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For your eyes only

Our ladies are not just pretty faces; they are great conversationalists far more intelligent than what you think they are. To let you know, our London escorts don’t just possess beauty but also brains. Some of them have higher IQ’s that you’ll definitely be amazed. They can be an asset to you especially for impressing prospective clients for your business and will definitely wow all of your guests.

However, you may not want a conversation about stocks and shares, and may want a little carefree voyeurism. Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency can entertain for your eyes only and you will be riveted as our seductive lady tantalises you with her sexy exotic dance moves. Our ladies are always impeccably dressed, but underneath they always have luxury tempting attire, you won’t want it removed!!

We have escorts for your own personal pleasure; if you’re bored and need somebody to cheer you up, you may hire one of our friendly girls day or night which will make you feel relaxed, unwind and put a big smile on your face. She could be your companion as you eat in a fine dining restaurant so as not to feel a bit uneasy when eating alone. Your chosen lady could also be your tourist guide as you roam a new place and she can be your partner in search of an adventure.

Our ladies need very short notice to be ready for you. You won’t have to wait forever for the young lady of your choice to arrive to your hotel because here at Park Lane and Mayfair we are conscious that waiting ages for your companion is not entirely fun, then eventually when she does turn up, your anticipation may have gone completely. So rest assured she can be with you within 30 minutes of your call or ready in as little as 15 minutes if you are visiting her.

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Fast love

We totally support any male that decides to use a London escort agency; it is a service to satisfy men at the end of the day, much the same way that a beauty salon or spa serves women so well. In general men are known to work harder to provide and therefore often find themselves tired; by the time they get home all they want to do is relax and let off some steam however with the kids running around doesn’t make this possible. By the time he finally jumps into bed at the end of the night neither he nor his wife are too keen on getting down to it. We are a firm believer in this due to the sheer amount of in-call appointments we receive during the day; the male often wants a quick relief during his lunch hour or straight from work.

We are very passionate about the industry and hearing it being completely dismissed as ‘derogatory’ and ‘exploiting’ was too much, we are obliged to step in and defend the industry. To make such statements is very narrow minded and judgemental, as veterans of the industry we can categorically say that is not the case and in fact this industry provides an opportunity for attractive young girls to experience a different side to life, the fast cars, designer clothes and luxury hotels.

The girls often come to London specifically to become high end escorts, with such a high demand for these types of girls, it presents an ideal opportunity. London is world renowned for its cosmopolitan selection of the best escorts, ranging from South Americans to Eastern Europeans; everybody is catered for in London which is particularly apparent in our gallery page where you will find an extremely diverse range of girls.

Top escorts are in such high demand now and whilst males making bookings the biggest market; there has been a recent influx in women booking on behalf of their men to give them a treat that is a little different. Sometimes the female even wishes to join their partner which many of our elite escorts cater for; whether it’s for a wild experience or to pick up a few techniques; we have never had a couple leave unsatisfied.

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A celebrity lifestyle

Live like an A-Lister and book one of our ladies to really live the VIP lifestyle that you are craving. If you have ever fancied yourself posing in an elite car? You’ll no doubt want an elite lady to go in it too.

We have many beautiful escorts, so here is your chance to meet our sexy A-list lady and have an experience like no other. Very experienced, our girls are always going the extra mile to ensure your happiness. What more could you possibly want? You’ll easily find yourself thinking that you are having your way with an A-List celebrity; complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

We think though close up our companions are flawless and don’t need any airbrushing (unlike like some celebrities).
You will have to ignore all the envious stares that you will be getting whilst dining or nightclubbing with your very own elite escort; she may even be mistaken for somebody famous so be prepared to have the paparazzi get excited when you both walk out of a top nightspot in central London.

If you don’t believe us; take a look on our gallery to find 100% natural girls; what you see is what you will be booking for that evening.

Our receptionists our on hand to help you make the right choice of companion, if you need a push in the right direction (personality wise) we think we can help you pick your perfect A list escort.

