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Chelsea companions

If you find yourself in Chelsea and you’re feeling at a loose end, you may want to consider hooking up with one of the many beautiful escorts in the Chelsea area. Maybe you’re here on business and are fed up of spending yet another evening alone. Maybe you’ve just won a big contract and you want to celebrate in style. Perhaps you’re in London to see the sights and would love someone to show you how to make the most of the area. Whatever your motivation, we have a fantastic selection of elite ladies who offer a mind boggling range of escort services in and around Chelsea on both an incall and outcall basis. Whether you’re planning cocktails, dinner and a show or you’d prefer to spend an intimate night in the privacy of your hotel room or apartment, you’ll be able to find a gorgeous girl to share your time.

If you’re looking for a stylish and sophisticated dinner date companion, you may want to consider booking an escort that can stay all night.

Stefania is one of our newest additions to our selection of Chelsea escorts, but we’re sure that she’s going to be a very popular choice for those of you who are looking for brunette, busty escorts as she’s a petite size 8 with natural 34C breasts. She’s also got a head of long brunette hair which matches perfectly with her dark, dark eyes.

So whether you want to treat your escort to an evening in the Chelsea area, you’re planning to take the short journey into the Chelsea area of London or you’d rather just stay ensconced in the privacy of your room, our sensational ladies will give you a night that you will remember for a long time to come.

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Make for a dream date

We know that spending time with an elite escort also costs money, that’s not in question, but sometimes it can actually be more cost effective to date one of our ladies, than to wine and dine a potential new partner. At least you know beforehand how much their company costs, and you’ll have a pretty good idea about how your time spent together is going to turn out.

It’s easy to see why many men choose to spend their spare time and spare cash ‘dating’ elite escorts. Not only are these women super sexy, but they have the kind of open minds that you can only dream about finding if you choose to date regular women. Plus it often takes a lot of trial and error to find the right woman, not to mention the amount of cash you may spend while searching for this elusive partner. But while you may be guaranteed an intimate encounter with your escort, how do you make sure that her passion and desire is on par with yours?

If you really want your date to be more than a simple business transaction, in that you pay the money and she delivers the service, you might want to think about how you’re going to present yourself for your meeting. And by that, we don’t just mean turning up on time, with a clean shirt and freshly brushed teeth, although in reality these are always pre-requisites.

Now we’re not talking about making her your girlfriend, but if you’ve had a good time with a particular escort, you may want to see her again. But whether you’re seeing her for the first time, or you’ve decided to have regular meetings with her, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your companion was eager and sexually excited at the thought of spending time with you?

If you turn up in a bad mood because the London traffic has been a nightmare, it might take her a while to feel relaxed and comfortable with you. If you’re quiet and boring, she’s going to have to coax you out of your shell. But if you turn up feeling excited and displaying a passion for what is about to happen, she’ll pick up on this and respond accordingly. While you might have paid to be in her company, she’s more likely to enjoy it if you’re in a positive frame of mind.

The most important thing of all, is to make sure you turn up with the right attitude and with a smile on your face. Don’t be rude or arrogant and don’t act as though you have a right to certain things just because you are paying. Remember your manners; all of our London escorts love to be treated with courtesy and respect and don’t forget to be positive, friendly and show genuine excitement about what is about to transpire between the two of you. After all, if you’re not excited about your meeting, how can you expect your escort to be excited?

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What would you like her to dress in?

Take a look through our gallery of high end escorts and you’ll be greeted with profile after profile of lovely young ladies, all dressed sexily, scantily or hardly at all. The gallery shows the girls in their best light so you can get a good idea of the escort you’ll be meeting before you actually make your booking. But what is your favourite attire on your chosen escort?


Lace is a favourite choice for clients. It has a long association with the classic idea of sexiness. It’s subtle, but sexy. It’s tantalising teasing as it allow you to bare flesh without revealing all. It’s tactile, provocative and pretty without being cheap and, as it comes in many colours,


When it comes to lingerie, silk is probably the ultimate in luxury, style and sophistication. Not only is it wonderful to touch, but it has the ability to sculpt itself perfectly around a toned body. Available in a myriad of colours from the softest shell pinks and creams through to vibrant jewel tones, when you see escorts in silk, you know that they love the high life; that they love to be tactile and that they appreciate luxury.


