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It’s not hard to be perfect

Whether you choose to meet our adorable high class escorts in public for a dinner date or party, at your home or hotel room, or in the privacy of their comfortable apartments, you’ll find that they’ll give you their full attention and a personal and intimate service which you’ll absolutely adore.

We’ve found that all our elite escorts have something very special in common, and that’s the innate desire to provide the very best London escort services that they can. They have a common understanding that in order to be the best; they have to offer a service which is second to none. That’s why you’ll find that our ladies will always go that extra mile to ensure that each and every client is left feeling totally satisfied after a meeting with them. Of course, we’d be lying if we said that looks didn’t matter. Unfortunately, society tends to judge people, especially women, on their looks and we know that in general, the men who use escort agencies are no different to the rest of society.

With this in mind, you’ll find that every girl in our vast escort portfolio has the kind of looks that would certainly turn heads if they were walking down one of the London streets, or indeed any street anywhere in the world. All our ladies are not only naturally beautiful, but they make the most of their assets with regular and meticulous grooming and by keeping their bodies in good shape.

Their grooming routines can be time consuming to say the least, as they strive to achieve absolute perfection. Glossy well cut hair, precision shaped eyebrows, skillfully applied makeup, smooth, hair free skin, immaculate manicures and pedicures – in fact, these girls wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalks of any international fashion show. They know how important it is to create that all important first impression. While you may find that the girls don’t look exactly like their photographs, most clients say that they look even better in real life. Probably something to do with the amount of makeup they wear for their professional photographs and the fact that most men, if asked, will say that they prefer, the more natural, no makeup look. Please note that all the photographs of all our high end escorts are completely genuine

Add to this, the requirement for the girls to keep their bodies in shape. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a model girl figure, in fact, some of most popular escorts have a fuller more voluptuous figure, which appeals to many men, but it does mean keeping their bodies healthy and well cared for. We do find that the vast majority of our ladies have incredible figures to appeal to those men who love the idea of a top end escort.

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There is always a lady close by

While the majority of our ladies are available for incalls at their conveniently located apartments, some prefer outcalls to Central London Hotels. As one of the best London agencies we have ensured that our ladies cover all areas of London so that no matter where you are staying in the city there will be an escort nearby who can join you. From escorts in Kensington and Chelsea to the West End and City, if you’re looking for a discreet dinner companion, someone to join you for drinks in the hotel bar or a more intimate encounter in the privacy of your hotel room, our high end companions love nothing better than being asked to meet at one of the hotels in Central London.

Let’s be honest, all women love to be spoilt and so inviting your escort to meet you at the bar of one of the upmarket hotels will always get your date off to a good start. Champagne, cocktails or even a non-alcoholic drink for those girls who prefer not to drink when they are with clients, will go a long way to setting the scene for your evening and if you’ve invited your escort to join you for dinner, booking a table in the hotel restaurant means that you don’t have so far to go when you want to sample dessert in private.

Our elite escorts also prefer to meet in hotels because it gives them the chance to really get dressed up to the nines. Although our girls are always immaculately groomed, they will go that extra mile when they are meeting their clients in public. They’ll ensure that they’re looking absolutely stunning and that they’re appropriately dressed for whichever hotel you have chosen, whether that’s a discreet boutique hotel in Belgravia or a world famous hotel in Park Lane. No matter where you choose to meet they’ll be discreet and elegant while retaining that air of sexual sophistication which attracted you to them in the first place.

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The allure of our Mayfair escorts

The escort scene in London is currently thriving. As of right now, there are quite literally hundreds of escort agencies offering their wares throughout the London area. The demand is high; the highest it’s ever been, in fact. More so than ever, men are longing for the accompaniment of ravishing beauties for all manner of events, shows, dinners and, of course, illicit activities. A night with a beautiful escort is fast becoming the go-to solution for those nights when a gorgeous lady is the only thing that could keep you satisfied. For many, no-strings-attached romantic encounters with a buxom beauty is a lot more appealing than navigating the overcrowded dating scene and simply ending up disappointed.

With high end escorts, men know what’s in store for them. They can call the shots on their own terms when they want, where they want and how they want. It’s an ideal situation for gentlemen who are looking for sensual encounters, decent conversation, or just fine company for a pleasant evening of dinner.

With high demand comes excessive supply, and with excessive supply comes competition. Despite the numerous escort agencies out there, no other company thrives to ensure complete satisfaction of its customers more so than Park Lane and Mayfair. We pride ourselves on our dedication to keeping our customers coming back for more.

The vast range of escorts in Mayfair and right across the capital and services we offer are one of the greatest in the London area. We firmly believe that whatever your needs may be, we can provide the perfect girl in order to leave you smiling by the time morning rolls around. The fact that elite escorts have incredibly busy schedules is a testament to their skills, services and their seductive allure.

