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Have a VIP night out

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love a good night out in London with friends or as a couple? A date is what you make it and there is definitely something about getting ready to get adrenaline pumping. Sometimes we want a bit of intimacy and for whatever reason; you may not have that intimate date that you are craving for. If not, have you thought about booking one of our girls for an evening of dance and fun?

Why not follow in the celebrities’ footsteps and go to China white? The club used to be located on near Regent Street between Piccadilly Circus and Soho, but the club reopened at 4 Winsley Street, London 4 years ago. The old club had a number of suites with soft, bed-like lounging areas, including a VIP suite known on the circuit for their lavish furnishing and expensive price-tag. Exclusive membership was often priced at £700 for a year.

We at Park Lane and Mayfair have many ladies who include dancing and entertaining as their favourite past-times and who can blame then when there are so many men willing to spoil them and show them the finer things in London. So to book your perfect nightclub date give us a call we are here around the clock.

Imagine the thrill that will pass though you when you arrange to meet one of our pretty London escorts at her favourite club or bar. You will have pre booked your gorgeous companion and looked at her pictures a million times over planning the evening ahead, buying some new clothes and making yourself look like a million dollars. Park Lane and Mayfair escorts will be doing exactly the same thing, preening themselves for hours and planning that perfect outfit just for you. Going out on the town means that extra bit of effort when getting ready competing if you like to look the best, and of course our ladies look fantastic at whatever hour, but in a nightclub she will surpass anything you have ever seen before – what a lucky man you are?

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Have you sorted your weekend?

You have only got to ask and our friendly team of receptionists who will only be too happy to help you decide which lady would be most suited for your weekend. We know all our ladies personally and will highly recommend the best if you were indeed planning to spend a long time with a particular lady. You are able to talk to her first to talk though certain requirements – so no need to worry you will be in safe hands with Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency.

Most tourists (and even some native Londoners) enjoy coming into the heart of London on a Friday or Saturday night. The train stations and tubes are often crammed to the hilt with commuters – business or pleasure, it all happens in the Capital. So why not have a look through our gallery and see which escort you would like for this weekend.

Even staying in luxurious West London can become a little routine after a while. This is when some of our customers are booked for a long city-break abroad. International assignments are always a delight for our companions. A Lot of our beautiful girls are European and love to show off their knowledge of the world’s cities. Of all of them, a break is a break worth having!

However, you spend your weekend let it start right here with Park Lane and Mayfair. Just give us a call and book your favourite escort for that fantastic Friday or Saturday (or both) fun and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before!!

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Booking a quality lady

Brandy is an Eastern European escort beauty with pure blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes. I swear I thought I’d seen an angel in front of me. My sensual adventures with her started on my vacation in London. I’ve always wanted to see London and I was given a few weeks off to rest and unwind. I deserved it anyway so why not take advantage of it? I was already on a week’s tour when I started feeling the urge for having a female companion. I haven’t really met anyone yet and I really wanted a lady friend to spend time with me right away.

I went back to my hotel room and started searching around the web when I stumbled on Park Lane and Mayfair. I didn’t really think about it before and this is something new I am willing to try. My eyes saw Brandy on the homepage right away and I immediately booked her without question. I didn’t really know what to do after that, I didn’t change or fix around the place or anything; I just watched some telly while waiting for her. A few minutes later she knocked on my door and there I saw an angel standing on my doorstep with a smile so radiant.

I was nervous being around her, it was quiet for a moment then she started asking me questions about my travel and stay in London. She was very friendly and listened attentively to what I had to say. I started getting comfortable and also started getting to know her. When I really was getting hot, it was time. I asked her to stand in front of me and she gladly did. She kneeled on the couch I was sitting on and her breasts touched my face. She gave me a wonderful lap dance and you all know what happened after that.

So really what I am trying to say is that, it’s not bad to book a companion for the evening, just think of it as experience with no strings. Make sure you book a more expensive escort rather than a cheap one as I think you get what you pay for and I certainly did.

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Take in all that London has to offer

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 7.9 million tourists visiting the nation’s capital each year. People from all over the world visit London in order to sightsee and indulge in all things British. One of the up and coming tourist industries is escorting; a huge surge in tourist bookings has occurred in the last few years, with more and more people using escort agencies in London to have some unadulterated fun whilst they are on vacation here. Tourist bookings are fast becoming our girls’ favourite bookings as they get to experience the culture of the company of somebody else.

