Great service guaranteed

Not every gentleman receives great service, many are hurried and not treated very well, others think they are booking the escort in the photograph but in reality it is a completely different lady. Most gentlemen are too embarrassed to complain and put in down to experience and don’t ever want to book again.

Our London escort agency is a little different. We have many satisfied customers and they use us time and time again because they always receive and exemplary service and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

The number of escort agencies in London today has grown tenfold. But which ones should you choose?

Our ladies are always kind, intelligent, young, beautiful and independent whose presence can create magic in anyone’s life. When you meet them, you will stay amazed by their amazingly friendly attitudes. It will seem that you both know each other since ages. A simple moment will turn out to be extraordinary in her company.

The city of London is extremely beautiful and this beauty is reflected our girls of London too. When you hire one of our ladies, you are actually picking up a beauty that is well trained in her profession. She is well aware of the job she has to perform and client satisfaction is her primary focus. After your first meeting, you will be able to discover your happy soul and evolve as a much contented individual on the whole.

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Convenience is the key

In today’s world when in our busy lives we look for a no strings attached relation, gentlemen find that Park Lane and Mayfair are very convenient for them. Since a lot is expected from a committed relationship, we often look for respite in the company of a lady who expects and demands nothing from us expect our company.

In a no string attached relationship you do not have to think much and can just go with the flow. Our high class escorts promises you the most romantic date of your life and you do not need to strive hard to please her or impress her. She is already impressed by you from the time you actually booked her. She can be your companion at the place and time you want. It can either be her place or it can be any place chosen by you. The incall and outcall facilities offered by us give you the freedom to make your date all the more wonderful.

If you have booked an appointment with one of these ladies then you can sit back and enjoy watching love being showered on you on your date. It is a great pleasure to have one of these lovely ladies by your side at a time when no dedication and commitment is desired from you.

Going with the best escort agency in London is worthwhile, whilst others may give promises and maybe a little cheaper, we have excellent feedback from happy clients. Why not take the time to read the honest reviews to get a ‘feel’ of the lady you are interested in. Why not change up your usual ‘type’ of lady and go for somebody completely different? After you may feel a little surprised and as the old saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’!!

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Dreamy ladies

There are many individuals who desperately seek for a female for companionship to add new meaning to their life. These people now can have their pick from Park Lane and Mayfair. Our agency today is in high demand and provides some of the most beautiful and sophisticated girls in London. Yes, your dream girl can now be your friend for as long as you want. She will talk, walk and behave just like the way you want her to do. Satisfying you is her main objective.

When it comes to the fantasies of men then there can be no limitations at all! Now, to bring to life all the naughty fantasies of gentlemen, our agency has started to grow rapidly in London. And we have become very popular overnight. The demand of a young London model escort in the city of London is endless, and many gentlemen find that Park Lane and Mayfair escorts fulfil all of their dreams.

This date is going to be one of the most important and wonderful dates of your life. She is undoubtedly the desire of thousands like you out there. And it is you who are lucky enough to enjoy her priceless company.

So, now that you have your most dreamt of lady by your side, you must be all set to enjoy the envy of all other gentlemen.

If you decided that you wanted a little ménage a trois with your partner (to spice things up a little) or you wanted two escort ladies to come and have double the fun we can arrange that too.

Don’t be afraid to ask – we may say no, but more often than not we can indulge your wildest fantasies as we have some pretty amazing and diverse escorts on our books that are very experienced and can suggest some ‘far out’ things to do and experiment with.

Our girls love a bit of excitement – so go ahead a book today, you only live once!!!

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Have you seen how beautiful our ladies are?

Men all across the world know how beautiful the girls of London are, especially the ladies in Park Lane and Mayfair. While visiting the United Kingdom, men would secretly want to meet a beautiful London girl and spend some time getting to know her. If you are the one who harbours such a dream then it can be turned into a reality with our Park Lane and Mayfair. It could indeed be one of the best chances for you to meet some of the most beautiful girls of London city. Our escort agency can introduce you to countless beautiful girls.

Visiting a beautiful country like London on your own can be a little depressing. The biggest advantages of getting help from an elite escort agency are that you can spend time with local London girls who know the city well. In the company of a beautiful escort of London you will not need to worry about anything at all. Park Lane and Mayfair offer services that are reliable and very efficient

Our high end escorts will always be there to accompany you when you go out to explore. London is extremely beautiful and it has a lot of great attractions. Exploring the wonders of this city with a beautiful girl beside you is perhaps the best way to know London better. You can discover some of the best local attractions of the city with the help of these girls as they are the locals and well aware of the culture of the city. Again, if you are not too familiar with the language of the local people, then these girls can help you with the same. Most of these girls are extremely fluent in English.