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Always somebody new

Our escorts are very popular with the hard working corporate guys in the London area. The gentlemen who are struggling to put aside the time to find a girlfriend but still want the occasional companionship of one of elite ladies. While some of these men have ‘go-to’ escorts who they use for repeat service, a lot of these types of clients will regularly try out our new ladies on the scene.

Many men find the youthful allure of a new, fresh-faced escort on the scene too tempting to resist. These new ladies are always incredibly ambitious, and they’re eager to get their personalities and skills across in order to prove themselves as the kind of girl you can rely on to leave you satisfied. Some people seem to think that inexperience is a bad thing, but with inexperience comes enthusiasm, and there’s very little which is sexier than a youthful sex-kitten who is looking to make her mark.

Of course, some men prefer the opposite. Although a lot of Park Lane and Mayfair escorts are in their early twenties, we also have ladies in their late twenties and early thirties who have a wealth of experience behind them. Our more ‘mature’ escorts are few in number in comparison to their younger counterparts, but this only serves to make them even more in demand!

No matter what kind of company you’re craving, the high end escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Customer service is our most important commodity, and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet your demands, whatever they may be. We ensure that we only provide our customers with the most incredible, captivating ladies in the entire London area, and ones which we are confident will provide a service which will leave you coming back for more.

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Variety is the spice of life

As one of the most high profile escort agencies in the city of London, we at Park Lane and Mayfair pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most glamorous and captivating high class escorts across the whole area. Our selection of elite escorts will cater to any taste and any desire, and we have many different girls available every single day.

We understand that variety is the spice of life, and sexual attraction is a very big spice in our clients’ worlds. Park Lane and Mayfair boasts only the most gorgeous, intelligent and charming escorts, all of whom come in different shapes, sizes and nationalities. Different men have different needs, and we have every need catered for in our repertoire.

If your personal preference is for petite blondes boasting the sweet and innocent look, we will certainly have your dream lady available to keep you company. You might consider yourself a brunette type of guy; preferring the kind of lady who exudes the kind of elegance found high up in the corporate hierarchy. Maybe you prefer something more exotic. Maybe your ideal date is a tattooed redhead or a mature Russian sex goddess? Whatever your preference, Park Lane and Mayfair can provide. We’re confident we’ll be able to provide your perfect woman.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from our vast experience as a high class escort agency, it’s that all our clients have their own personal reasons for choosing to book an escort with us. While the personal lives of our clients are kept to themselves, or between themselves and their chosen escort, discretion is always assumed in all cases. You can rest assured that when conversing with any of our escorts that your details will not go beyond the four walls which surrounded you.

A lot of men simply desire the platonic company of the elite escorts on our books. Intellectual intimacy is a very powerful thing, and it can be incredibly stimulating alone when simply sharing your passions, secrets or deepest desires with a lady who is not only pleasant on the eye, but well-versed in the ways of education and academia. It is not just sexual gratification which the ladies of Park Lane and Mayfair are capable of providing, but also mental stimulation and invigorating conversation. If you’re going to share your secrets, who better than to share them with than a sultry stunner who you can be sure is going to keep your secrets safe.

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Book a holiday companion

If you are eager to go on holiday and you haven’t got anybody to go with apart from your old school mates, do not be disheartened, have you ever considered hiring for a beautiful girl to go away with? One of our ladies would be just as fun with your mates if not more…

We don’t think there is one guy on this planet that doesn’t enjoy spending time with a sexy female, add to this the fact that our model escort companions are some of the most fun and adventurous high end escorts that you will ever meet and you have yourself the perfect partner to take away with you.

Your first ‘guys’ holiday was probably lacking sophistication and if you are at an age where you have ‘made it’ and you want a bit more class than we think that hiring one of our ladies for a dream holiday would be the answer. Our ladies are well suited to whatever holiday you wanted. It could be a relaxing holiday or a party one, the choice is yours. With our elite escorts you will never be stuck for somebody to join you on your holiday.

Sometimes change is good, we all have to accept growing up and getting too old to do certain things (like skinny dip in the ocean without a care in the world) but getting a bit older doesn’t have to be boring, give one of our ladies a call and she can explain to you just how much fun going away with her will be.

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The bigger the better

A lot of men prefer to spend their time with busty escorts. Forever men have always had a fascination for women with large breasts. There are a lot of different reasons and suggestions as to try to explain why men are attracted to women with large breasts. Some developmental scientists have a hypothesis that large breasts are stored with important fat that is needed for the woman’s body which makes a man think that the woman is very healthy. So we see them as a good choice for a woman to start and have a family with, and thus attracts us to them more so than a woman with smaller breasts.