So if your cash is not doing much in the bank and would be better off being spent then why not splash out and treat yourself? After all we think you’ve earned it!

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Serving up something different

Many of our ladies are happy to include role play in their escort services, whether you book them for incalls or outcalls, and we’ve several companions who keep a naughty French maid outfit in their wardrobe just for special encounters like this.

There’s just something about the image of a cheeky French maid dressed in an ultra short black dress on top of white net underskirts, topped with a sparkling white pinny and a white lace cap perched upon her curls.

Perhaps it’s the way she waves that feather duster in her hand with a naughty glint in her eye, as she considers which would be the best part of your anatomy to feel the tickle of her feathers first. Perhaps it’s the old custom of landed gentry using their maids at a whim for their sexual pleasure that turns you on so much.

Do you want to be overpowered by a policewoman? The image of a policewoman of say, twenty years ago, with their tight skirts and funny little hats is enough to turn some men on, but when you think about the uniforms worn by policewomen in the States, then that’s another matter altogether.

Imagine it now, the sight of a shapely body dressed in nothing but a short tunic style dress, with the zip pulled right down revealing her saucy underwear beneath. Take in the heavy leather utility belt slung low on her slim hips, the handcuffs dangling visibly against the top of her thighs.

Do you have a fantasy of being chained to the bed while she has her wicked way with you, perhaps using her truncheon to give you a bit of much needed discipline? Can you imagine the way her full breasts threaten to spill out of her tight top as she leans across to clip those cuffs into place? Are you trying to picture the passion in her eyes, hidden behind the lenses of her shades? We bet you are. Why leave it all to your imagination when you can book one of our elite escorts and live it out for real today?

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Secretary Fantasy

There’s no doubt that many men have fantasies about being embroiled in a sexual encounter with a secretary. We all know that iconic image of a secretary dressed conservatively in a tight pencil skirt and buttoned up silk blouse, wearing high heels and stockings. We can imagine the scene now. Her hair in a tight bun pulled back from her head. A pair of spectacles perched on her nose, expressing an air of sophistication mixed with intelligence. The slightly haughty way in which she carries the pile of documents into her boss’s office before bending over to place them on his desk. The way her tight skirt pulls across her buttocks, highlighting the shape of the suspenders underneath the fabric.

There’s always been an attraction between secretaries and their bosses. Maybe it’s something to do with the difference in power, or perhaps the way the secretary adopts a servile role. Perhaps it’s more to do with the secretary’s outward air of competence and ability to organise, contrasted against their perceived inward seething sexuality. Who knows the precise reason?

We can see the way her boss looks up, eyeing her breasts straining against the silky fabric. One look from him, perhaps a word or two, and the sophisticated secretary reaches up to let down her hair, removes her horn rimmed spectacles, unbuttons the first three buttons of her shirt to reveal the lacy bra beneath. The image of our saucy secretary is born. Would you like to experience a meeting with your own saucy secretary today? Book a meeting with one of our naughty high end escorts in London.

Did you have a favourite female teacher at school? Was it down to the way she taught the lesson or was she the first female to stir the raging hormones of your youth? Perhaps you fantasized about her giving you extra lessons. Perhaps those lessons went beyond the realms of maths or English and started to stray into the territory of biology and reproduction?

Whatever your favourite teacher fantasy, our naughty ladies can replay it for you in full technicolour, safe in the knowledge that your advances will not be rebuffed and that your teacher will do exactly as you want, even if she remains firmly in control.

Perhaps there’s something about her punishing you if you get things wrong or speak out of turn, or perhaps your fantasy is all about an older woman teaching a young boy the ways of the world.

Whatever your teacher fantasy, why not discuss it with one of our gorgeous girls? We’re sure they’ll be happy to oblige you and bring your fantasy to life. Just imagine it now; those deep seated desires finally coming to fruition and all under your control. This is your fantasy. It plays out the way you want it to. It’ll score 10 out of 10 in the satisfaction stakes and you’ll certainly want to spend as much time in detention as you can, with one of our Mayfair escorts.

