Park Lane & Mayfair

It has been said the shape of the classic glass Coke bottle is so iconic because it is supposed to resemble the body of a curvy woman…

We raised this as a client told us this week that our curvaceous ladies bodies reminded him of a Coke bottle – curvy, something you wanted very much to hold in your hands and full of fizz and life. We rather liked the description. To be fair to my fellow Park Lane and Mayfair escorts we told him that we were all like Coke bottles – pop the lid, drink deep and enjoy, which made him laugh.

We aim to please and our ladies aim to entertain…

We started thinking then about what other things that we could compare our ladies to. If we are continuing with the drinks theme, obviously we think that a lot of our executive high end escorts are like champagne which, classy, rare and an experience to be sipped and savoured. Our ladies are not a drink to be gulped and hurried.

And they certainly won’t leave you with a thumping head-ache afterwards.

Then, we thought of what animal we considered our ladies would be? You may think were being obvious by saying the cat, the cat is an independent and discerning kind of beast. And yet, if you know cats well, you know you will be rewarded with a sensuous creature that is exquisite to the touch and which will purr perfectly for you if you stroke it right.

And finally, if our ladies were some kind of food we think they would be a chocolate cake made from the purest, darkest chocolate, served in small slices and melt-in-the-mouth. Rich, indulgent and just perfect eaten any time…

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