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Unconditional Love

What exactly is unconditional love? Is it loving someone despite their flaws and despite their actions? Is it when you keep loving someone despite the fact that circumstances change wildly? Is it still loving someone even after they have cheated on you? You could argue that all of these situations could equate to unconditional love.

We like to apply our thinking to all of the important questions in life and there is one that comes up time and time again. Is there any such thing as unconditional love?

We are all trained to think that unconditional love exists, and our society panders to this belief. Popular songs, rom-com films and all sorts of love stories where the hero and heroine overcome incredible odds or circumstances and still manage to be madly in love. Or they fall in love in a few minutes, right from the start we notice there is this spark between two people and if we are lucky enough and we believe enough, we too will find it – stumble upon it by accident or whatever.

So does it exist? Yes, we at Park Lane and Mayfair believe it does exist. But – we also believe that to find unconditional love, you must have a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost and you must have a clear idea of the values you want in a partner and you need to find someone that you 1) find attractive 2) respect and, 3) like as a friend.

For those who have not yet found unconditional love, our London escorts will do our best to provide fun, friendship, intimacy and more. It might be the case that you are not actually seeking out unconditional love at this stage of your life, but you do miss the nicer aspects of dating such as finding someone very attractive of having companionship for a dinner date and hiring escorts to suits your needs. Or you might just want a fantastic-looking woman on your arm.

Whatever your stage in life, remember to log onto our website for the answers to all the big questions on love!

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Dating made easy

Is asking someone out on a date very difficult for you? Have you tried many times, but only get knocked back? This situation affects many men but at the same time you also have needs that need to be met– if you want to get together with a smoking sexy, beautiful woman, you don’t always have to choose dating on the traditional route. We make it easy. Simply choose your favourite escorts and we will guarantee you the highest quality of service and the best date of your life.

Our elite escorts offers only a top quality services designed for the discerning gentlemen. Together you will be able to spend fun and intimate moments that will certainly be unforgettable for you and hassle free – Find complete fulfilment that was previously unavailable to you, without any strings attached. Fantasies can become reality!

Dating with beautiful, sexy and talented high end escorts in London is really very simple. You can easily find your dream companion without any obligations and get everything at once on a first date. All your wishes will be answered in the figure of a sexy woman dressed in the best lingerie and ready for your desires.

So if you fancy a date, which will always ends positively, select Park Lane and Mayfair and choose from our gallery of stunning escorts. We guarantee you won’t regret it, after all, they know how to give you the best service possible.

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Make your friends jealous

There’s nothing wrong with making your friends jealous from time to time. There’s a great way to do that easily. If you’re invited to a wedding, a reunion, or anything else, you can show up with the hottest date around. Only the best escort agencies will make it possible for you to have the date of a lifetime. You can browse the gallery to find a girl or you can ask the agency to pick one out for you based on your requirements.

You have the chance to make special requests when you book with a Park Lane and Mayfair escort. Arrange ahead of time that you wish to introduce her to your friends as your new girlfriend. This will give you the chance to show her off and make everyone as jealous as can be.

If you want your date to dress extra sexy to show off her curves, let us know. She will be happy to dress the part regardless of what the two of you might be doing. She can show off her cleavage, wear a short skirt, and add some killer heels. Your friends won’t know what to do when they take a look at the stunning young lady you show up with.

You can have as much fun as you want when you’re with your one of our girls. Go dancing, have some drinks, and maybe go for dinner. The more time you book with her, the more fun you can have. There’s no need to be shy around your chosen companion. She will make sure that you’re as comfortable as can be in her presence.

Once you show her off to your friends, you might want to go out on the town or head back to your place. Either way, your date will be ready to go along with your plans for the time you’re together.

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Consider the possibilities

It’s amazing what adding another human being into the equation can do. It’s easy to forget how much you need to spend time with another person. Their presence, their voice, and their touch can be just what you need after a long day.

You could have a beautiful, sexy, open-minded beauty knocking on your door before the night is over. The two of you could choose to go out on the town or stay in. Either way, she will have an easy-going personality that will make it comfortable for you to spend hours with her.

You can choose to book one of our elite escorts for as long as you wish. This could be by the hour, an overnight, or even for extended periods of time. Our London escort agency will help you with all of the details to work within your budget and ensure that you have the companionship for as long as you need.