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We’ll make you feel better

Men visit our escort agency in London for all kinds of reasons; from just needing to blow off some steam to looking for a very special kind of encounter. Many of these men are seeking something which they feel they can’t ‘get at home’. Maybe a special sexual service or a willingness to indulge in sexual activities which are outside their partner’s normal repertoire.

These activities can be many and varied, but we find that often there’s a common theme running through these desires, and that’s to experience some kind of role play. They all want to immerse themselves in a fantasy. Perhaps it’s as common as the popular nurse and patient role play or some kind of teacher and pupil interaction, or maybe some are looking for something much more spicy in the form of Mistress and submissive, but whatever kind of role play is desired, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find one of our gorgeous girls who will be happy to oblige.

Saucy Nurses
One of the favourite role play scenarios involves a saucy nurse. Whether they’re treating their patients or providing sexual favours for a doctor, the nurse and her uniform has been the subject of countless fantasies, probably since the days of Florence Nightingale. This is probably due to the fact that they’re seen as caring and compassionate women, who are keen to do anything they can to make you feel good. However, their popularity as the subject of men’s fantasies is also probably due to the effect that a traditional nurse’s uniform has on men. The current trend of trousers and tunics on hospital wards may have changed the way we view nurses, but the traditional image of tight dress, apron and cap, still leaves many men in need of oxygen, especially when the dress is ultra short.

Many of our girls absolutely adore to dress up as sexy nurses and administer their own special brand of care. Whether that’s administering cool cloths to your heated brow, giving you a thorough examination or even an invigorating bed bath is entirely down to you, but we’re sure that you’ll definitely see a rise in your temperature. Of course, our naughty nurses don’t dress in the trousers and tunics of today’s wards, but prefer to don ultra short dresses, perhaps in some sort of PVC to really make an impact, together with silky stockings and an artfully placed nurse’s cap.

Just imagine it now, your own private nurse, dressed to thrill, with her considerable assets on show. Imagine her approaching you with a stethoscope, eager to hear just how her appearance is making your heart beat faster, and then imagine her practicing her nursing skills on you. Feeling a little excited? We bet you are.

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We will alway welcome you back

Being regular to Park Lane and Mayfair means we will get to know your likes and dislikes. We will make sure we get to know you and who your favourite ladies are. You will also get preferential treatment such as recommendations of new ladies who have just joined which we know will be right up your street.

If you’ve enjoyed your time with one of our London escorts, we hope that you’ll want to see them again. Maybe you’d like to set up a regular meeting with one of our high end ladies, or maybe you’d like to experience some time with one of our other gorgeous girls.

Please make sure you tell some trusted friends about us, as you will know how hard it is to find a trusted escort agency in London such as ours. We are honest, fair and treat our ladies and clients the same. We don’t just want any client for our girls and we just don’t want any girls for our clients. It works both ways and when you can see that the agency works in harmony with everyone involved you will then see why there are many clients that come back to us time after time.

If you’ve had a particularly good time, perhaps you’ll want to see her on a regular basis and allow your relationship to develop. On the other hand, you may prefer the excitement and thrill of meeting with a new girl each time. This, of course, will depend entirely on your own particular preference, although do bear in mind that you’ll probably get priority treatment as a regular client, which can prove very helpful when making bookings in the future.

We have a lot of ladies wanting to join our Park Lane and Mayfair, as they have heard great things about our working practice. We care about the wellbeing of our ladies and they in turn don’t want to join any other agency.

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Duo dates

Duo bookings are a speciality at Park Lane and Mayfair. You can browse through our duos gallery to see which ladies are able to work together and take things from there. One of the misconceptions about duo bookings is that it is easy to arrange, and even easier to attain the desired results. In reality, a successful duo booking depends a lot on the rapport of the individual escorts, their propensity for open minded fun and the expectations of the client.

Our London escorts agency has models to match every client’s fantasy, and spending time in their company could be an ecstatic experience. When it comes to the bespoke services offered by our high end escorts, the imagination is the limit, and one of the most popular services is an escort duo.

