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Amorous air hostesses

Remember the days when air hostesses wore white gloves and were onboard purely to make your flight extra special. Well perhaps you’re not that old, but with TV shows such as Mad Men highlighting the role of the original air hostesses and showing them dressed in designer suits, made up to the nines and exuding glamour from every pore, we think air hostesses are certainly in the top ten of men’s fantasies. As most men will tell you, there’s just something about being waited on hand and foot by a glamorous and sophisticated woman that brings out their primal urge to be served. Think of Geishas, they have pretty much the same effect, although we’re not whether any of our high class escorts are equipped to role play a Geisha!

The ultimate role play – the Dominatrix

Have you always had a fantasy of having your every move, action and thought controlled by a leather clad Dominatrix? Well, here’s your chance to experience that in the company of one of our domination escorts. These are the kind of women who know which buttons to press, and how far to press them, to give you an experience of domination and submission which you’ll adore.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve dipped your toe into the D/s world, or you’re a regular partaker in power control games, you’re sure to have an experience to remember when you meet one of our domination Mayfair escorts. This kind of service goes beyond mere role play. Yes you’re quite welcome to play at the roles, to pretend you’re submissive, but if you really do crave the feelings that giving up your power to another can bring, you’ll also get the opportunity to try that out for real. Whether you feel the urge to be treated like a baby, a servant, or you’re eager to experience some kind of physical or mental pain, we’re sure to have a domination escort to suit you. We know that submission is a very personal thing and what turns one submissive on, won’t necessarily appeal to another.

If all this talk of role play escorts has whetted your appetite a little, why not take a look through our gallery today? You’ll find that many of our elite escorts are happy to offer all kinds of role play to their clients, including dressing up in uniforms and sharing their interesting and stories with you. The vast majority of our role play escorts are available for both incalls and outcalls in all areas of London, including Park Lane, Belgravia, Marylebone and Bayswater escorts, to name a few. So don’t hold onto those fantasies any longer. Get in touch with our receptionist at Park Lane and Mayfair and make a booking with one of our role play escorts today. You know you deserve it – and so do we!

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Why booking an E.E escort is a no-brainer

Statuesque and blonde, or dark haired and petite, European escorts are hugely popular in London. Whether it is their attractive features, intelligent minds or wonderful personalities-there is always something to like about models from Eastern Europe. European escorts are perceived as very desirable because of the mentioned characteristics. In recent years there has been an influx of European literature, art, cuisine and TV in the UK and this has only served to pique client’s curiosity about these enigmatic and exquisite escorts.

The clientele for European escorts are very discerning, and the slightly sometimes higher hourly rate justifies the finesse of these lovely ladies. European escorts are perceived as desirable because their appearance, sophistication and accomplishments are considered a cut above the rest. Education is compulsory in many European countries and literacy levels in high compared to other countries.

European people are also perceived as more tolerant due to their education, and this is perhaps why clients think European girls are friendlier in general. Furthermore, the liberal attitudes that European countries have towards female sexuality creates the impression that European women are less inhibited about expressing themselves-something that clients find alluring even if their intention is not sexual. All in all, the empowerment that European women have and their higher levels of education, and hence sophistication, makes client enjoy their company more as high class escorts.

European escorts in London vary a lot in terms of physical appearance and services. There is a common misconception that all European women are tall, Teutonic blondes with blue eyes, but this is not the case at all. Many Eastern European escorts in London are indeed blonde with a model’s physique, and this can even be what clients expect when they book a European escort. However, Scandinavian escorts with dark hair and eyes are also immensely popular, which is why high class escorts work for Park Lane and Mayfair who represent models that differentiate from each other in appearance.

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Finding the right escort agency

For many international visitors to London, Friday will be a familiar scenario: at a loose end in a strange city, your appetite for fun will be dampened by the fact that you have no one to enjoy the millions of attractions with. You may have heard of elite escort agencies in London where you could book luxurious models for an evening of decadence, but when it comes down to arranging such a meeting, where do you start?

Pictures say a thousand words, and international clients may be dazzled by the stunning beauty and charisma of elite escorts on the internet. At Park Lane and Mayfair, our high class escorts are the crème de a crème in London and as such our pictures really convey the sophistication and sensuality of our models. It is our agency’s strict policy never to use out of date and fake photos so clients can be sure that they will not be bait and switched upon meeting their chosen model. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for all escort agencies, so the client must exercise caution.

Other useful hints for finding a compatible elite escort agency could be to decide on a price range that works for you. It is not advisable to negotiate down rates as a first time client with high class escorts so always be prepared to pay the full fees as published on the agency’s website. Last but not least, clients with particular services in mind may find this information coded and readily available on an agency website, but be warned-some London escort agencies will decline any requests for sexually explicit services. Please always be respectful and discreet to have a professional high class escorts cooperate fully with you.

