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Our Elite escorts in London are experts when it comes to dating, they make excellent social companions and the benefits of having one of our beautiful escorts are many. Our gorgeous girls are sexy, smart, sophisticated, always polite and friendly and always aim to please. As our London escorts are more than just private company, they can also be accompanied to various places which is an added advantage. Our high class escorts are sure head-turners wherever they are taken, guaranteeing to make you the talk of the evening.

Our girls have dating down to a t, but when it comes to their date, what is it they like in a man when they’re out for the evening? Being a good date can make all the difference between a heavenly evening and an awkward night out. It’s not only the girls who need to make a good impression. For an evening to go well it helps when both parties make an effort to get the evening running smoothly.

Our London escorts are confident women who know what they like and are experts when it comes to companionship and the dating game. You might think that women want the world in a man when on a date but there are actually just a few that guarantee to keep us happy. For those of you who are still baffled by the wants of the fairer sex, we have put together a few key points to help you out…

The Escorts Guide to dating:

1.  Be confident.  Confidence is the number one quality women look for.  Nothing wimpy,  don’t apologize for everything.  Be real.

2.  Go the extra mile. Women go nuts over a man who will make her feel spacial.  For example, he opens the door for her, he walks on the right side of the street, he helps her shop.  I’m talking about being a GENTLEMAN!

3.  Have a good sense of humor.  A woman will almost always love a man who can make her laugh.  If you are dull, you are boring.  If you make a woman laugh, you’re halfway home. There are several seduction experts who claim that being “cocky” and “funny” are the two most important qualities to attracting a woman. We agree.

4. Women like intelligent men. It is significant to note that unlike men who are primarily sexually stimulated by what they see, women are primarily sexually stimulated by what they hear which is why women fall for men with magnificent voices, accents and intelligent ideas. It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or not. Women like men to be able to debate topics and be well spoken. There’s something very sexy about a man who’s really smart.

5. Be creative.  Roses are nice.  But sometimes it is extra special to think of something that most guys wouldn’t do for a woman.  It could be something frivolous, but if it is something that you think SHE would like, then why not do it?  You might have just made her day.

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