Some escorts are very charming when interacting one to one with the client, but the presence of another escort will change the dynamics completely. It is important to find out which ladies are happy for the client to involve another female, otherwise the situation could turn awkward. Another thing to consider is the compatibility of two escorts. Some ladies have a preferred duo partner, and it may be worthwhile to consider this.

Booking an escort duo is definitely exciting and perhaps a little daunting for first time clients. Fortunately, your chosen companions will be friendly and gently ease you into the date; dinner or relaxing music are great ways to warm up and help you forget your inhibitions and just enjoy the moment!

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Where to take your date

At Park Lane and Mayfair we have chosen the best locations for you to spend time with our elite London escorts. Choose one of great locations like the ones below you’ll never be short of fun.

The V&A

This museum might often get overlooked for its lack of giant whales and earthquake simulators but we guarantee our girls will love its stylish nature and sophistication. As with most clients you’ll no doubt be surprised at how many of our escorts have a strong interest in things like art and culture. Somewhere like this is also a great place to strike up a rapport and allows you both to get to know each other better.

The London Eye

First built as a tourist attraction, the London eye also boasts a location that’s loved by everyone. Even if you’ve lived in London you’re whole life we doubt you’ll have ever truly appreciated it in the way you would seeing it from hundreds of feet up in the air. You’ll see the city through fresh eyes and what’s more you could see it through fresh eyes in the company of a very beautiful woman. Take one of our beautiful escorts in a pod for two with champagne and the sunset.

London’s Parks

London’s Parks provides the perfect spot for a picnic full of treats. With a stunning woman sat opposite you and the mesmerizing sights of the city around you, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream. London’s Park’s can be quiet, romantic and relaxed; the perfect place to get to know your date.

These are merely a few examples of just what you could do. Wander and explore but most importantly enjoy each other’s company

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Body talk

There are people out there who light up the room with good energy and others who seem to be surrounded by an invisible dark cloud of doom and gloom. Some of you may be sceptical when it comes to body language but statistics and case studies have proven it to be significant. So here at Park Lane and Mayfair, we take a look at some of the examples you can expect to come across when you meet some of our rather sexy young women

Lust is amplified flirtation and the lustful seductress will be direct and blatant in her intentions and desires. Her eye contact will be more direct and her pupils may dilate. Her movement will be more pronounced with back arched and chest protruding. Her breath may become heavier and her lips parted. For the eager client this will be a real thrill. He should respond well and accept her invitation to get closer.

The best escorts make it pretty obvious when they’re flirting with their client and this is probably down to the fact that they’re absolute professionals when it comes to the art of flirting itself. The femme fatale will make eye contact, lean in towards him, laugh at his jokes and smile continuously. Sexual tension will be rife and you’ll no doubt notice her touch herself in subtle ways such as play with her hair, fiddle with her jewellery or carefully touch her neck. It’s always quite flattering for clients, or so we’re told, when a beautiful lady flirts with them and an experience with a sexy femme fatale is like no other.

Whilst most in this profession find themselves feeling confident and rather over excited when it comes to meeting clients, there are the odd few that are a little less forward. These we like to call the wallflower. These escorts are the shy and retiring type; she may struggle to make eye contact at times and may benefit from a compliment or two, letting her know just how much you enjoy her company. We find strong powerful men who like to take charge will often enjoy the company of a wallflower as well as the challenge of bringing out her inner vixen.

Body language is simply unspoken communication. Women give off many different signals that can often be mixed and quite challenging. Chances are however that a client will know when his companion is really into him.

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    Our ladies are not just pretty faces; they are great conversationalists far more intelligent than what you think they are. To let you know, our London escorts don’t just possess beauty but also brains. Some of them have higher IQ’s that you’ll definitely be amazed. They can be an asset to you especially for impressing prospective clients for your business and will definitely wow all of your guests. However, you may not want a conversation about stocks and shares, a...