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Peter was getting married in a few months and wanted something memorable for his stag weekend. He has many great friends who have always been there for him, and his dream has been for him and his best mates to join him in his last weekend of freedom. Peter approached our Park Lane escort agency, a little dubious that we could fulfil his wishes and needs. Peter had booked an exclusive hotel in the country and booked most, if not all, of the rooms out for his stag weekend and asked for ten elite ladies to accompany him and his friends.

Park Lane and Mayfair quickly got onto his request; bookings like these take a little preparation, making sure that all the young ladies are available at the same time to travel together to the hotel. Peter paid for taxis in advance using Addison Lee, and we chose the most sumptuous ladies available for Peter’s special weekend. Christina, Gloria, Tatiana, Candy, Annabelle, Adele, Lola, Petra, Catherine and Beatrice were all the cream of the crop, the best high-end escorts with amiable and bubbly personalities, which we knew would impress Peter’s party guests no end.

When the ladies turned up at Peter’s luxury country hotel, they were amazed at how lovely it was. Peter greeted them, and he swiftly introduced all the ladies to his guests. The girls were offered champagne and food, and business was sorted there, and then so everybody could relax and enjoy the evening. Champagne flowed; some of our ladies gave the gentleman a sexy floor show to get everybody in the mood. The music and ambience were just right, and everybody felt very relaxed; the girls had some excellent adult party games; the guys loved every minute of it.

All our ladies knew how to treat every gentleman, and the gentlemen learned how to respect and indeed know how to have a good time with our stag party ladies. Our ladies aim to please, and funders understand what is required of them; they love men who respect what they do and let them take the lead, which makes these sorts of weekends memorable for years to come.

Peter was over the moon with his stag weekend and promptly called Park Lane and Mayfair to thank us and the ladies for making it so uncomplicated and straightforward for him and his guests. He promised that if any of his friends were getting married in the future, he would persuade them to book with us, and do you know what? I think they will be back again, and not just for a stag party.

*Please note the gentleman’s name has been changed to protect his identity, as we’re a very discrete agency.

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