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Baker Street liaisons

Park Lane and Mayfair has been providing incall and outcall services in London for a long time now. Having worked with a large range of clients, we understand just what men are looking for in elite escorts today. We understand that our discerning clients are not looking for just another escort. They want a companion who is charming, gorgeous, interesting to talk to and passionate. Our high end escorts are all that and a lot more!

We understand that every client is different and that they all have different needs. This is one of the reasons why we offer our clients a wide range of services as well as elite escorts to choose from. Based on your personal needs, the duration of the date and your budget, we will provide you a number of packages to select from. Our clients range from VIP’s and celebrities to executives and businessmen. Since their needs are all different, we always have a huge range of elite escorts for them to select from.

Quite a lot of our clients contact us regularly to help them find the right girls for parties they need to attend. Busy working professionals often find it very difficult to find a date for a product launch, business dinner party or a gala and at Park Lane and Mayfair; our goal is to offer them the company of one of our escorts for the event. Each of our girls is not just gorgeous and elegant, but they are also glamorous and striking. These lovely ladies know how to handle social events and glamorous parties very well. They are good conversationalists and will definitely charm everyone they meet.

Our agency specializes in finding the best in the capital. Each of our girls is selected based on a lengthy, stringent casting process to ensure that regardless of the companion you select, you will have the company of a gorgeous model who understands what you need and delivers more than you expected. Our high class escorts deliver outcalls as well as in-calls, based on your comfort and your needs.

Simply contact us and tell us what type of elite models you are looking for and we’ll handle the rest.

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Get some satisfaction

Everything we do is with the aim of satisfying the needs of our clients. From the best high end escorts in London to the largest range of services, locations and packages, we continue to strive to offer our clients the best they can find in London. We have the finest range of models available for dates throughout the year, at any time you want.

To offer our clients the best in the industry, Park Lane and Mayfair has the best collection of elite companions in town. Our Gallery showcases the portfolios of some of the most elegant, beautiful and stunning model escorts across the capital. From escorts in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Paddington, Victoria and more. Each of these models has been painstakingly selected and trained to ensure that they will be able to deliver exceptional services to our clients. If you are looking for someone who not only just looks gorgeous but is intelligent and a good listener, these superb models will be the right choice.

For those special occasions when only the best will do, our VIP escorts are ideal. These girls are some of the most sought after, the most elite you will be able to find in London. Our VIP models are perfect for those red carpet events and those special occasions where you want to make the right impression and want to have the best possible time in the company of a gorgeous lady who is exceptionally experienced. These top of the line models will not let you down. They will put your needs first and will ensure you have a great time.

With such a diverse range of London escorts that we offer, it will be quite easy for you to find the right companion for every occasion – from gala evenings to corporate dinners, a romantic dinner date to an exciting night of entertainment. We continue to add new escorts to our gallery so you can check our ladies on a regular basis to find the latest models along with their portfolios. Dating one of these exceptional ladies is an unforgettable experience.

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Enjoy a VIP

Our clients depend on us to help them find the perfect dates for their various social events and obligations. Park Lane & Mayfair escort agency not only has a diverse range of elite ladies but also specializes in arranging unforgettable dates. If you would like to be surprised, simply leave the details to us and we will arrange an evening that will be on your mind for years to come. These elegant companions are very friendly, interesting to talk to and can fit into any social situation they’re exposed to. They know how to charm their dates and will provide you an exceptional time.

With our gorgeous girls, you will definitely enjoy a marvellous evening. Whether you want to plan a romantic dinner date and dancing, want to spend the evening being entertained by a gorgeous young model or want to plan a weekend getaway, we will ensure that your companion is unforgettable. Our elite escorts in London are carefully chosen and are extensively trained to ensure that they meet the needs of our discerning clients with the best tastes. These Park Lane and Mayfair models are very sophisticated and elegant and will be the perfect date for an elegant gala or a red carpet event.

We have been specializing in bringing our clients an exceptional experience by introducing them to the best high end escorts. Our clients today have the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting and gorgeous ladies in London through our agency. Our model casting is based on rigorous testing and training to ensure that you spend an evening only with the most stunning, elegant and interesting woman in the area.

Spending an evening with one of our girls is a great way to take a break from your busy lifestyle and experience how enjoyable the company of a gorgeous, interesting woman is. When you contact our agency for arranging a date, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. We will ensure that your date with is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

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Elite ladies for elite gentlemen

When you’ve chosen to meet with one of our ladies, if you decide to have a drink before it will give you a bit of extra time to get to know her, before you head back to her place or yours to carry on the party. You may find that you have a lot in common and being happy in her company will make you feel at ease and this excitement will spill over into the rest of your date, and she’ll be more than willing to show you a better time. We have it on very good authority that many of our ladies have their own unique ways of satisfying our clients which we’re sure you’d love to explore for yourself.

