an escort you would like to spend a significant amount of time with, you will have the final say.

Firstly, look at the clothes or lingerie she wears in her portfolio. Does she mix it up with different colours and styles? For example, an evening dress and casual, or does she stick to lingerie? Although she does not indicate if she would or would not make a good travel partner, you can get an idea of whether or not she would be interested in the holiday you are planning. If she mixes up her outfits and can make baggy jeans look hot, this elite escort clues to be outdoors, to explore and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. If all her photos are top-of-the-range lingerie, she may be the acceptable dining type of escort who prefers to chat, sip wine and massage all night long. This may suit you planning on working during the day but visiting the elite escort during the evening in the hotel. She may wear bikinis in her photos, which indicate she loves hot weather, so stay out with her all day on the beach and all night for non-stop adventure.

The second is the profile. The descriptions below the pictures of the escorts are written for a reason, which is why you should read them carefully. Park Lane and Mayfair’s reports are not fabricated. The models meet us and, hey, tell her what sort of things they enjoy, their background history and what their do’s and don’ts are. The last thing you want is to invite an escort to Switzerland only to find out she cannot ski.

The last thing is to ask the receptionist. She is familiar with the escorts and, having had a brief discussion with you should be able to recommend who she thinks would be a good choice. You may be torn between three profiles, and this is where the agency that knows their girls and their personalities can help you. They have seen the girls and what they look like in real life, and they want to ensure that you have a fantastic time abroad. Our policy at Park Lane and Mayfair is to take on beautiful escorts with sparkling personalities.

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