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Find your perfect escort

Booking elite escorts without knowing her can be a case of the ‘be careful what you wish for,’ problem. If you are lucky, and there is a sizzling rapport, then your overnight booking will be a success. On the other hand, what if there was no chemistry at all, and your escort didn’t deign to pretend otherwise?

It is best to keep an open mind, and not to expect too much from your high class escorts, unless you want to feel constantly stressed out or unsatisfied. Elite escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair excels at providing an attentive and fun booking, and will strive to make their client happy. They know instinctively how to live up to their client’s expectations without the need for exact instructions. However, as with any social interaction, these beautiful escorts will have personal boundaries that the client will need to respect such as allowing her some hours for sleep or private time alone. For a client who wishes to maintain a harmonious atmosphere during his booking, courtesy and consideration are key.

What, then, are the tips to finding the best London escort for your booking? One of the most sensible tips is to book the escort first for a shorter dinner date or few hours to gauge her personality and compatibility with the client. It only takes an hour or two to find out if you’ll be compatible for more hours together, and it will save a lot of wasted time and money if your escort is not.

Another useful tip would be to mention to Park Lane and Mayfair that there is a possibility of extending the booking if you like the lady, and let her put off other plans for the evening. This way is best if clients are serious about extending a shorter booking into an overnight one, otherwise let the escort agency and your escort know as soon as possible if you don’t intend to.

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Fun loving intelligent escorts

Our clients at Park Lane and Mayfair book high class escorts for different reasons. The reasons vary for each individual at various times, but we have found that the following holds true for most clients.

Being open minded to new experiences, people, and not to take life too seriously. It is a common misconception that escorts are beauties without a brain, especially with the onslaught of traditional feminism condemning these women as exploited and self-degrading, but the reality could not be more different for many of our independent high class escorts. These women are open minded, fiercely intelligent and not afraid to show their faces in an industry where outdated stigma does more harm than to empower its men and women.

Sometimes in life, spontaneity and being a little bit impulsive can be a good thing; we never know what’s around the corner-whether it be new opportunities or exciting experiences. It is admirable to plan everything to the letter-but thankfully, there are always unforeseeable events which throw us off course.

Every day in London. If you ask the charming escorts themselves, they will be honest and tell you that enjoying the company of a beautiful escort without further obligations is every man’s fantasy, and that booking high class escorts is a pleasurable diversion from all the social conventions that bind people. What these modest models leave out, of course, is just how personable and spontaneous they are -they are truly the main source of fun!

Fortunately, for these thrill seeking clients, Park Lane and Mayfair are always within reach to provide clients with the most beautiful and exciting escorts in London. Long gone are the days when you needed to know people on the inside to access the most elite escorts available.

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Bookings for every event

Our ladies can be booked for a whole host of events, it maybe sightseeing, the theatre or a romantic meal for 2. Think outside the box and you can hire high class escorts for more-or-less anything you choose.

Having a lady take care of your needs can be sheer bliss. You could be possibly thinking that this would never happen to you, but we know that our ladies are a caring bunch and really care about their client’s needs above all. Our girls can now make your dreams into a reality.

You may have wanted to go somewhere but your current partner isn’t remotely interested in tagging along with you. So there has never been a better time to book one of our ladies which we will guarantee they will share your passions with you.

You could be lonely sitting all alone in your hotel room when the rest of the world is busy partying the thought of dancing alone is terrifying. Now you can book a partner for the night, and yes, our ladies love to dance.

You can never say no to the fun that you can get from a Park Lane & Mayfair escort. She will be a real looker, her combination of perfect looks and perfect intelligence can prove to be a deadly affair in a lusty night.

If you are planning to take your elite escorts to meet your friends, then you must be ready to receive a lot of compliments from your friends. Apart from her outstanding taste in fashion, she will complement you perfectly as well. Yes, her fashion and dressing sense can give the most popular supermodels a tough competition and a run for their money.

So don’t be lonely and choose one of our lovely ladies to accompany you, and if you need a little help we are here to give a little good advice and a push in the right direction.

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The complete package

The ladies from our agency are one of a kind. They don’t need any additional makeup to accentuate their beauty, they are naturally beautiful with charm and passion to match!

For most men, beautiful ladies on their arm were just a farfetched dream. About 10 years ago, the best escort agencies were only known by word of mouth and men would remain clueless about how to contact a London escort agency. But the internet has made everything possible today. There has not just been an increase in the number of London escort agencies but the contact options too, and now bookings can be done in a matter of minutes.