Park Lane and Mayfair offers all kinds of elite escorts for your pleasure. Maybe you’re in London with a colleague and would love to take a couple of our sexy duo escorts with you to the theatre. All the better, if they’re bi duo escorts, they’ll be able to put on a show of their own. If you take a look around London, you’ll find that many of the men are accompanied by hot, sexy women dressed in very provocative ways. While some of these women may be wives or girlfriends, you’ll probably find that most of the guys have had the same idea as you, and they’ve enlisted the services of some of the hottest and sexiest outcall escorts in London to act as their companions. All of our high class escorts are experts in treating their clients as VIPs, so not only will you get unrivalled service from the hospitality box staff but you’ll also get VIP service from your naughty escort girls.

One little bit of advice – if you can’t afford, or can’t find, tickets to one of the top London clubs, or you simply can’t wangle an invite to one of the best venues in London don’t be tempted to take them to a lower class venue as this is not going to elicit the same response from any lady, no matter how young and inexperienced they are. In fact, if you try to take one of our ladies to such a place, you could find yourself severely chastised. Although maybe that’s exactly what you want!

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Have a truly amazing date

Any reputable London escort agency will tell you that the key to a successful date is communication: the client with the agency; the client with his date and vice versa. At some point, the subject of money will rear its ugly head so we advise just handing it over to your escort as soon as you cross the threshold – not least because the subject of money is so vulgar but because you want everything to be sorted out before your date begins. In fact, your escort will more than likely take care of that situation. She will do everything to keep discretion assured and she never takes her secrets home with her, what goes on between you, stays between you.

What are you looking for out of your date? Why did you choose her and what was it that drew you to our escorts in the first place? Was it the high calibre of ladies in the galleries you saw? Were you recommended by a friend or maybe you stumbled across the website while looking for a stunning woman to spend your days with?

If these things ring a bell or strike a chord in any way, you can rest assured that arranging dates with high class and exquisite escorts is a true speciality. We use previous feedback from clients to make any future arrangements as near to perfect as the client expects. Part of being an elite escort is living to the reputation of being the very best that money can buy without compromising on anything. When we say “elite escorts”, mean only the best.

We are the very best the capital can offer. You will not find more beautiful, sassy or sexy women even with your best efforts and it is that level of perfection that makes us the leading elite escort agency in London. To arrange a date with the escort of your choice call us and speak to our very friendly receptionist and you be in for a truly satisfying experience.

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Anything extra?

We at Park Lane and Mayfair escorts agency are particularly fond of a Concierge that we use regularly. His name is James. We couldn’t possibly divulge information and telling you which hotel he works for, but James works miracles. When we have new high class escorts that have just joined us we send them to James. He is in touch with some very respected clients that can help a new escort feel relaxed and have a great experience. In turn when the client is happy James gets a big tip. James is a real gent, and although he does get rewarded for his recommendations he really does care for our ladies and would not just send for anyone. If he had a client with a particular need he would always ask us to send someone ‘more experienced’.

We’ve all seen in the movies the concierge painted in an attractive light, but to be honest without them the hotel wouldn’t run as smooth and your little ‘extras’ would be non-existent; and we think that this is very true.

In the medieval times, the concierge was the “keeper of candles” who tended to VIP’s visiting the castle. In 19th century and early 20th century apartment buildings, especially in Paris the concierge often had a small apartment on the ground floor, called la loge, and was able to monitor all comings and goings.

These days we use a concierge to book arrange travel, book ‘sold out’ theatre tickets, arrange travel, find a table for an exclusive restaurant and basically “achieve the impossible”.

James has connections with other hotel concierges so we are quite well known and respected. As we are very well established, concierges know that our high end escort agency is one they can trust and call upon for their very best clients. We have very good relationships with many concierges in top hotels. So if you are ever at a loss and need some good advice we are sure the concierge will mention our name.

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Adorable Ariana

She is one of our most popular Paddington escorts and is very busy, so you may want to book her in advance. She loves to work with other girls too if your dream was to have a duo of beauties tending to your every whim.

So why is Ariana one of our escorts you cannot afford to miss? Well for a start at 23 years of age she is a stunning brunette, with beautiful brown eyes, Ariana is the fantasy lady of many discerning gentlemen.

Ariana tells us she loves luxury and only the very best will do, why not take her shopping around the best designer shops in Chelsea where fashion runs rife and the shop assistants will be falling over themselves to tend to her every whim? Show your appreciation of the time you have spent together with a token that she will always remember you by. You could pretend you are Richard Gere and Julia Roberts as you promise to spend “an obscene amount of money”!

Ariana can be found around London or rushing off somewhere as her busy social life dictates. Ariana’s apartment is based in Paddington where she is always very happy to accommodate. She is the first to say she is delighted to meet new people and share their experiences. She is also available for any escort assignment that you have in mind.

To enjoy the company of this truly gorgeous young woman, call us and our receptionist will talk you through the particulars of your date.