Park Lane and Mayfair offer high quality services to their clients at the most affordable rates. You will also get to enjoy a wide variety of services and you will definitely be able to come across the kind of girl you like. We make it easier for you to find a companion in London. All that you need to do is to make a call and book the services of our ladies. Then you are all set to have the best time of your life.

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New Year resolution not going to plan?

It’s a well known fact that come the end of February most people give up their New Year’s resolution and carry on as normal, ready to make the same resolution next year.

Never mind, we have something here to cheer you up. If your wish was to get fitter then why not train on our ladies? A good sexy workout can burn off alot of calories and will definately be more enjoyable than pounding a treadmill!! You could book one of our ladies 3 times a week, it could be a little more expensive than a gym membership, but in all honesty will you really be using that gym membership every week? We guess not, and at least booking a beautiful escort will be something to look forward to.

If your plan was to eat healthier why not take on of our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies to a health farm for a weekend. For a start our ladies love anything healthy and when you are spending time with such a beautiful lady, your appetite will decrease and you’ll want to impress her by eating right and looking good. If a health farm is a little unrealistic for you, you could always take our ladies out for lunch or dinner and instead of a heavy meal have something light and pass on the carbohydrates. Eating with somebody who too is health conscious like our elite ladies gives you the motivation you need.

And if you wanted to save some money this New Year? Well we can’t lie, you won’t save money seeing our ladies but who wants to be the richest man in the graveyard? Life’s for living and you only live once, so do anything that pleases you, and that includes seeing one or many of our lovely London escorts

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Understand your way to a happy relationship

For normal relationships we think a man should always take the opportunity to remind his wife or girlfriend of how special she is. Try not to let sex become routine. I know it’s easy to let sex slip by the wayside when you have the realities of everyday life and you are tired but it is worth making the effort, rather than thinking you can just keep putting it off.

Most women want is to feel special – to feel unique, to feel cherished and loved. And that is the same for Park Lane and Mayfair escorts too. Yes, you are paying for her time, but she still wants to feel as if you really like her and you think she is special.

Put it off for one day, and then it runs into a week, a month – and time flies past.

Compliments are a good idea, too. It is easy to assume your partner knows you love her, think she is sexy or that she made you a great meal. But women like reinforcement and a compliment is a gift. If you keep your thoughts to yourself, you are being stingy with your gifts!

Again, if you have been in a relationship for a while your conversation can dry up – or it can become too focused on the domestic details – you know the kind of thing I mean. Conversations that are about what you are going to have for dinner that night, or how the kids are doing at school and whose turn it is to take the bins out.

Instead, why not have conversations about your hopes and your dreams. Ask about books she has read recently and why she enjoyed them. Have conversations about each other’s childhood and find out what she would really like to do.

Women like to think effort has gone into something too, so if you are taking a woman out on a date, imagination is a wonderful thing. It might be easy enough to book a table at a restaurant, but what if you take the time and trouble to find out what restaurant your date has been dying to visit? Why don’t you see if you can arrange for the chef to come out and talk to her, to ask what she thinks of the food? Or why not see if you can get her a booking at a newly opened place?

Another idea for originality is to join her in one of her hobbies. Maybe you hate the opera, but she goes regularly with a girlfriend. Go along for once and find out why she loves it.

If you follow these tips you are sure to have a happy relationship.

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Help is always at hand

In the olden days it was a rite of male passage that an older man would often pay for his son or godson, or other relative to visit a selected lady and be introduced to the world of female comfort.

In the right circumstances, the older man would choose a lady who really knew what she was doing and that woman would give the man expert lessons in the art of love – lessons he could then take forward to his marriage. I think there must have been lots of women in London who didn’t know it, but could have given thanks to London escorts.

There must have been many women who might otherwise have gone to bed on their wedding night with a fumbling oaf who had no idea of what he was doing. I think it is much better that they could go to their wedding bed with someone who had been taught the arts of seduction and could introduce them to the delights of the bedroom.

So does that ever happen these days then? Well, it does happen from time to time. There are worldly kinds of men who recognise the importance of spending time with a woman and appreciating the lessons that can be passed on in this way.

