Park Lane & Mayfair

Most of our ladies have always had a passion for meeting people and usually most will have studied at University. All of our high class escorts love travelling and always enjoy other people’s cultures and way of life. Most if not all of them come from affluent family backgrounds, but, never wanted to conform to a normal lawyer/teacher, 9-5 job. They want a bit of adventure, bit of risk taking, to have something to tell her grandchildren (when they do eventually settle down – that’s indeed if they would even conform to that!)

They all wanted something that had great earning potential but at the same time gave them ‘job satisfaction’. One way or another our ladies have come across adverts in classy publications which has read “wanted; High Class Escorts”.

And here they are, living the life they want, working the hours they want, living in the most affluent area of London, making obscene amounts of money, which will be put to good use someday.

Our ladies evenings always start with them dressing in their finest attire and lingerie to match. Hair and makeup done perfectly. Then a first phone call of the evening ring. Our lady is told to go to the 5* hotel to meet with a gentleman in his room and maybe accompany him for dinner.

The whole evening will be a pleasant one, our girls actually like all the gentlemen that they see. Of course there will be a few ‘undesirables’ but they do not have to be seen again, as or ladies will get to know her clientele and is able to pick and choose her desirable clients.

Our ladies have met lots of different gentleman over their time with Park Lane and Mayfair; they have been a travel companion, a companion to a wedding and have sampled nearly all of London’s finest restaurants. They now have Job satisfaction where they get to meet new and interesting people, they enjoy the luxuries which only these gentlemen can offer and of course it pays well too. Our ladies have never encountered a problem as all of their select clients are very courteous, and respectful. Our ladies keep them very well entertained indeed.

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