The best thing about booking one of our escorts is that she is a complete package. She is there not just to entertain you but also give you the best experiences possible and make you unconditionally adore her. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt that our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies are not an option but a necessity when you are in search of a female for a little flirty fun and romance. You can never find a better alternative to her company. She can introduce the true flavours of fun to your dull mornings and business hotel nights

We make sure that we offer clients beauties that will allure them to book their services again and again. Once you book a gorgeous lady, you know she is all yours for the rest of the time and she will take care of your most heartfelt desires in the most passionate way. We strive to put our customers first this is because; when it comes to services we consider the requirements of clients of utmost importance.

You have some expectations from her. You must have seen her image in the gallery and booked an appointment after that. However, sometimes it is much more than looks and physical appearance. A little introduction about the lady on the website may also not always seem to be enough. As a result, we now give you the option of letting them know your demands and we will send you the model who matches your expectations to the core.

Nothing can be a more beautiful moment than you holding your lady in your arms and letting love flow from all corners. If you too wish to experience romance, make no further delay in booking your escort today.

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A specialist service

If you wish to combine business with pleasure whilst in London, our models are ideal for both corporate functions and personal companionship. If you need to impress delegates at a business party or celebrate closing a business deal, our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies are the best you will find anywhere in London.

We offer a specialist service beyond private entertainment and partying. The nature of this service is reflected in the price which is often in the £200 – £500+ range. Although the rates are premium, you can rest assured that your companion is reliable, professional and blends well in any high powered corporate event. In fact, many of our discreet escort models qualified professionals who are confident to be placed in such an environment. Their understanding of corporate world and enjoyment of pleasure, of being a sensual young woman, is most intriguing.

To book a beautiful companion is really very simple: our hard working staff is contactable 7 days a week all year round, so your inquiries can be answered in a timely manner. If you prefer to book online, a reservation form has all the information necessary and fields to help us arrange a booking for you. It is advisable that you give at least half a day’s notice for corporate bookings for the escort to prepare and choose the suitable attire.

A simple screening is necessary to confirm a booking. If you are staying in a hotel we just need your reservation details to verify you are a guest, and if you have booked an office then the landline for the office must be provided.

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Believe in us to provide

Our agency provides the perfect solution for any man looking for some high class company. The type of ladies we provide here at Park Lane and Mayfair are the most beautiful, most classy and most desirable women you could imagine. They have model looks, killer figures and are very friendly and passionate. And all you need to do to enjoy the company of one of these delightful companions is make a quick phone call to us… We’ll arrange for your chosen companion to come and join you for the evening or for you to make a visit to their apartment.

When you book an escort from us, you already know that she’s going to be fun, friendly and easy to talk to. Our high end ladies love the companionship of men, and they guarantee to provide a friendly service that’s second to none. If you’re going to make the effort, you may as well get the best company you possibly can. Our gorgeous girls are fun, bubbly and beautiful; they’re an absolute delight to be around.

From our home grown British escorts to girls from around the world, we provide the very best ladies for companionship and always aims to provide the perfect partner for your requirements. We guarantee that you will experience a first class and professional service at all times.

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Be entertained with our escorts

Travelling through London can be very stressful particularly when the working day is so intense, you feel dumped at a hotel with nothing to do. Even though the hotel itself might be entertaining, being alone can make it seem more alien than it should and might actually hamper your enjoyment of one of the greatest cities on Earth. Our escorts can provide you with the best company that money can buy and our elite ladies are exactly what you are looking for. Our girls have passed our stringent entrance policy to work for us so that you can be assured she won’t show you up, neither will she dress inappropriately or be difficult. She will, however, look stunning and be able to handle her own in a conversation should the need arise. Effectively, she is the perfect companion no matter your social engagement.

Whether you are want our ladies to provide you with the perfect partner for a social occasion or a lady who can help relieve the stresses of the day, then Park Lane and Mayfair is the only real option in London. Our women come from all over the globe and have a real lust for life as well as an unquenchable passion for the job. This will become evident to you and you will be left breathless by not only their beauty but their ability to fit in with a multitude of different social requirements. This ensures that she will be the one turning heads and attracting lots of positive attention for both of you, just as high class escorts should.

Don’t feel embarrassed about hiring one of our Park Lane ladies as this is a service that many people all over the world do, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed that you need to hire company. In fact if you find the right companion, you will be able to bear your business travels a little bit better and she will become more than just a companion for whenever you needed her. She will become a good friend to share your experiences with.

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    Amorous air hostesses Remember the days when air hostesses wore white gloves and were onboard purely to make your flight extra special. Well perhaps you're not that old, but with TV shows such as Mad Men highlighting the role of the original air hostesses and showing them dressed in designer suits, made up to the nines and exuding glamour from every pore, we think air hostesses are certainly in the top ten of men's fantasies. As most men will tell you, there's just somethi...