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Regular ladies

Meeting with the same escort several times in a row means that you both start to relax more as you become more familiar with each other. While it can’t be denied that part of the initial excitement is generated from the knowledge that you’re going to be meeting with a new partner, familiarity also allows you relax and concentrate on the most pleasurable aspects of your meeting. Generally, all the escorts promoted by Park Lane and Mayfair are known for their outgoing and confident attitudes, but even the most confident of girls can still get pretty nervous when meeting a new client for the first time and we’re sure that some of you may feel that way too.

Choosing to meet the same escort on a regular basis automatically puts you at your ease and serves as a great basis for you to enjoy your time together.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to say that by becoming a regular at Park Lane and Mayfair you have to restrict yourself to a particular escort girl. Like many of the top escort agencies in London, we promote a whole host of gorgeous ladies whom we’re sure you’d like to get to know. However, once you find a small number of girls with whom you really enjoy spending time, then your meetings, be they incalls or outcalls, will become far more rewarding once you’ve developed a bit of a relationship.

When one of our ladies meets a new client for the first time, whether they’re booked for outcall or Incall, they’ll often take four or five minutes, or sometimes longer, to get to know their clients before getting down to the main business of the meeting. If you’ve already met several times before, you’re both more likely to feel comfortable with the whole situation and far more read to indulge in whatever sexy fun you have planned.

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When you want to spend the whole night

Have you ever thought of an overnight outcall stay with an elite escort? You’ll want to make sure you have a few things at your place (be that your home or a hotel room) to enable her to freshen up and feel comfortable. A few toiletries, fresh towels, plenty of hot water for example should be the very basics. Small gifts such as perfume or luxury toiletries or cosmetics are always very welcome, as are lingerie or nightwear. Use your imagination; how would you treat your date on the first night you spent together? Remember, even though escorts are doing a ‘job’, they love to be treated to a few surprises too.

Once you’ve contacted the escort agency and arranged a meeting with one of our ladies, it’s time to make preparations to ensure that it goes as you’ve planned. If you’ve arranged to spend just a short time with your chosen companion, always make sure that you turn up on time. You don’t want to risk having your booked time reduced because she has another appointment after yours. Of course, always ensure that you’re clean and fresh. It’s best to treat a meeting with an escort just as you would any other date.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to spend time at her apartment, take along some things to help you to feel fresh and comfortable for example an overnight bag with some grooming products and perhaps a fresh change of clothing, and maybe even a small gift in there too.

Our ladies love overnight bookings because with the right gentleman (just like yourself) they feel they can relax and be themselves. You are able to get a much better ‘rapport’ with an elite escort when you spend a bit more time with her. You can just kick back with and relax, knowing she is with you for the duration.

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Fun duos to Intimate dates, we’ve got it covered…

Sometimes our ladies will be invited to accompany gentlemen to corporate functions or to one of the many publicity parties hosted in the city. Men love to be seen with an attractive woman on their arm and it makes business engagements so much more fun in the company of a personable escort.

For the same reason, our elite escorts are often invited to lunch functions too. Occasionally a guy will book our duo escort service, sometimes keeping both for himself, while sometimes it’s for a double date.

This scenario works extremely well as our ladies will know each other intimately and so will be able to put the gentlemen at ease, should they need it, and generally make the evening a lot more fun. Just imagine it now, turning up at a company party with a gorgeous hot and sexy redhead or a cool and delicious blonde, or even one of our dark and mysterious brunettes. We’re sure you’ll be the envy of every man in the room, especially when they see how much attention your date gives you. Their aim is to make your evening as enjoyable as possible, and they’ll pull out all the stops to ensure that you have the very best time.

While many clients prefer to use their meeting with one of our fine ladies to spend time alone in the privacy of their home, hotel room or the escort’s apartment, we get many bookings for our escorts to join clients for a range of social situations. Sometimes it’s just an intimate dinner for two in one of London’s top restaurants, other times clients request duo escorts to make up a business dinner ‘foursome’. Sometimes a client books an escort to accompany him to a more formal occasion or to act as a ‘hostess’.

For occasions such as these, it’s important that the right escort is selected, the kind of woman who not only looks elegant and sophisticated, but one which has the social skills and ability to blend seamlessly into any social situation. We find that our high class escorts in London are perfect for these kinds of occasions and many excel at being elite escorts in the corporate world.