Many of our clients love their date to dress in leather. Whether that’s a leather skirt or dress or something with more of a fetish theme, there’s no doubting that leather spells eroticism. The impact and meaning of of lady in leather is obvious. ‘I’m in charge and I love being in control.’ You know exactly what you’re going to get when you see an escort dressed in leather, holding onto some kind of leather plaything!

Latex and pvc

Which brings us onto latex and pvc. There’s nothing that says sex quite like latex and pvc. Loved by fetishists everywhere, there’s just something about the incredible sleekness and shine of latex and the way in which it hugs every curve of the body. While the outfits can be fun and flirty, think catsuits and short, flirty pvc skirts, the message given by an elite escort in latex or pvc is that ‘I’m in control of my sexuality, and I know exactly how to treat you.’ Is latex one of your favourites?


Many of our ladies will choose to don a variety of uniforms for their photographs. From the traditional nurses’ outfits to secretaries and even playboy bunnies, uniforms suggest that the escorts will be happy to play a role, and let’s face it, many of us love the idea of playing out some fantasy game with a hot woman. Whether nurses and secretaries really are any sexier than other professions doesn’t really matter – it’s all about the uniform.

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Threesome fantasy

Threesome fantasies are particularly common for men who married at an early age, or who didn’t really ‘sow their wild oats’ before they settled down and committed themselves, so you’ll often find newly divorced men, or middle aged men, seeking to expand their sexual horizons and experiment with threesomes, and orgies. However, for men that are still in relationships, it can be quite a dangerous thing to actually make your fantasies into reality, especially if you try to include your current partner in the proceedings.

The popularity of using escorts for threesome seems to come down to one thing – that it’s going to be double the fun, double the pleasure and double the excitement. That having two lovers is so much more fun than interacting with one sexual partner. However, one thing that many fantasists overlook is that in your fantasy, you’re the one creating the story, you create every move, every bit of dialogue, the excitement and the outcome. Everything is perfect, including your libido and your ability to satisfy all concerned. In reality, however, it might not work out that way. Men’s libido can be up-and-down to say the least, and what you thought would excite the other participants may not appeal to them at all, unless you happen to have discussed the whole scenario in minute detail beforehand.

One thing about the threesome fantasy is that it can be vibrant, especially if your real-life partner or lover is the focus of the action. It’s often seen as a way to breathe new life into a stagnant or predictable sex-life. However, it can be very easy to misread the signs and end up in a situation where someone, or all of the participants get hurt.

If the male is already in a relationship and tries to include his current partner, unless both are really into the idea it’s quite usual to find that some form of persuasion or coercion is needed to get the other partner on board. This can lead to all kinds of negative feelings, not just of sexual jealousy but of betrayal and even anger, especially if one person feels that they have been coerced into playing out the fantasy. In these cases, it’s probably best to just leave the threesome as a fantasy to spice up your time in the bedroom.

Whatever you decide remember Park Lane and Mayfair escorts would be a great place to start.

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Lingerie models

Some of our elite ladies also dabble in some lingerie model work it’s not because they need the money their main profession pays extremely well, but rather because they enjoy doing something a little different? Modelling is fun, after all and it means they get to meet people engaged in a different industry.

And it’s not as if they have to adopt a different routine to the one they already engaged in in terms of keeping up a strict beauty routine when it comes to high standards: all high class escorts have them. Maintaining a beautiful body – as one would expect – means lots of gym visits, manicures and hair appointments. But then, let’s face it; regularly going to beauty parlours is hardly a trial for most women out there!

And when it comes to basic skills, there’s not a lot of difference between escorting and modelling in terms of job ‘attributes’ for example it’s not just about being gorgeous to look at, you also have to possess a certain self-confidence and – particularly in escorting – you have to be good at personal communication. And this is why agencies and photographers that work with our ladies are always asking if they have colleagues who might be interested in working with them too. They know the best escorts keeps themselves in tip top condition and there is no question that they’re in shape and probably photogenic too.

