Park Lane & Mayfair

Arriving prompt with a bottle of merlot and a basket full of breads from Selfridges. Our chosen lady was going for the whole girlfriend experience because she really does have a soft spot for this man and he was really going out of his way to impress her. She even wore her softest jeans and jumper and flat shoes to show she was all about the cuddles than seducing. Not that it wasn’t on the agenda!!

So, when she arrived at his beautiful home with her basket of goodies, he welcomed her inside with a big hug and a kiss and ushered her into the kitchen/diner. It was so beautiful with a real country feel and she wondered how a bachelor kept it so pristine. He saw her looking around and said he had a good housekeeper.

The table was laid for two and candle lit. He looked irresistible in his apron and dish towel slung over his shoulder. She perched on a bar stool and they chatted while he uncorked the wine and poured them both a generous glass. After half an hour, it was her who was feeling seduced. The aroma of cooking smells, his aftershave and the wine was making her feel very relaxed indeed! She kept distracting him from the oven and eventually he sent her into the front room to choose some music.

The meal he cooked was absolutely wonderful; something that you would get at a 5-star restaurant but obviously the ambience was more intimate. It was the perfect dish – a smoked salmon starter followed by sea-bass then crème Brule for desert. His Park Lane and Mayfair escort never uttered a word when she was eating apart from ‘mmm’ she was very satisfied but not stuffed, and when you feel that way – you know that you will definitely have room for a little more desert and we don’t mean crème Brule!!

Our girls are often dined in London Michelin stars than they know what to do with. We think we can honestly say that our girls have been a guest at every single eatery worth mentioning in Time Out. So it was the loveliest gesture when a client booked one of our ladies for an out-call to his Chelsea home for a good-home-cooked-meal.

A way to our girl’s hearts is definitely through her stomach and didn’t he just succeed?! She was fed, watered and wined right to her toes. If you think you could match up to this client’s culinary skills in your kitchen – don’t forget there is always a high class escort ready to be your critique…

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