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Apartments you’ll want to visit

All of our escorts have clean, modern apartments which are well-situated all over the capital and, as these are usually close to tube stations, it makes travelling to meet your escort straightforward and convenient. The apartments are comfortable and, as it’s your escort’s home, contain all her professional tools, such as uniforms, toys and other things that maybe she can’t carry with her to outcalls. They’re also a great place to experience some of our naughtier escort services, such as striptease shows and massage services.

As one of the top escort agencies in London, we know that some of our clients are unable to meet elite escorts at their home and that sometimes booking a hotel room is not the best option for them either, so that’s why the majority of our London escorts offer incalls.

All of our escorts apartments are inspected beforehand to ensure that an Incall experience is like Home from Home. We insist that our lady’s homes are professionally cleaned with fresh towels and toiletries for clients to use if they so wish. Our ladies have a standard to uphold and if you were to book a beautiful lady who resided in a pigsty, then we are sure you would make your excuses and leave.

We are afterall a well established Agency and the girls we represent make sure they live up to our expectations.

Our London incall escort services cover all areas of Central London so no matter where you are, whether you’re looking for an escorts in Kensington, Hyde Park, Regents Park or Earls Court you can still have access to our lovely ladies and their superior escort services.

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Relax, you’re in safe hands

When you finally get to meet up with your chosen escort, remember to just act naturally. Be friendly and open; use your sense of humour to help her, and you, relax. If you’ve decided to meet in a bar or restaurant, this will give you time to get to know each other a little, before any intimacy begins. If you’re meeting at your hotel room or her place, take a few moments to have a chat and develop some rapport. Compliment her on her hair, her dress, or the thing that you find most appealing about her, from her eyes to the way she laughs. Women love compliments, especially if they’re genuine!

Sharing a couple of drinks is always a good way to break the ice, although you may find that some of our ladies prefer not to drink when they’re with clients. Whatever they choose to do, you should respect their decision and not try to force them into drinking alcohol with you. It’s also a good idea to discuss exactly what you hope to achieve during the meeting, so that’s there’s no disappointments if they’re not prepared to offer a particular service. This also gives you the chance to end the meeting early and re-arrange with someone who is able to fulfil all your desires.

And If you’ve enjoyed your time with one of our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts we hope that you’ll want to see them again, maybe you’d like to set up a regular meeting with the same escort, or maybe you’d like to experience some time with one of our other gorgeous girls.

If you’ve had a particularly good time, perhaps you’ll want to see her on a regular basis and allow your relationship to develop. On the other hand, you may prefer the excitement and thrill of meeting with a new girl each time. This, of course, will depend entirely on your own particular preference, although do bear in mind that you’ll probably get priority treatment as a regular client, which can prove very helpful when making bookings in the future.

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A superb selection

Whether you prefer redheads, blondes or brunettes, we’ve put together one of the best galleries of amazing escorts in the capital. We offer an absolutely superb selection of female companions to choose from, whether you’re looking for a night in an exclusive West End nightclub or you want a passionate night in your hotel room.

Our high end escorts in London are available for a range of meetings, so even if you’ve only got an hour to spare, you’ll be able to find one of our beautiful companions available to meet with you at short notice.

Many of our ladies are more than happy to spend a whole night (or more) with you, whether you’re planning drinks and a meal followed by a nightclub and then back to your place, or you prefer to visit your escort at their comfortable incall apartment for some overnight fun.

The girls promoted by Park Lane and Mayfair may be living and working in London, but they’re a mixture of nationalities, and while all of the escorts in our galleries are absolutely stunning, you’ll find that many of them are well educated and multilingual too, but one thing’s for sure, they’ve all got what it takes to make wonderful companions for an hour, an evening or even longer.

You could of course head down to the nearest wine bar or nightclub and find a lady there, but why go to all that hassle when we’ve hundreds of gorgeous girls here on our website who are more than willing to spend some quality intimate time with you, whether you only have only an hour to spare or a full night.

So give our friendly team of English receptionists a call and they will be on hand to give you a helping hand…

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We have every girl imaginable

We pride ourselves on having some of the finest escorts in London and we’re confident that you will feel the same too. It shouldn’t matter who you’re looking for, you will be able to find that special girl in our gallery and find out just what she can do for you.

