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Booking the perfect duo date

Our duo escorts are every client’s fantasy, and spending time in their company could be an ecstatic experience. When it comes to the bespoke double services offered by our ladies, the imagination is the limit. Did you know that one … Continue reading

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We have everything covered

Park Lane and Mayfair understands your need for privacy, which is why we do everything we can to meet all of your needs without the drama and scrutiny some people give when dating. Should you require a stunning lady immediately, … Continue reading

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Rainy days don’t have to be depressing

Some research has found that our productivity increases during bad weather-that is, we are less distracted by the thought of enjoying a sangria on the beach and calling up friends to hang out with. That is great news if bad … Continue reading

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Dressing for all tastes

It takes all sorts to make a world and the same is true for escorting. For instance, one of our escorts in Knightsbridge loves putting on a show of pole dancing in a tight red leather cat suit for friends. … Continue reading

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A different kind of relationship

Over the years we’ve gathered together a group of clients whom our escorts in London see regularly. They’re mainly businessmen who either work in the city or who come here on business. Our ladies are occasionally asked to provide a … Continue reading

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A guide to booking our ladies

So let’s start with your initial contact with your chosen escort agency. One of the first things to bear in mind is that a agency tends to be extremely busy. Escorting, by its very nature, is a profession that relies … Continue reading

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The right first impression

When we asked our clients about first impressions when meeting with our ladies, the vast majority mentioned her smile. As we all know, first impressions count. We literally have seven seconds to make that all important impression before we even … Continue reading

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Human instinct

Being with a woman who has a relaxed approach towards sex is one of the most stimulating things in the world. A woman who understands that sex can just be a physical experience is a major turn-on, and goes a … Continue reading

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Have a VIP night out

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love a good night out in London with friends or as a couple? A date is what you make it and there is definitely something about getting ready to get adrenaline pumping. Sometimes we … Continue reading

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Go in or go bust

If you consider yourself to be a breast man then Park Lane and Mayfair is the right place for you. Browsing through our ladies profiles, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store with so many beauties to choose … Continue reading

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    Use what God gave you

    Facts about our bodies are always an interesting read however one fact that might send a shiver of fear throughout the entire male population is that when a man does not use his ‘manhood’ correctly it can shrink by up to 2 cm. This means ‘if you don't use it, you lose it’. That is where giving them a workout with a beautiful Park Lane and Mayfair companion is such a good idea! The act of copulation keeps the ligaments and spongy tissue soft and elastic and retains...