The other big plus about doing the modelling work is that our ladies often get to keep a lot of the lingerie – Basques, gorgeous silk bodysuits and lacy all-in-ones. These of course are a bonus for escort work since our girls buy their own clothing, so the two go hand in hand really. Having said that, our ladies never turn down a client to do a photo shoot – their priorities are that their work always comes first.

And it can be a little embarrassing for our models at times. That’s because there have actually been moments when they’ve been recognised while shopping in Bond Street, thanks to the photography work. Often it’s by the assistants who work there since the modelling is for the expensive lingerie ranges which are stocked in those types of boutiques.

Maybe when our ladies get a bit bored with the photography work I’ll think about a little acting work. Who knows what the future holds? It’s pretty exciting right now anyhow.

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Whenever you want

At Park Lane and Mayfair you will know that there won’t be a ‘will she, won’t she issue’. You now have a girl who will make all the effort in the world to seduce you. Imagine reaching your favourite hotel and on turning on the light of the room, finding a sexy and gorgeous lady stretching herself on the couch in an inviting pose. It must be the fantasy of every gentleman. A hot companion, a starry night and the right mood to start the game are all that a man needs to create the perfect evening.

Our ladies are a little more refined than other escorts. They are well educated and have learnt a lot of etiquettes in their long career. Also, their friendliness and warm nature help you to be at ease from the very moment you first meet her. You will not require making an extra effort with your date, she will make things as natural as they can with you.

With a reputable escort agency like ours, gentlemen get to enjoy the pleasure of dating like never before. Yes, it is good news for all men out there. An elite escort is very special and if you are really lucky, you will get an appointment with her as most of our top ladies are highly sought after. Therefore, we suggest that you book a few days before you would actually like to date her.

Once you get to meet our girls you will you realise why people from all across the world are ready to give up everything to just enjoy a date with them. We’re sure you will become an ardent admirer after just one date. And this would be just the beginning. Hence, there are different ways in which you can enjoy life but enjoyment with a Park Lane & Mayfair escort will be a totally enriching experience.

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Combining business with pleasure

To book a beautiful escort is really very simple: our hard working staff are contactable 24hrs, 7 days a week all year round, so your inquiries can be answered in a timely manner. If you prefer to book online, a reservation form has all the information necessary and fields to help us arrange a booking for you. It is advisable that you give at least half a day’s notice for corporate bookings for the escort to prepare and choose the suitable attire.

If you wish to combine business with pleasure whilst in London, then high end escorts are ideal for both corporate functions and personal companionship. If you need to impress delegates at a business party or celebrate closing a business deal, our ladies are the best you will find anywhere in London.

Our ladies offer a specialist service beyond private entertainment and partying. The nature of this service is reflected in the price. Although the rates are premium, you can rest assured that your companion is reliable, professional and blends well in any high calibre corporate event. In fact, many of our discreet elite escorts qualified professionals who are confident to be placed in such an environment. Of all the different types of escorts, the higher end escorts are the most alluring for clients; their understanding of corporate world and enjoyment of pleasure, of being a sensual young woman, is most intriguing.

A simple screening is necessary to confirm a booking. If you are staying in a hotel we just need your reservation details to verify you are a guest, and if you have booked an office then the landline for the office must be provided.

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Be part of the elite

Any reputable London escort agency will tell you that the key to a successful date is communication: the client with the agency; the client with his date and vice versa. At some point, the subject of money will come up, so we advise just handing it over to your escort as soon as you cross the threshold – not least because the subject of money is so vulgar but because you want everything to be sorted out before your date begins. In fact, your escort will more than likely take care of that situation. She will do everything to keep discretion assured and she never takes her secrets home with her, what goes on between you, stays between you.

What are you looking for out of your date? Why did you choose her and what was it that drew you to our agency in the first place? Was it the high calibre of escorts in the galleries you saw; were you recommended by a friend or maybe you stumbled across the website while looking for a stunning woman to spend your days with.

