Park Lane & Mayfair

At Park Lane and Mayfair it takes much more than just a pretty face to become a high class escort, we look for girls who have a certain quality about them, those who are fun, free spirited, and can make everyone feel at ease around them. Being a high end escort is a profession which sadly been saturated with a large number of girls who are just not up to the standard even though they may come with a very high price tag, but our high end girls at Park Lane and Mayfair are the creme de la creme of what an elite escort should be.

What We Look For;

A great sense of humour
– Calming nature
– Patient
– Elite qualities
– Enjoys travelling
– Fluent in English? other languages are advantageous
– Exquisite taste
– Honest
– A vibrant personality
– Beautiful
– A great dress sense
– Conversation flow
– An Intelligent mind

If you would like to join an agency like ours and you feel you match the above criteria you could be on your way to becoming a top escort. You will be in a great agency if you make the grade and we pick you. We treat all our lovely ladies with a lot of respect, we would like to think we have great relationships with all of our ladies that is based on honesty and trust.

We have some of the best clients too – kind, influential gentlemen who enjoy being in the company of our beautiful and charming London escorts. We have a lot of regular clients and we make sure that our relationship with them is every bit as strong as it is with our girls. Safety is obviously very important to us so we are very selective with the client we work with too.

Because you will be working with one of the best agencies in the capital, in return you will meet the most distinguished gentlemen and create great memories. As a elite escort you may also get the chance to travel to some of the most luxurious countries, stay in the best hotels and attend exclusive gatherings, all while getting paid to do so. If this sounds like a dream job, well it could be, if you’ve got what it takes.

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