Park Lane & Mayfair

Lively and friendly, elite London model Amelia is the embodiment of the perfect English escort. In recent years, English escorts are few and far between and are most sought after on the London escort scene and if Amelia is anything to go by, you can understand why this is! When clients book from an elite escort service, they want their needs met by someone beautiful and enthusiastic. There are clients who are satisfied by stunning good looks but the majority are not fooled by looks alone. Unfortunately this is what many young women think nowadays; that they can break into the lucrative escort market just by looking like a million dollars.

The competition in the London escort industry is so high that looking like a super model is not enough. You need the personality, eagerness to please and social skills to impress the best clientele. This is why elite English escort Amelia excels-she is wickedly sexy, smart and fun. Amelia strives to please and this comes through in time spent with her. She allows you the freedom to explore or relax, whatever pleases you! If you are wondering where you can meet a woman that is feminine, alluring and passionate about life, then get to know Amelia!

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