Park Lane & Mayfair

You are going to have read time and time again about London escorts, how great they are and that you will not find escorts like the ones in London in any other city in the world and to be honest that is true! We know that for a fact that companies in London get calls from all over the world from people looking for an escort, they phone London escort agencies because, international escorts agencies are not that good for example; Dubai is a wealthy place with lots of wealthy people, try and book an escort there, the standard is not good unless, you get lucky and find an escort from London who is on tour there. There are a few girls whom do go on tour in different cities but not that many.

London is the Capital of the UK and one of the most important cities in the world that is probably one of the reasons that you are looking at this page – you are here for business and feeling a little lonely? And what do you do when you are in London and lonely? That’s simple! You book a Park Lane and Mayfair escort.

Hotels in different parts of the world look upon escorts in all different ways but once again there is no other city like London that let escort girls pass freely like the hotels in London, let us use Dubai as an example once again; it is nearly impossible for any known escort to get to your room in a hotel here unless you have had a very “golden handshake’ with the staff on the front desk, that doesn’t happen here.

Central London is home to around 13 million people and of those a great many love to book time with escort girls add this to the fact that London is still one of the best cities in the world and you can see why so many of the great ones’ head here.

If you look on a map you will see the Central London is made up of many districts, these are where most of the girls live, head out of the centre and the quality of lady really starts to decline. With this is mind go careful how you go when picking and remember you do get what you pay for those ladies that advertise for £80 an hour are not going to be much good.

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