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Indulge in more than one

The energy that occurs between a man and two women can be extremely delicate; this is especially so when one of the women just happens to be his wife. Our ladies are often approached by men looking for the legendary threesome experience. Likewise married couples looking for an equal experience often approach Park Lane and Mayfair escorts agency in London. Our qualified ladies know that in order for the encounter to be successful then careful attention must be paid to subtle details. Here are just a few of those subtle details that need to be studied delicately.

So who calls the shots? While this may seem like a rather general question in that it might change for every group of three, it’s actually not. If two of the three in question happen to be married then the wife should always call the shots, no matter what. If it’s a case of two escorts and one client however, this is something to be discussed at the beginning. Some clients enjoy being dominated in which case the escort calling the shots would be beneficial to the experience. For those clients who want to be in charge of the most stunning escorts London has to offer then he should obviously voice his preferences. This should always be outlined at the very beginning in order for the client’s desires to be met.

As professionals in their line of work, our escorts know only too well the importance of bonding with the wife. Whether they go for a walk in the park, meet in a bar for cocktails or even attend an affluent event together it doesn’t matter. A meeting of any kind for both women to monitor and assess the other is highly important. Just as the wife will be assessing an escort, our professional escorts will monitor and assess the woman in question to find out if she’s nervous, what she expects from this meeting and what she wants and needs. Only after an escort has answered these questions will she be able to bond with the wife, which is crucially important to create the experience where everyone is happy and beyond satisfied.

Our ladies know the importance of paying close attention to the energy between a group of three. It can often seem like a balancing act especially when it’s one escort with married clients. She will always be alert to the energy between husband and wife or the client and her partner escort.

If you’d like to enjoy the ecstasy that only our couples escorts can offer then call now, we know you won’t regret it.

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Other jobs

You might be wondering where many of our girls here at our agency come from. I don’t mean literally destination-wise, but rather what they did before they got into escorting in London.

Well you might be surprised at the diverse range of backgrounds we all have here. Contrary to popular opinion we’re not all students. Granted some of us are – some girls have joined us while studying to pay for their ridiculously high tuition fees.

Other girls come from modelling backgrounds. There are at least a handful of girls here who have been lingerie models in the past. You may be wondering why they would turn their back on what’s perceived as a glamorous career but chatting with the girls it doesn’t seem that way when you hear about the freezing cold hours they had to spend standing around on windswept beaches.

And no, they didn’t always get to keep the costumes unfortunately. Sure, some of the big design houses such as Prada didn’t mind but lower down the scale they had to hand everything back – just like many jobs these days, the perks were disappearing but the goose pimples weren’t.

We’ve a girl here at our London escort agency who worked as a personal trainer but got fed up with the long hours for little compensation – especially when she looked at the lives some of her celeb clients had. Rightly she wanted some luxury and time in her life too. Who can blame her?

You might find it difficult to believe, but another girl was a History teacher! She got fed up with the profession and she now loves working as one of our escorts and her quality of life has gone up enormously in that she doesn’t have to put up with rowdy kids giving her cheek all day.

She was a bit apprehensive about some of the clients at first but now she loves the respect she gets from them – certainly 100 times more than she ever did with the teenagers she had to put up with day in, day out.

And the rest? Well, we have a couple of make-up artists which are extremely popular with the other girls here since they’re so skilled at their craft, a nurse and a couple of women who are married but keen on making their own money rather than asking their husbands all the time.

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Every shape considered

To cater to the requirements of the local and international clients we have a wide range of escorts varying in all shapes and sizes in store. When it comes to the figure of the escorts, some clients like their escort to be skinny, some like voluptuous women etc. The four major shapes of women are athletic, apple, pear shaped or hourglass. Clients choose escorts based on the type of body shape they wish their partner to be.

The city of London is not only the capital of England and the United Kingdom but is also referred to as the business hub of the country. So, every day the city witnesses footfalls from people from different parts of the world. As we know every person has his own taste and own choice of selection.

Another major client requirement is the bust size and shape of an escort. The various types of bust shapes are archetype, uneven, conical, thin, omega and reduced projection shape. When it comes to breasts it has been observed that clients are more concerned about the size than the shape but still there are some clients who have specific bust shape requirements too. The bust size generally starts from 30 and ranges up to 40 and has varying cup sizes from smallest to largest.

These clients place their exact requirements to our receptionists and we reply back to the client with the names, photos of escorts who match their requirements. We know all of our elite escorts really well, so if you have a preference you can tell up specifically and we are able to get a perfect match as to what is required. As a round the clock agency we always have a great selection of girls available and our receptionists are here to help and answer your calls.

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    Park Lane and Mayfair has been providing incall and outcall services in London for a long time now. Having worked with a large range of clients, we understand just what men are looking for in elite escorts today. We understand that our discerning clients are not looking for just another escort. They want a companion who is charming, gorgeous, interesting to talk to and passionate. Our high end escorts are all that and a lot more! We understand that every client is differen...