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Monday’s date at London’s Ritz for afternoon tea was a dream. Lunching with Daniel was a perfect array of fine food and great company, washed down with shopping. Daniel decided he needed a new Armani suit and had to treat me to Victoria’s Secret lingerie and some ‘special’ jewellery to glisten around my neck before he did!

After our shopping adventure, we went back to his apartment to relieve some of the stress of the day anandbviously, to model my new gifts. Just wandering around the lingerie section of Harrods had worked Daniel up to a boiling point because no sooner had he handed over his black AMEX than he was calling for his driver to take us back to his place.

Yesterday’s date was a mixture of expanded meetings with the op escort, professionally brilliant at her job. Park Lane and Mayfair ladies know what their gentlemanly clients require.

I’m accompanying Daniel to a company dinner/dance and have done this business with him many times. Hence, his colleagues recognise me and assume I am his partner and not his escort for the day. This charade seems to spur Daniel on because he has always known the secret places in whatever venue is hosting his company’s events to whisk me off for some private time. The thing with these functions is that wherever we sneak, we have our time; I know we have no danger of being caught, but Daniel loves the thrill of it anyway.

Looking perfect is a must to impress his London colleagues and overseas clients, so I’m spending the day with my beauty therapist for the essential waxing, buffing and painting. My beauty therapist is a godsend. She knows my job and has many London escorts visiting her for their necessary treatments.

Daniel loves the classy outerwear and no underwear ensemble. Knowing that I am instantly accessible is a massive turn-on for him. But perfecting the art of looking fantastic without anyone else cottoning on to my commando situation is much more complicated than one would think. It prevents me from wearing anything tight around my bottom area because I believe you can instantly tell when someone is without their smalls. High neck and backless gowns are less evident because everyone knows you can’t wear a bra with this style. So, I know just the dress to wow his colleagues. Daniel is always impressed with me, and I never disappoint. I love my job as I love the thrill of making my clients very hot under the.

So, if you want to book me for an exceptional evening of pleasure, call Park Lane and Mayfair escorts – remember, you may have to book me in advance as I get pretty booked up. In the meantime, I hope to see you soon so we can have a great evening together, too. Love Mona xx

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