If you’re on a particularly long and stressful business trip, booking an elite escort for the entire time could be a great treat. You could head to the hotel from the office every night knowing that there’s a beautiful girl waiting to greet you.

She will know just what it will take in order to relax you. You can put the stress of the day or the entire business trip behind you. Let her amaze you with a striptease or bring out your fantasies with role-playing. Virtually everything is a possibility, you simply need to make your desires known.

You deserve to take care of yourself, and booking with one of the best London escorts is a great way to do this. Affordable rates and beautiful women are waiting for you. All you have to do is make the call. You can choose whom you want to meet and what she should do in order to help you. Feel free to be extravagant with your special requests as the elite escorts are used to receiving such things.

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If fesitish is what you fancy

If you’re into fetish experiences and enjoy visiting fetish clubs, then our Fetish escorts would love to join you for a night out and we guarantee they will be as open minded if not more open minded than you will be.

Our fetish escorts are ambitious in and out of the bedroom and are the most popular escorts for fun nights out. So, whether you’d love company going to a swinger’s party to watch other couples, or you may like for your date to join in. There is a lot of choice in adult entertainment in London and there will alway be something to keep all our clients happy. If you’re into rubber there are even specific nights where everyone wears rubber and you can have your rubber shined up, perfect if you have a fetish for this.

There are also a lot of adult shops in the capital so if you want to take your chosen companion shopping you will be able to visit some naughty stores and buy a few new adult toys to try out back at your hotel.

If you’re single and into fetishes there is fetish dating so you know your potential partner has the same desires as you do before you start getting to know them.

London has a lot of services to offer couples so maybe you could take your naughty escort for a night out they won’t forget.

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The perfect work balance

Many people struggle with working in London because they are not from the city. They are sent in to do a job for a specific number of weeks or months. It can be extremely lonely because they don’t know anyone. They struggle with making friends because they know they are not going to be in town for long, and many don’t even bother with trying. This can lead to a very lonely existence for the time that they are at work.

This does not have to describe your situation. If you want to work in London and have a good time why not seek the help of a top London escort. Park Lane and Mayfair will provide you with the female companionship that you desire, and you won’t have to be alone anymore. Our gorgeous girls are available to you day or night, which means that we will work around your schedule.

Think about the possibilities here instead of going to your hotel room and spending it alone every single night, you can have companionship. Our beautiful young ladies know how to provide entertainment, and can be flirtatious and provocative when they want to be.

There is no rule as to how many times you can call. You can call and ask for the same escort, or ask to meet a different girl, the choice is up to you. As you spend more time with one or more of our escorts, you will find it can help you to relax and you won’t be so stressed in the office.

Your work colleagues may comment on how calm and content you will be. Only you will know the secret of a great work balance and that is to book some private company on your consignment periods.

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Helping you make the right choice

Choosing the right escort for your requirements is one of the hardest things to do. As you browse through the gallery of girls, it can be quite daunting, how can you possibly choose one to spend time with? Unless you are opting for multiple escorts, it is important that you choose ‘the one’ for you so you have the best time possible.

The good news is that there is an easy way to choose. You can browse through all of the photos and the one that gets your heart beating the fastest can be the one that you book time with. You can also go through the different features and read through profiles and services in order to determine who you want to spend time with.

If you cannot decide on a girl, we have some very friendly and professional receptionists. They know all about the girls and can guide you through the gallery in order to help you find a girl of your dreams. Identify the features that you find to be the most alluring, and let us know about what you plan on doing with the girl. This will make it easier to figure out who we should send out to you.

Determine based upon hair colour first. Many men have a preference on blonde versus brunette versus redhead. Take your time to think about this. Once you determine hair colour, you can sort out your other preferred requirements to make it easier.

You may also have a particular fantasy that you would like to explore. This could be a fetish, role playing, or something else. Many of the girls will be eager to try new things, and open-mindedness is a trait that we look for in all of our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts. As you read through their profiles, you can get to know a little bit more about these girls.

There is no reason why you have to choose just one girl while you are in London. If you are in town for several weeks, you may want companionship on more than one occasion. Simply create a list of all the girls you want to meet and you can go down the list each time you call. As said before our receptionists are great at recommending!!

Remember that the availability is also going to play a role in who is sent to you. The sooner you call to book, the easier it will be to have a larger number of girls available to you.

