Park Lane & Mayfair

Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency called me to meet with my regular client – at 11.00 am. I had to prepare to get down and dirty. My immediate thought was fantastic. Arrive dressed to the nines of his luxury apartment with a bag full of goodies and a few scenarios in mind.

The reality, however, was very different. I get to his door at 11 am on the dot, dressed in a gorgeous combination of couture and designer delights for my outer and underwear, make-up perfectly subtle and hair coiffed within an inch of its life to be greeted with a “darling, that is not suitable for what you’ll be doing today” and an obligatory peck on the cheek.

Ian held the door open for me at least after his abrupt welcome and did a good job, too; my face resembled that of a spoiled child having her favourite dolly taken away. All the time and effort I had made for him seemed to be dismissed. Ian handed me a suit carrier and told me to go to the bathroom and change. So there I was, swopping out of all my fabulous clothes in exchange for a very sexy and expensive French maid’s outfit. Okay, it wasn’t the Pucci I had paraded in with, but it was interesting.

Ian’s idea of “get down and dirty” didn’t translate into anything different.

I had only been introduced to this principal stoke broker once, so I didn’t know what to expect. I learned he had more than a slight penchant for a beautiful model to dress in a minuscule maid outfit and clean for him. And when I say clean, I mean the whole 500 square meters!! Obviously, during this time, he would be following me, barking his orders and watching me bend over and lean to reach the dustiest of places (which was complicated, bearing in mind his whole living space had already been cleaned to perfection by his hoard of cleaning staff). Occasionally, I would get an appreciative pat on the bottom to show me I was working to the standard he required.

The last room in need of a good clean, he told me, was his bedroom. Of course, but there was only one thing that needed buffing, and that was his trophy. However, the excitement of the previous acts of actual cleaning seemed to gear him into a frenzy as soon as I started on my spit and polish job.

Good job, he had booked me for the whole day, he told me after only 10 minutes of getting down on my knees for some vigorous work. There would be plenty more dirt to mop up!

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