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A top escort agency needs to cover the costs of their employees and advertising, which can be considerable. It is, therefore, imperative for escorts at a high-class agency to provide a better standard and more reliable service than anywhere else. In contrast, an independent escort requires a relatively small number of clients and does not have significant expenses in terms of advertising. They work when necessary and do not have to abide by a work rota. Independent escorts can cancel clients at whim, making them less reliable than agency escorts. 

One of the reasons clients approach independent escorts is due to their lower fees. When clients book an agency escort, they are paying a premium for the introduction by the agency. Some clients think this is better value for money and use it to justify booking an independent escort. As mentioned above, an independent escort does not have considerable overheads in advertising, staff and site maintenance, so that they can charge lower fees than an escort agency. Furthermore, independent escorts find clients through their methods, which are much cheaper than agency methods. However, cheaper does not mean more reliable, and clients often find that their independent escort cancels or decides to go with a more lucrative booking. When clients book with an escort agency, the premium that they pay is for a reliable escort service and a replacement if their first-choice escort is not available.

Elite escort agencies are stringent about recruiting models and can recommend client escorts around the clock. Since there are many beautiful escorts in an escort agency, there will always be someone for the client. Escort agencies are flexible and provide more choices because they know that clients crave variety and company at any time of the day. In contrast, an independent escort will not have the stamina to work 24 hours a day, nor do they have the monetary incentive to appeal to every type of client. 

There are more choices and options for clients when they decide to book with an elite London escort agency. An escort agency has beautiful models from different backgrounds and provides various services. A client can try a dinner escort for one night and book the delightful company of a role-play escort the following night. An independent escort is not as versatile because she does not have to cater to many clients. If clients want to enjoy an adventurous escort company with variety, then an escort agency is the best choice.

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