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Fun business trips

Too many people fly into London for work and then fly out without having any fun. Usually they make the assumption that they are on business and are not allowed to have any fun. So, why not break a habit of a lifetime and go and get some fun in your free time? You may be in town for work, but you do have time off. There is no reason why you should sit in your hotel room alone. Our high end escorts can be called whenever you desire – day or night.

What kind of fun can you have with one of our ladies? Each and every one of our girls are unique and with their ability to entertain and seduce, the only thing you have to decide is how much fun you can handle?

One thing is for sure – You are going to have fun. The kind of fun is going to depend upon what you are looking for as well as the girl you choose to have fun with. Our girls are open-minded and love to go on new adventures. This opens up the possibilities tremendously.

Our girls can go dancing, drink cocktails, party all night and provide companionship for city tours, as well as providing all sorts of erotic and exotic entertainment inside of a hotel room. This means that you just need to decide what it is that you want. If you want some of your fantasies to come true, simply define them. Many of our girls will know exactly what you are looking for and they always aim to please.

We are one of the top escort agencies in London, and this is because of the quality and variety of girls that we have to offer, step into the fun instead of working nonstop. Our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts will show you how to add some more excitement into your trip.

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Make time in your busy schedule

Relaxation means a release of tension and return to equilibrium and most busy clients know this. They appreciate the importance of relaxation which is why they schedule in a quick incall booking in between meetings or before their morning flight.

Many high powered clients suffer from chronic stress or anxiety so this release of tension is very important. At the same time, scheduling a relaxing, fun session with an incall escort needs to fit in somewhere with the client’s erratic schedule. This is where an elite escort service comes to the rescue!

Many beautiful escorts are available at short notice and the client can enjoy an attentive, relaxing booking with minimal waiting time.

Being too busy to enjoy life could be something that you are guilty of. When was the last time you had a relaxing massage or broke away from the grind to recharge? Being too busy is precisely the reason for you to stand back and let others sort out the fun for you.

As an elite establishment, Park Lane & Mayfair is the first port of call for mostly stressed out and busy clients. It is not hard to understand why clients would get in touch with an escort service to take care of them during busy times.

The best escort agencies in London know how to be flexible around their client’s busy schedule and make a booking hassle free. Some clients have such a busy schedule they can only make plans for fun at the last minute.

It is easier said than done to incorporate fun into a busy schedule, and this could be the reason why many clients don’t go near an escort service when they are busy. The most common excuse is, “I don’t really have the time!” The second excuse is usually along the lines of “I don’t know what will come up in the next hour!” This is probably true but everyone has some minutes to spare and they could be using this time to recharge with one of our beautiful young ladies.

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Gold Diggers

Smart men in the affluent city of London need to be aware of the differences between a Gold Digger and professional escort, and choose relationship partners carefully. The main difference between the two is in their intentions. Gold Diggers simply want to prey on rich men and reap as many benefits for themselves as possible. In essence, it’s a greedy, one-sided relationship. Professional high end escorts like the ones in Park Lane and Mayfair, on the other hand, are usually ambitious women with an end goal in mind and a desire to create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Another difference comes in the lifestyle of a Gold Digger as opposed to that of an elite escort. A Gold Digger will usually have no discernible job, career, or education goals. She will be content to live off generous men. A part time or student escort, though, often has a college education or is actively pursuing one, has career goals and aspirations of her own, and has ambitions for her life.

Guard your wealth and your emotions by being on the lookout for a Gold Digger versus an elite escort. A Gold Digger might routinely cancel dates because she usually has little regard for your schedule, lifestyle, needs, or plans. An escort is far more accommodating because she understands that the arrangements function largely on your terms and according to your time and demands.

Finally, a Gold Digger may use the sexual aspect of your relationship as a tool of manipulation, where an escort understands the role of intimacy in your relationship but does not wield it as a manipulations device after the terms you’ve mutually established.

Because a young woman seeks a relationship with wealthy, older, established men does not automatically make her a Gold Digger. In the case of an escort, it simply means that she has clear intentions on meeting your physical needs and relationship goals, while you meet her financial needs. When one party reaps significantly more benefits without regard to the other – that’s a Gold Digger. When both parties are meeting each other’s needs, and sharing and enjoying their own set of benefits – that’s a client-escort relationship.

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