Park Lane & Mayfair

I know my limits. Some people however do not. I was out last night in Central London with a regular client (who is actually a good mate now) and some of his employees.

Every couple of months Christian acts like the great boss he is rumoured to be and treats select few to a night out on him; I should think so too seeing that he is a multi-millionaire and owns a successful international publishing agency, a holiday home in Dubai and apartments in New York, Mayfair and Hampstead.

Christian always calls upon his favourite girl from the 24 hour escort agency for a bit of eye candy and also to keep him in line. He has confided he doesn’t want to get too familiar with his staff. But, I can control his tongue just not his alcohol intake! When he entertains anyone in his life, he shows them the best of the best of everything. The most exclusive bars and restaurants, drinks the most expensive champagne etc. This is not showing off he assures me, he genuinely believes these places suit his palette (and status) much better than your average drinking hole or eateries. Normally, those who buy the Moet are perfectly acceptable with its flow. Christian however doesn’t know when to stop and I have seen him many times pour two glasses of bubbly; both for himself and drink them both quicker than I have one. I like to be in control and savour my Moet thanks.

So, this particular evening, we rub shoulders with real life celebrities at a very fancy casino in Mayfair and Christian’s lackies are lacking up their bosses hand-outs. The bar we schmoozed them in first was certainly a hit with the chosen ones and now we were in the casino, the drink started to get to everyone’s heads. Not mine of course; I was more worried about the boss. Not only were Christian’s hands not so discretely making their way inside my gorgeous backless Dolce and Gabbana dress but he was also giving out money like the world was about to end.

I entertained this for about 20 minutes until I decided it was time to go before he bankrupted himself or booked a golfing weekend with his senior sales manager right there and then. I called his driver and we managed to get him into the car before he added two other to the itinerary.

There is no end to my job description… 24hr escort, elite companion, girlfriend… Chief arse saver seeming to be the call for that evening!

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