Park Lane & Mayfair

There is always something ‘safe’ in her weekend bag of tricks, ribbed for her pleasure or extra sensitive for his; keeping things clean always produces a smile from our lady’s clients and a clean bill of. Our ladies are in the business of protecting their assets as much as anyone else. So if any lady you see does not offer this, you can be sure they are not an elite lady after all.

Now, our lady works as an elite escort; her prime responsibility (other than the wants and needs of her client) is personal safety. She always calls the agency to confirm arrival and again when the date has come to an end. She always uses licensed drivers and never accepts lifts from people we don’t know. Although the outward journey can be a lonely business, travelling back within a crown is often the best action plan. She doesn’t mind; she likes the chatter of commuters, whether on foot, by tube or jostling a taxi. That’s notwithstanding having to meet at the airport when she has to travel internationally.

One of our top escorts had a background of growing up in Surrey, but as soon as she could, she was off travelling north into the city, more specifically, to City University, and her digs were in Clapham Common. She quickly found her feet, accompanied by her class and roommates. They soon learnt the shortcuts so black cab drivers wouldn’t shortchange them, where the best cafes and bars were situated. By the time they graduated, they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

There you have it, a true insight into the slightly less glamorous (yet always necessary) side of our lady’s worlds. As long as our ladies are always prepared, they are always smiling…

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