Central London is a focal point for tourism in particular the West End, Oxford Street and Westminster. The West End has some of the greatest theatre shows on earth, our elite London escorts are huge fans of the theatre, whether it’s the Lion King or Woman in Black, all of our girls are great company for a few glasses of wine whilst watching a show. We recently had a client visit London from New York and he decided on taking Shannon to see the Ghost Stories theatre show, the feedback we received was amazing. Our client said “I had the most amazing time with Shannon; she was so sexy and very kind. The show that you recommended was perfect, just what I wanted, it was lovely to snuggle up to Shannon in the theatre as we built a bond before retiring to my hotel room afterwards”.

All girls love shopping and that is no different for our exclusive London escorts; and where better place to shop than Oxford Street. Quite possibly the busiest road in London, thousands of people visit each day in the hunt for some bargains or the latest exclusive designer brands. With shops ranging from department stores to luxurious boutiques, there really is something for everyone on Oxford Street. Our girls are more than happy to assist you and give you the guided tour on your visit to London

If you are more of a fan of sightseeing then London has plenty to offer you, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge are just some of the places you can visit and soak in some British history. Our models are all familiar with the area and are able to offer you there input on these great monuments.

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Working up a sweat

Park Lane and Mayfair provides the best elite escorts in London for our clients. One day there was a call to our agency and a polite voice asked if he could book six Park Lane and Mayfair escorts. The gentleman wanted them to bring along gym wear.

The ladies arrive and there was no one in the flat apart from the owner who called the escort agency and six sexy London escorts. The Gentleman asked girls to put on their gym wear and they were ushered into a room full of gym equipment and mirrors all around.

They were told they could all use the gym equipment for 30 mins, but the only stipulation was that they really had to work up a sweat.

In thirty minutes the time was up, all the Park Lane and Mayfair escorts who worked out were checked for ‘sweating’ . Two girls were chosen and the rest of the ladies were paid and sent home.

The client rewarded the winners with a hot tub and champagne and of course he wanted a little duo affair to which he rewarded handsomely.

So you see, his fantasy was watching ladies work out, the hotter they got the hotter he got too. It may seem a bit strange to you, but everyone has a secret desire and where better to make your fantasies come true but with us?

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Days out with your companion

If you’ve booked an incall or outcall escort for the whole day, you might be wondering how to fill your time. While we’re sure most of you have plenty of ideas, sometimes it’s nice to leave the confines of your escort’s apartment or your hotel room and see what the great city of London has to offer.

All of our London escorts love to be invited to accompany their clients to the theatre, to the cinema and even to a football match. However, one invite which will really get all London escorts excited and ready for action, is an invitation to go shopping with you.

We’ve learned a few things about our escort models. They all love to shop. In fact, they love shopping almost as much as they love providing escort services in London to guys just like you. So when you make a longer booking with one of our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts, whether you’ve chosen to meet with one of our Paddington escorts or one of our escorts in South Kensington, why not treat her to a trip around the shops of the West End. We’re sure she’s going to be really grateful and show her appreciation in all kinds of naughty ways.

So, where should you start? One little piece of advice. Forget about window shopping. If you’ve promised your sexy escort a shopping trip, be prepared to put your hand in your wallet or at least on your credit card and treat her to something nice.

Another irresistible option would be to take your escort to a lingerie shop to choose a set of lingerie. Maybe you’ve decided to meet with one of our young escorts and you want to make sure that she has some sophisticated and alluring lingerie to wear for your date. Let her choose something that makes her feel comfortable and she’s more likely to give you a personal showing later. And of course, a lingerie shopping trip is the perfect place to get to know your escort’s taste in lingerie, not to mention her size, so that if you plan to visit this escort regularly you can surprise her with a tasteful present at a later date. So be sure to put her sizes into your phone. Be assured, there’s nothing worse than buying your hot and sexy escort underwear in the wrong size! Especially if you choose something that’s obviously much too big or too small.

And finally, every good shopping trip goes better with suitable refreshments. Stop off at one of the many trendy cafes or bars around the West End.

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Different types

The first is the woman who fits the typical image of a call girl; the one who hangs around street corners wearing a low cut top, tiny mini skirt and thigh high boots waiting for the next client. These ‘streetwalkers’ ply their trade to passing motorists or even people passing by on foot, offering almost anything, albeit usually in the confined space available in the back of a car.