Our Busty ladies are very easy to find, we have so many different elite escorts available in Park Lane and Mayfair. Any type of busty girl you prefer to have the company of can be found. What could be better than going into a fancy club or restaurant with a beautiful woman at your side that is barely concealing and purposely flaunting her large breasts and in turn making all the other gents in the place jealous of you knowing that when the night is over that you will be the one taking her home? Nothing could be better.

All our lives we have been subject to large breasted women as you can tell from thousands and thousands of years of art, endless websites nowadays, many different magazines such as Playboy and even the popular Hooters chain in America of restaurants which we are sure you are familiar with.

So go on, itch that scratch and book that busty escort in London you’ve been craving for, she can tease and please you with her ample chest, and of course you’ll get a lot of admiring glances (albeit of the envious kind.)

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Old fashioned romance

Escorts nowadays really appreciate a man who shows them a little romance, not that they didn’t in the past but with everything in this big city moving at such a fast paced rate sometimes the romantic part of having a relationship seems to slip away or be overlooked. Everyone always seems to be so busy running here, running there, doing this and doing that. Not all guys necessarily like romance but if you are one of those people that like a little romance in your life but if you do not happen to have anyone to share it with you can spend some time with a lovely woman from Park Lane and Mayfair.

Our ladies enjoy doing a multitude of different activities. If you happen to be a person who enjoys classical music and opera you are in luck because our Mayfair escorts love a bit of culture. Your options for finding opera and music venues are endless in London. One of the most well-known and popular places to go and see an event is the Royal Albert Hall which is located in the North part of South Kensington. There you will find everything from classical music concerts, ballets, opera and others. The Royal Opera House is very popular as well. It originally was just one theatre but over the years it is has been re-modelled numerous times and now offers three different ones. If you plan on taking one of our escorts to an event at one of these places it is best if you pre-arrange the booking with one of our girls and make them aware of your plans so the girl can properly prepare and dress accordingly for the event that you are to attend.

If you prefer to have a more quiet and romantic time with your companion you could book an incall and go visit her and bring along some good food, wine or champagne to enjoy amongst yourselves. You could have a romantic candle-lit dinner for two in the comfort of her home.

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Professional photoshoots

Of course you want a girl that is really the girl in the photos and looks like them. It doesn’t matter how much you pay for high class escorts there is always a chance that she may or may not be the actual girl. We are an honest agency and will always send you the lady that you have asked for. There are no substitutes or lookalikes.

Now that you have found our website you can be assured that you have now found the best, the next step is to choose which elite escorts you want to see. Deciding on our beautiful ladies to see can be a tough choice; customers generally have a fear that the girl may or may not look like the photos.

Booking elite escorts in London is very easy and they can be found advertising in many different locations; the fact being that with everyone having access to the internet and their smart-phones these days makes it the most popular place to find Park Lane and Mayfair.

There a lot of classy adult publications throughout London where we can be found as well. But for ease of use and accessibility the World Wide Web is likely to be the best and easiest place to find us.

Our customers do need to realize though, that professional photos that are advertised on our website are done in well-lit studios with ample lighting and of course the girl is going to have all her hair and makeup done up perfectly.

But you will be glad to know that they lady you see on our website is the lady you will get and you will know that our lady visiting you will be perfectly groomed but be aware that she will not have soft light shining over her!!!

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Open minded and sensual

What makes a beautiful young woman a high end escort? There are plenty of gorgeous girls in London for our clients to choose from so what sets the sexy ladies apart from these other head turners?

We think the answer to this is her charisma and enviable talent for combining open mindedness with sensuality.

It takes a special kind of woman to be cast as a Park Lane and Mayfair London escort. They must be confident in front of the camera so her portfolio is second to none. But she must also be friendly, adventurous and available. Being asked to fly internationally with 24 hours’ notice is one of our provisos. After all, how many other London girls get the chance to live a jet setting lifestyle and get paid for it?

And it isn’t just the British girls who showcase our books. European, American and Asian girls also have the privilege to be a Park Lane and Mayfair escort. Some of these stunning young ladies are already successful models in their own countries, they are just looking for a little more excitement – and where better than to find it here?

Your favourite high class London escort may be living right next door or across the street, it just takes a phone call to find out if it’s true. Call us now and speak to our receptionist about these sexy girls in your area.

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    It’s not hard to be perfect

    Whether you choose to meet our adorable high class escorts in public for a dinner date or party, at your home or hotel room, or in the privacy of their comfortable apartments, you'll find that they'll give you their full attention and a personal and intimate service which you'll absolutely adore. We've found that all our elite escorts have something very special in common, and that's the innate desire to provide the very best London escort services that they can. They have...