If these things ring a bell or strike a chord in any way, you can rest assured that arranging dates with high class and exquisite escorts is our true speciality. We use previous feedback from clients to make any future arrangements as near to perfect as the client expects. Part of being an elite escort is living to the reputation of being the very best that money can buy without compromising on anything.

The high class escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair are the very best the capital can offer. You will not find more beautiful, sassy or sexy women even with your best efforts and it is that level of perfection that makes us the leading escort agency in London. To arrange a date with the escort of your choice call us and speak to our very friendly receptionist and you be in for a truly satisfying experience.

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Hassle free dating

Many ambitious professional men in London nowadays just do not have the time needed to get to know someone well enough to initiate and maintain an intimate and ongoing relationship. After all, most fledgling pairings require both parties to indulge in frequent dinner dates, outings and regular phone calls to help establish a genuine relationship. However, this is very difficult to achieve – if not impossible – when you are a corporate executive, medical specialists or indeed any type of ambitious, work-focused individual. It is just a fact that most men who are looking to make their mark in a place like London simply do not have the time to invest in seeking out potential mates, let alone courting them.

Another great thing about spending time with escorts is that you don’t have to put up with all the frustrating games and ritualistic nonsense that is synonymous with dating. Indeed, men who choose to date escorts don’t need to worry about impressing them (or their friends/family), nor do they need to count how many days they should wait to call. In addition, men who date escorts don’t need worry about whether they will manage to say the right thing nor do they need to play Chinese whispers with friends-of-friends in order to find out just how ‘interested’ their fledgling partner really is. Without doubt, life really is so much simpler when you date escorts all of the worries, fine print, and undertows associated with conventional dating are non-existent.

Even the most confident and assured individual may take comfort from the fact their evening or date will always end happily. Indeed, men who date escorts can rest assure they will not have to deal with their partner being needlessly distant because of a previous disagreement, nor will they need to worry about whether they are festering about some kind of personal issues regarding the relationship. Truly, dating an escort means you can look forward to enjoying a good time, every time you go out. And let’s face it; that is a feature which very few men in traditional relationships can match!

So, if you’re a busy man who doesn’t have time for conventional dating, don’t fret – just take advantage of our services here at Park Lane and Mayfair instead!

It doesn’t matter if you are a lifelong resident of London, a nine-to-fiver who lives out in the shires or a foreigner who is visiting the capital for the first time; you will probably want to enjoy the city with some female company at some point or another. Happily, we can be very helpful in this respect as we have a wide selection of beautiful, charming and intelligent elite escorts on our books who like nothing more than spending time with discerning gentlemen.

Just a quick call to us is all it takes to arrange a date with any one of the professional, courteous and classy ladies who you see here on our website. Unlike some other agencies, we have no need to upload doctored photos of our girls, the ladies who work with us are widely regarded as being some of the most beguiling beautiful and stunning escorts in the city.

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Hiring only the best..

One of the main reasons why we are recognised as being one of the best elite escort agencies is that we ensure each and every one of our ladies is carefully interviewed and selected with due consideration. Employing such selection measures ensures that we can guarantee our clients enjoy only the highest class of company available; therefore you will not be in the least bit surprised to learn that all of our escorts are either attractive models or natural beauties. We personally vet all of our girls before recommending them to our clients, so you can be sure that you will only spend time with the finest ladies when you come to us here at Park Lane and Mayfair.

It is fair to say that we are one of the best elite agencies operating in London today. Indeed, a quick search online will soon show you that there are websites for a great many high-class agencies in the capital. However, the difference between us and many of the online agencies that purport to be high-class establishments is that we are 100% genuine. Indeed, all of the content on our web pages is completely accurate and all of our quoted prices are entirely correct. Similarly, you will find that we do not make any exorbitant claims of any kind and do not pretend to be anything we are not.

If you would like to take a look at the beautiful ladies we have on our books, you can simply browse through the many images that we have available here on our online photo gallery. These pictures have all been taken recently and are 100% genuine, so you can rest assured that the lady in the picture will be the same lady that you meet in the flesh.

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