These are the women who don’t see selling these encounters as a career, but rather something that they do out of necessity to make sure that the bills are paid on time, their kids are fed, or even to get together enough money for their next fix. Prices are low, risks are high, and they’re considered to be the bottom rung of the ladder.

Moving on from the streetwalkers there are girls that work from ‘massage parlours’. You may go in if you are in need of a good massage but these girls offer a ‘happy ending’ of one kind or another.

Some men stay ‘faithful’ to their regular massage, while others prefer to spread their love around and sample a variety of masseuses, but the overriding factor is that these women work in a specified location where the men visit them to take advantage of their services.

The third kind of working girl is the escort. These are the women who visit clients in top hotels and have prestigious addresses themselves. Their sessions can vary in length, which can be anything from 1 hour to several hours. Girls like this usually join a top escort agency in London that will organise all her meetings for her, advertise her services.

Escorts take care of themselves and are choosy of the clientele they see. They charge a premium and make a good living, some girls do this for a short time to reach their goal and are very business minded.

Independent escorts however, will do all this for herself, with many independents choosing to set up their own websites, rather than seeking to simply advertise their services on a card in a phone box, which was once the only way that an escort could find her customers.

Today, things have moved on a little and both agency escorts and independent girls rely on the internet for clients, particularly as many clients will leave recommendations online for other potential clients to read.

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You’ll definitely want to come back

When it comes to choosing the best companion, many men will prefer a certain nationality. Park Lane and Mayfair are well known for having the best selection of Italian escorts in London.

Of course, we don’t only offer escorts from Italy, but have Eastern European escorts, escorts from Russia, Brazil, and even American escorts, if that’s what you prefer.

So as you can see, choosing to book an escort through an agency opens up a world of choice that’s very hard to beat. Not only are our girls some of the best in the business, but they’ll always go that extra step to ensure that you get the very best service as befitting one of the best escort agencies in London.

While we believe that every one of our ladies has something very special to offer, we like to provide a select few with extra promotional opportunities. That’s why you’ll find that we have a recommended escort gallery, which features some of our most requested and popular escorts. These companions are the ones that always go that extra mile to make sure that you leave their company feeling as though you’ve had the best time possible, so if you’re looking for an extra-special treat, it’s time to check them out.

So book today and you’ll be in the know of why so many people come back to us time and time again!!

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Keeping up your image

Most clients can enjoy a high-end lifestyle because their jobs or circumstances allow it. They drive fast cars, enjoy numerous trips abroad to their second or third home and they dine most nights at Michelin starred restaurants. They are the envy of millions.

To uphold such an image requires having an equally sublime woman on their arm – enter Park Lane and Mayfair escorts. These women are the companion of choice for London playboys. An elite escort is not only stunning and modelesque; she is a professional through and through. No matter the price, the time of day or the destination, the binding contract of discretion between escort and client is always maintained.

So why a Park Lane and Mayfair? First of all, although pleasurable, the relationship is business for both parties. The money spent on hiring the services of a dedicated and beautiful woman is well worth it. There can be no emotional upset or ill feeling when both parties know where they stand. When foreign gentlemen come to London they seek out our ladies for their first class service and unrivalled beauty. From dazzling blondes and sultry brunettes to travel companions who take your breath away, our galleries showcase the very finest young women London has to offer.

We are truly honoured to be able to provide the services of the elite and super elite. Contact us to arrange a date with who most catches your eye. Between us, you can arrange an unforgettable experience with the most beautiful woman you have ever met.

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Bank Holiday Beauties

If you really have nothing planned for the Bank Holiday then why not try and encounter with one of our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts. Sundays are usually winding down and preparing for the week ahead and now you have an extra day off it means that Sunday need not be an early night!!

The Bank Holiday comes as much welcomed break for many and a much needed chance to unwind, destress and relax. So if you’re in need of some quality pamper time then we have the perfect solution for all your needs.

Here at Park Lane and Mayfair our High end escorts are ready and waiting to please and tease and pamper and play until all your worries and tensions have completely disappeared. Our ladies are available for both incalls and outcalls and are fun, friendly, passionate and extremely sexy.

So if its the GFE you’re after and you need a little TLC then let Park Lane and Mayfair find the perfect companion for your needs.

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