We heard a story recently that we lent a helping hand to an adorable young man, who was 22 and never been kissed! He was very, very nervous. Of course Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency are primed to deal with nerves and we chose a sympathetic lady who knew exactly how to put him at ease. You may not be surprised to hear that when the experience was over, he declared himself in love with her.

She let him down very gently and she explained that he was going to go on to love a lot of women and at some point, he would find his own true love – and that love would last for ever…

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Regent Park’s charms

When you find yourself in Central London either on vacation or because work has sent you here, there is no reason for you to be alone. Being on vacation can be depressing and sometimes work can be so stressful that you need a little distraction in the evenings. This is why we invite you to meet one of our high class escorts in Central London.

London is a top location for tourists. It’s one of the most sought after places simply because of the history, the museums, the galleries, and everything else. There are also some incredible hotels that offer premium customer service, world-class rooms, and are within walking distance to all of the sights.

At Park Lane and Mayfair, we have a phenomenal selection of blonde and brunettes for you to choose from. Petite to full-bodied women are yours for the choosing so that you can have exactly what is within your fantasy. We choose only the most gorgeous and open-minded girls, ensuring that you have the time of your life once you meet up with one of them.

You may decide to let one of them show you around the area. The two of you can browse Camden Market, walk through hyde Park, view some of the items in the world famous Museums, and even try some of the many restaurants in the nearby area.

Once you have seen all that you desire to see in London, you can invite your gorgeous model back to your place. From there, the two of you can talk and get to know each other and see where your smooth talking gets you. Role-playing is a favourite thing for our girls and this may allow you to watch your fantasies come to life.

With incredible rates and 24/7 availability, there is no reason you cannot have an amazing time while you are in London. Our girls know how to show you a good time and we can tell you more about what you can expect when you pick up the phone and call us.

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An American gentleman

London is such a cosmopolitan city and has the most amazing restaurants, theatres, art galleries and clubs. Our ladies have already had clients take them for meals to some of the top Michelin venues – Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant for instance then there was Michel Roux Jr’s two stars Le Gavroche. Their Grilled Scallops with a Clam Minestrone are just out of this world.

We had a client named Marvin that just arrived in town from Chicago the day before and was looking for company and a good time out with a South American lady.

He went on to tell us that he liked the way South American ladies are always fun and adventurous and liked their outlook on life. He had always been impressed at how curvy they tended to be. Well, we weren’t going to disagree with that. Most of our Latino escorts have an ample DD with matching hips and a tiny waist. Marvin also loved what he referred to as the Latino ‘natural rhythm’ and was desperate to go dancing.

Our ladies have never failed to have fun with on a night out with a US client. Maybe they’ve just been lucky but the particular clients that our girls have been out on a date with certainly know how to treat a lady and have a good time. They can’t seem to do enough for you.

Marvin was very impressed with our choice for him. He spent his time here with one of out Brazilian escorts in Chelsea and he insisted that she stay with him in his city centre apartment next time he has some time off. He’ll even send her the plane ticket he said. Now that’s very generous.

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Shower with one of our ladies

Showering is still one of the most favourite ways to treat oneself these days. That’s especially the case if you’re feeling a bit cold, tired or hot even. Many of our London escorts can’t wait to get home so that they can strip off, switch on the specially pre-programmed shower to come on at exactly the right temperature. Then they take in an expensive body wash.

Most of our ladies currently use a gorgeous Jo Malone shower cream – and spend 30 minutes or so in there just feeling the warm spray wash over every single pore our their bodies. It feels luxurious and they love the fact they can stand under there and dream for as long as they like.

Afterwards they head for the big fluffy white towel which always sits slung over their heated towel rail waiting for them to wrap themselves longingly inside its folds. The next part is sheer bliss where they lie down on their King size beds to dry.

It’s really a personal spa treatment in their own flat. It feels like a real treat. Having said that, our ladies are not averse to sharing this treat with a client – particularly if she feels they deserve it. As a Park Lane and Mayfair escort, they are used to sharing.

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Not every gentleman receives great service, many are hurried and not treated very well, others think they are booking the escort in the photograph but in reality it is a completely...

Convenience is the key
In today’s world when in our busy lives we look for a no strings attached relation, gentlemen find that Park Lane and Mayfair are very convenient for them. Since a lot is expecte...

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