In London you’ll find absolutely all types of girls, we will defy anyone that says they cannot find their perfect lady on our Park Lane and Mayfair website. An our agency you’ll find girls from all over the world and not just your classic English roses. On our site alone we have a wide variety of ladies ready to be your special date:

It really is a business that allows you to fulfil your wildest fantasy and get the girls that you’ll find the most attractive. Our high end escorts do this job because they realise their potential and they know what men want. If they can commit their time to realising a fantasy for a client and make some money in the process; then why not?

Blonde Escorts
Latin Escorts
Indian Escorts
Petite Escorts
Busty Escorts
Asian Escorts
International Escorts
Brunette Escorts
Curvy Escorts

And many more… You might want to go for someone who specialise in ‘certain things’. Why not ask our team of receptionists for advice, you may see a lady you like but are not sure if she specialises in your requirements and we can help find somebody that will.

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See why we are the best

To see why our girls are the best, you only need to visit our gallery… There you will find the most alluring women in the whole of London. Classy, beautiful and sparkling personalities are what makes them so desirable.

You can learn more about them by clicking there profile which displays all there images and bio information. Our high end escorts in London enjoy the finer things in life and love to be treated the right way. There naughty side is something you will have to discover yourself. Choosing to the time and duration of your booking is entirely up to you. If you wish to extend your time then you only need to ask. Our ladies are always on time and all there images are recent and genuine so, when they arrive at your door, it will be as they have stepped straight out of there profiles.

Booking is simple and can be done online or over the phone. We have a fantastic team at Park Lane and Mayfair who can have your booking organised in minutes. If you require recommendation on the best hotels or restaurants in the area then our team will help with all the details.

We are here to give you a memorable evening every time you book with us. If you are feeling adventurous then why not book more than one of our companions. Every gentleman deserves to treat himself and we will be here every day of the week to ensure that you desires are fulfilled. Get in touch today to have the very best experience possible.

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Be respectful when booking

When you visit our high end escort’s homes you can expect absolute discretion and a level of comfort that should be at least a little better than you might expect from a less classy agency. Many of our ladies incall apartments are luxuriously decorated with excellent facilities for you to enjoy such as: showers, luxurious lounges and king sized beds.

Here are a few reminders that you should respectfully remember when visiting:

Always ask to be invited in and make yourself at home by all means, but please be respectful in our ladies homes.

Don’t outstay your welcome. If your time is up then leave or decide to pay for an extra hour. Please remember that our ladies no matter how accommodating they are, they do work by the hour (just like you) and may have other appointments.

If you’re not going to make it or you’re going to be late please call. There are others who would more than likely love to have your appointment. So please don’t waste anyone’s time.

Please remember your manners, you maybe a little nervous but this shouldn’t come out as rudeness. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised just how often people are rude when they shouldn’t be.

Just remember that some of our ladies share with other high class ladies too, and you are always welcome to see them both if you fancy some extra fun during your visit.

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Who will you choose?

Our London escort agency presents you with the finest selection of high end escorts always. Our ladies are always ready to please you the way you want. You can contact Park Lane and Mayfair any time of the day, it doesn’t matter what your preference might be, there is always someone for everyone.

Gentlemen can select escorts located at convenient places for them to visit. Our ladies have in-call locations in affluent parts of London. If you wanted an outcall booking you can reserve a time slot at the place of your preference and meet your dream date there. Rest assured that this is going to be a lifetime experience for you. Indulge in any form of adult entertainment with our sexy ladies or simply spend time talking with the girl; it’s completely your choice.

Are you searching Park Lane and Mayfair for fetish, group fun, adult entertainment, corporate gatherings or sensual role play? Why not call us and get in touch with us and find the best elite escorts who can satisfy your desires.

You may get confused on how to pick one from the group of so many beautiful escorts! But that feeling should not stop you from browsing our galleries. You never know, the first profile can be of your dream girl for whom you have been waiting for. Park Lane and Mayfair promote ladies of different ethnicity and origin. Asian, European, blonde and brunette escorts are all available to you. All of them are professional and know how to satisfy gentlemen.

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    Regular ladies

    Meeting with the same escort several times in a row means that you both start to relax more as you become more familiar with each other. While it can't be denied that part of the initial excitement is generated from the knowledge that you're going to be meeting with a new partner, familiarity also allows you relax and concentrate on the most pleasurable aspects of your meeting. Generally, all the escorts promoted by Park Lane and Mayfair are known for their outgoing and confi...