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Why not meet our lunchtime lovelies for the ultimate midday fix? Enjoy yourself and still make it back in time for businesses as usual. Many of us sit in the office at midday with a packed lunch, looking at websites that tempt us to spend money. Are you are the sort of man who likes to abuse his VISA card between 12pm and 1pm? Because we can think of something other than a designer watch to blow that cash on.

Time spent with a beautiful high class London escorts is not just for the evenings or weekends. For example, you can meet our lunchtime lovelies for an hour at your chosen destination or go visit them. As long as you have the time spare there’s no better time to spend your lunch hour. These beautiful young women can ensure ultimate discretion for a sizzling afternoon. Or if you really do prefer to eat at lunch time then phone one of our recommended restaurants and book a private table.

Make your Lunchtime last longer with our escorts

All elite escorts have an hourly rates and if you have half a day’s holiday, why not meet our lunchtime lovelies straight from work? This will give you something to look forward to and make sure that no precious time is wasted. With the days as long as they are at the moment, you can walk and talk together until the sun goes down. Then maybe pop into a bistro for a late supper over candlelight. Romance need not be expensive or boring as long as you are imaginative. Furthermore, our escorts adore a man who take charge of their date and can fill the time with surprises.

If you are reading this and it is your lunch break then why not pick up the phone and meet our lunchtime lovelies today? We guarantee that you will come back to work with a smile on your face that no one will be able to guess.

Meet the perfect midday lovelies

If you want to meet our lunchtime lovelies why not Pop in to see Poppy. Book time with this playful brunette with all the added extras, you can’t go far wrong. With those big brown eyes, her beautiful features and that amazing DD bust, you won’t be disappointed. Poppy is as sweet and sexy as they come, extremely passionate and has a warm and gentle nature to match. She’s guaranteed to please any hot blooded man with her naughty mind and wild imagination. As a result, this delightful escort is fast becoming one of our most popular lunchtime ladies.

Meet the lovely poppy for a naughty lunchtime fix

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